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Found 7 results

  1. Eric Bruenner

    MAF Heart Rate Aerobic Training

    Was curious to hear @Coach Sommer or any other coaches' or experienced trainees' opinion on using the Maffetone Method for cardiovascular conditioning as a supplement to GST/Foundations. I tracked down some of coach's older comments on running, the gist of which was that lower weekly mileage (the ~6 mi/week range in either a 3x2mi or 2x3mi split) was perfectly fine. Curious to hear any opinions on the Maffetone Method (i.e. heart rate training at 180-Age). Is this method compatible with GST? If so, are the weekly mileage recommendations the same, given the gentle nature of the training? I like the MAF method due to the auto-regulation and the possibility of using different modalities (i.e. bike, rower, rucking, running, etc.) Thanks!
  2. Mike Bowerman

    Cramping, Nutrition, Conditioning

    Starting GB I have experienced some cramping while doing exercises that seems to be related to a lack of conditioning -- in my feet while curling my toes during middle split stretches, for instance. As some of the movements are very novel, it seems the muscles respond with cramping and the cramping has diminished as my conditioning has improved. However, I have also had cramping before and after discovering GB which seems more generic, while sleeping or resting for instance. I have read magnesium is a common deficiency that leads to cramping but tried a magnesium citrate/oxide blend of 250mg/day for 8 weeks but still had some cramping while at rest. I have also heard that potassium deficiency is NOT generally a cause of cramping though it is commonly believed to be. Not sure if that is true or not, so wondering if anyone has experience with supplements or other strategies that have successfully reduced or eliminated cramping while at rest?
  3. Hi, this is probably a question for Coach Sommer, Blairbob or one of the other gymnastics coaches on the forum or possibly an elementary school teacher. But any ideas from anyone are more than welcome. I'm a volunteer Men's gymnastics coach (to give an idea of level I can teach r'off, backflip, back tuck and various apparatus skills about that level). My problem is motivating the boys I teach to do the conditioning they need to do to be able to perform properly. It is mainly a recreational class so I can't just lay down the law and tell them to do it or else as it would just drive them away. I want to find a way to make the conditioning enjoyable enough that they'll stick with it and get fit without realising they're working hard. Trying to do static holds and things with them is a waste of time as they just come down as soon as they get the slightest bit tired and because of the age and ability range it's hard to gauge what they should be able to do. Does anyone know of any good websites or book resources that cover gymnastics based conditioning games, etc or has any ideas themselves? I don't have a lot of room to do conditioning in because the gym is really busy at the time they are in, only maybe a half or sometimes quarter floor area for around 8 gymnasts aged between 5 and 10 years old. Many Thanks for any help! PS. I know this isn't really the usual GB question but if they stick in maybe they'll be on here one day
  4. Evening folks, As the title suggests, i am wondering if there is an optimal, safe or ANY way i can combine doing Gymnastic Strength Training™, in particular foundation 1, alongside the Rushfit DVD's (hoping you have heard of it!). Cut a long story short, i have very recently started F1, and am currently 6 weeks into my Rushfit workouts. I work in law enforcement, so would certainly like to keep my conditioning up, and improve it! But i would like to be able to progress in terms of strength too. Following conversations with others i keep being torn between - 1) GST + either Rushfit or running 2) Full body weight training 3xper week + Rushfit or running Basically i understand the importance of strength ( especially in my job) but there has to be that additional factor of cardio and conditioning. No doubt in my mind that GST can lead to incredible strength over time, but can it be combined with enough 'cardio' that i can also achieve solid levels of cardiovascular fitness? Sorry to go on, but there are people here WAY more knowlegable than me about these things, and i would really appreciate some opinions
  5. demeet2k

    Leg Day (handstand style)

    Leg Day! Gymnastics Body Style http://youtu.be/B5biWF5VIC4
  6. Katharina Huemer

    20 hanging leg raises - impossible?

    Hello! I am a 20 year old girl from Austria, basically doing acrobatics and not gymnastics, that's why I have a huge lack in strength! I want to switch my gym and for the test in June 2014 I need to be able to do 20 hanging leg raises, feet completely to the bar and I need to climb a 3m rope in a pike position, so hands only. I can currently master about 12 hanging leg raises to vertical (90 degree angle) and I can do 2 pull-ups and 4-5 chin ups. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to reach that amount of strength in 6 months? And can you give me a training shedule I can stick to? I train acro 3 times a week for two hours, but we do very little conditioning, mostly flexibility and skills! I have no idea about what to do, but we have a pull up bar and a rope in our garden! I would appreciate any kind of help! Thanks in advance!
  7. Firmgood

    Strength/Conditioning Workout

    Some ideas (examples) for Strength/Conditioning Workout... So, workout that is something between Strength and Conditioning, so my heart rate is going up... Thank's!
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