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Found 6 results

  1. Mark Lucas

    Military fitness maintenance

    GST is my top health-fitness priority after identifying mobility/joint weakness following painful SI joint sprain while serving in Korea over the spring. Injury has healed after rest/physical therapy. I started Fundamentals this week. Plan on progressing through Foundations before I start any additional training. I have an army physical fitness test APFT(pushups, situps, 2mile run) in September. How do you recommend maintaining strength in those exercises while beginning GST? I'm willing to sacrifice my APFT score to ensure I conduct GST appropriately, but I would love to maximize my test results.
  2. Joakim Wikman

    Running - Back pain

    Hi all GB trainers! I've finally come across why (probably) I've got a crashing ache / stiffness at the back end. This after I was completely symptom free when I had a break with running. I have had a dull ache since 2012 when I started with running hard intervals and spent much of my strangetraining on heavy lifting. I think I gradually gained shorter and shorter muscularity and thus pain in my back. Before recently (Since I started with my GB training) I have never exercised mobility or stretching. What to do!? I do not want to be without my running. I have stopped doing hard intervals så my training accept my GB training is a few walks of about 1h/week and 3-4 calm runs between 3-10km/week. But the pain and stiffness is there! Someone who can give me a second opinion? /Joakim
  3. Eric Bruenner

    MAF Heart Rate Aerobic Training

    Was curious to hear @Coach Sommer or any other coaches' or experienced trainees' opinion on using the Maffetone Method for cardiovascular conditioning as a supplement to GST/Foundations. I tracked down some of coach's older comments on running, the gist of which was that lower weekly mileage (the ~6 mi/week range in either a 3x2mi or 2x3mi split) was perfectly fine. Curious to hear any opinions on the Maffetone Method (i.e. heart rate training at 180-Age). Is this method compatible with GST? If so, are the weekly mileage recommendations the same, given the gentle nature of the training? I like the MAF method due to the auto-regulation and the possibility of using different modalities (i.e. bike, rower, rucking, running, etc.) Thanks!
  4. Peter Osborne

    GST for Endurance Athletes

    Hi All, I am beginning GST in order to do strength training for rock and alpine climbing/mountaineering. I am also an endurance runner (marathons and moving towards my first 100k this year) and was wondering if anyone has had any success incorporating GST into an endurance training program similar to Crossfit Endurance (https://powerspeedendurance.com/). I have experience with Crossfit but feel the training in GST is more applicable to the requirements of a climber. I was thinking programming my week with 2 GST Days + 3 Endurance Days with GST component (do you recommend any particular training which could compliment Endurance training?). Do you think I will be able to progress in GST with this scheduling? Do you recommend including the stretching components each day(i currently do 15-45mins of mobility each night as I wind down). Any and all help would be great! Best, Peter
  5. School starts again in a few weeks, and I'm having trouble getting together a fitness regimen that will help me achieve my goals without being overly time-consuming. School is from 7:30-1:30, and I do not get as much free time as I would like to have due to large study requirements. In addition, my running coach wants to have me running 4-5 times a week once the school year begins. I have football (soccer) practice thrice a week, and I try and play everyday. It becomes necessary for me to have weighted leg work in my training regimen. As of now, my schedule looks something like this: Mon: football Tues:running. plyos. Wed: football. running Thurs: F1. running Fri: running. F1. Sat: running. football. F1 Sun: running. F1 Weighted leg work would probably be Hang Snatch, Power Clean, Split Jerk and Deadlift. I'll need to incorporate hip, knee and ankle pre-hab in my warmups I guess. Which begs the question: can mobility work be done between sets of lower body work? Because rest times should be long, but long stretch periods lower strength outputs. Sorry for the long post, but I really need help! Thanks, Aadil
  6. Hi! I purchased F1 last night and am delighted with the product. However, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to fit it into my already active schedule. I am currently training for an international Athletics tournament this August, where I will be running the 1500m and be competing in Long Jump. I I do this every morning. I play football (soccer) at varying intensities with my friends each evening, for about 2-5 hours ( I know!) I would like to supplement my long jump work with some plyometric exercises. Should I do some senders work before or after my F1 workout? Should I do some weighted leg work for football? ( I am also playing with our country's football team at this tournament). Should I work out before or after my runnning? A little bit about myself: I am 5ft6in, around 130 lbs at bf% slightly above 10%. I used to exercise by combining weights and basic calisthenics for about 7 months, before I found this wonderful site Any and all help is appreciated
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