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  1. Disclaimer: I wrote this post not for showoff, instead I'm posting this in order to let people now that GST and more specifically GB is an amazing tool for both physical and knowledge development. At April 10 and 11 I attended to a Olympic lifting seminar that was intended for crossfitters. I said that I didn't practice crossfit but instead GST and if I was able to go, despite not being a crossfitter and have almost not experience with weight training, they said yes and I went. We were guide by two really high experienced Olympic lifting coaches and in the facility they trained some member from the National Team of my country (Venezuela). Just a couple of minutes before the seminar I was talking to one of the coach about what GB was and even show him a few wrist conditioning exercises from GB and instantly he get amazed and interest by all of GB, I talked to him about how we strength the tendons and about how GB uses right programming for allow the connective tissue to catch the muscle in term of recovery ( all of these because he have a couple of athletes with injuries and problems most of them for a lack of structural balance in their routines) later he take some notes about the Webpage, about the courses, and told him about who is Coach Sommer. We started the seminar and instantly they were amazed by my mobility and flexibility, and they even called me things like "you're a prospect" (Note: I get my flexibility and mobility by following GB Loaded progressive stretching and shoulder mobility exercises from GB, I was even more flexible than one of his top young athletes, of course not because I'm really that flexible, all of this is due to they don't now nothing about how to properly train for some flexibility). First day we practiced just Snatch technique with a broomstick and then go for some snatches with empty bar and light weight, later we do some assisting exercises and we were done. Second day we learned how to C&J at the first session of the morning, its duration was 4h. We go for a break between 12pm to 1:30 aprox 2:00pm and we started the second session, it was basicly a session for finding our PB for the first time, I was able to snatch 40kg and C&J 50kg at 64kg BW, then we go for Front squats, (Note: my leg workout is only based on unweighted pistols) My 1RM was 70Kg ( I know, I know it's nothing impressive but it also a good place to start for someone like me that don't work with weights). To wrapped it up, at the end I had a special mention for good performance without having experience with Oly lifting. All of this is just a reflection of my foundation training and all about being here at GB. Thanks for taking the time to read it and thanks to the community.
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