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Found 1 result

  1. jan0sik

    Questions about my routine

    Hi! I've been working out for about 2 years now, but i'm not happy with my results of gymnastic training. My goals are: -V-sit -Straddle planche -Front lever -Back lever -HSPU I'm following a routine based on Kilroy70's template: 6 weeks cycle6 times a weekdo 5 cycles for max. rep. Skill:-RTO - 2 min-HS practice - 5 min Mon/Th:-L-sit - 5 x 6s-BL - Adv. Tuck (supinated) - 5 x 9s Tue/Fri:-FL - 5 x 10 s-PL - Adv. Frog stand - 5 x 10s Day 1A1)Inverted CurlA2)Bulgarian DipsB1)PistolsB2)Archups + 10 kg Day 2A1)HeSPU (1/2 rom)A2) Weighted Pullup + 20 kgB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 3:Core:A1)DFA2)Arch-upsB1)Leg-raisesB2)Oblique twists C) Plank as finisher (for as long as i can) Day 4A1)Tuck FL RowA2)RTO pushupsB1)PistolsB2)Archups Day 5A1)False grip hang (aim for 30 sec)A2)Robertowe dipsyB1)GHRB2)Leg raises Day 6 (mastering the basics)PushupsPullupsDipsLeg raisesPistols3s. max rep. each --------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my progress (or lack of it):-1 leg front lever for 5 sec-Can't hold a tuck planche with proper form (butt at shoulders height)-Floor l-sit for 13 sec-Full Back lever (pronated grip) - 5 sec, but with supinated i can hold only adv. tuck for 14 sec with a littlediscomfort in elbows-Can't do a full HeSPU-RTO hold (90 dg) for 25 sec without shaking What should I change in my routine in order to achieve my goals and become a stronger gymnast?
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