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Found 2 results

  1. Jeffrey Mailly

    Recommend R/R section to Forum

    So I was hit with a cold on Saturday and immediately decided that sleep was in order. I've been getting 9+hrs per night and have not trained my typical Monday or Tuesday this week. I'm even trying to squeeze in naps if possible wherever I can (during lunch break in my car). Happy to report that I'm feeling about 90% normal right now and hope to catch up starting tomorrow provided i wake up feeling equally good. I can remember times when sleep wasn't a priority when it would take me 7 or more days to feel how I do now after only 3.5 being sick. I wanted to post on here to recommend a section similar to that of Nutrition that could cover things like Rest and Recovery which I am finding to be critical this week. It's SO important to listen to your body and we mention that so much here. Perhaps a Forum section devoted just to that might be helpful for encouragement and accountability.
  2. Samuel Carr

    Optimal Productivity

    Does anyone have any recommendations for nutrition to get more alert/focused for part of the day besides drinking coffee (doesn't seem to do much for me)? In order to fuel my nutrient needs, I'm constantly eating large amounts of carbs throughout the day and this makes me feel tired and sluggish for awhile once I finish a meal. I'm a college student and I feel like I can't focus or be productive through my classes and studying. I was looking into intermittent fasting because I read that when people fasted in the morning and had some black coffee, they became very alert and were able to get a lot of work done, and then simply eat their food later in the day, but I'm not convinced of the science behind this way of eating... Any recommendations?
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