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Found 3 results

  1. I Love the GB Training Program and even more when I can have sessions with others that are as focused on Performance Training. For those of you that are planning your next Vacation and undoubtedly looking for a place to train. Please have a look at our Brand New Training complex in Bali, Indonesia. We are Nirvana Strength Bali, a Developmental GB Affiliate. Doing my best to fully complete the amazing Affiliation process, working closely with Coach Sommer and his team of incredibly awesome Coaches and Staff. The process would not be complete with out taking part in a number of the very informative GB seminars and receiving instruction and advice from Coach Orench (Master Affiliate, Owner and Head Coach) You can find us at: www.nirvanastrengthbali.com Instagram: @nirvanastrength And, a few photos attached of our initial 3D renders and completed photos. I hope to see you all in the near future, as I am super excited about the continued progress of the GB community on a Global Scale. Quick Breakdown of Nirvana Strength - Specially designed Flooring on 1st and 2nd floor - 18 Stall bars, lots and lots of rings, P. Bars (on the way) - 45 feet of dedicated HS wall space - Olympic WeightLifting platforms with all equipment (No Crossfit here ) - A full recovery center (20 person Dry Sauna, Ice Bath (can go below 8C), Hot bath, dipping pool, full cafe, EMS and recovery lounge
  2. Amanda Chavez

    Thrive and travel

    How compatible is the Thrive nutrition program with travel? I am on the road often and want to know if Thrive is compatiable with this (thankfully temporary lifestyle). Cheers
  3. Hey all - I'm sure something similar has been posted before, so feel free to redirect if so. I couldn't find an appropriate search term. I work as a consultant, and as such, my schedule can be fairly unpredictable. Typically I have 3-4 weeks of steady training time where I make good progress, and then hit by 2-3 week stretches of travel and long work hours that slow me down. I'll find a local gym but struggle to muster the energy to do my current programming. I was wondering if there were any tips/guidelines for maintaining strength in these occasional 2-3 week stretches of travel/jetlag/long desk hours? I usually just end up doing some stretches I find fitting, and while I haven't lost progress, I find myself sometimes slow to get back into the groove when I'm back to my normal routine. Has anyone tried anything that they feel good about when they know they're not going to perform at their current peak? Maybe extending the de-load week just for the purpose of maintaining momentum, only stretching, or turning off the early alarm and just extending rest and sleep? Would love to hear thoughts as I haven't found the compromise for myself yet
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