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Found 8 results

  1. Michael Acreman

    Post Shoulder reconstruction training.

    Hi all, I have recently had a shoulder reconstruction (posterior labral tear and biceps tear) and i'm hoping that there is some exercises or programming to follow for injured or should i say recovering athletes. I am very limited in movement with my right shoulder but am still keen to try and learn more and progress. I train most days now but only thing that are single arm or legs. Thing like single arm press/snatches/kb swing and do alot of stationary bike and airsquats. Problem is i don't really know any SINGLE arm gymnastic style movements so hoping you can all help. Thanks alot in advance i appreciate it. Ace
  2. Dani Wannous

    Program for the Online Classes

    Hi guys, I signed up for the online classes a couple of weeks ago and I've been randomly selecting a class here and there and following it. I was wondering if there is a program to follow for the online classes. The website only mentions the following: Pick 3-5 classes of your choice to follow along each week. You are welcome to repeat your favorite classes. A sample week might look like: -Two Handstand Classes -One Lower Body Flexibility Class -One Shoulder Flexibility Class -One Total Body Class If anyone came up with a more structured program, can you please share it? Thank you,
  3. Hey guys, Can someone give me a good planche workout/progression program?
  4. Lucas O'Geil

    Integrated Training Design

    Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding integrated training. Basically I'm wondering the best and most effective way of adding in basic strength, or FBAs, to the embedded static program in Building The Gymnastic Body. My basic strength is a simple template of 3x3, but when working with static strength I'm usually performing sets of 10... You may see my dilemma. Really, my concern is the number or sets and reps of the basic strength work when adding it to the embedded static work. OPTION 1: Should I be doing 3 reps of FBAs before every set of static strength? For example: 3 chip-ups + 6 sec back lever x 10 sets? OPTION 2: Of should I do my 3x3 of chins in the first 3 sets, like so: 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 6 sec BL x 7 (this is my current program, and the first GST program I followed last summer where I saw massive strength gains - could have been the gains of a newbie though) OPTION 3: Or maybe throwing my chins in random place during the 10 sets of BL? My workouts are M,W,F which are: Pull + Back Lever, Press + Planche, Legs + Front Lever, Core + Manna/L-sit/Straddle L, during every wrokout. Rest is 45-90 seconds between the static strength and basic strength, and a few minutes after the sets are finished. Or course, there are other options that what I'm providing, like throwing in ladder sets, but for the sake of simplicity these are the ones I've provided. I'm interested to see what you guys are doing or what you think of the style of training. Hopefully, some of you will have some suggestions for me or even some different setups that you are using that are producing good results. Thanks!
  5. Boris Mikael Taube

    Program Critique

    Hello Im going to write down the program i maked. And im curiouhs what people think about that? Any tips etc. All the critque will be helpful. I dont know what to do if I should do the Foundation series. I see people that get AMAZING resutls but do they just really only follow the Foundation series or they do more traning ? Warm up: 1.General warm up 2.Wrist streches + wrist excercises from coach sommer 3.Scapula routine by ido portal 4.Shoulder band warm up by Gregor a gymnastic bodies member that he took from Jordan Jortchev 5. FSP L-sit(low) Planche lean German hang Wall hs Straddle l sit (bent legs) I do FSP 4 times a week. When im mastered all these moves 3*30 i going to start on F. lever, B.lever and planche work Session 1 1.HSPU negatives 5 second 5*2 A1.Row XR bulgarian 5*5 supersett with A2.Push ups XR 5*5 In the end of the session i always do one rehab/prehab exccercise for shoulder like cuban rotation og band pull Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 2. 1.strict MU on rings 5*2 A1. False grip L-tuck(working toward L-sit) Pull ups 5*3 A2.Dips rings 5*3 I throw in som rope climbing in the end if feeling good Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 3 General upwarming Squat routine by Ido portal 1.Pistol squat 3*14 rep A1.Shrimp squat 5*3-5 rep supersett A2.Leg raises 90 degree A1.GHR 5*3-5 supersett with A2.Straddle L-sit lift 5*10 Streching legs 30 minutes I do session 1 and 2. 2 times a week and legs 1 time. I have one day a week i do Just the warm up. Little more flexibilty work and light streching the whole body. What do you people think about the program?
  6. Kutay Serova

    Beginner Training Program

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Gymnastics Conditioning and want to work on the basics first. I've read BtGB and it says the basics are very important, thats why i'm focusing on the FSP. I would be really happy if you were to give some advice. Due to some personal reasons i cannot get Foundation 1 now. I'm 16 and this is my starting program: I have three training days. I finish every workout with Ring Support. My current stats : FL : flat tuck 18s BL : tuck 16s L sit : normal L 9s Straddle L : needs work, bent legs (wobbly) 9s HS : can't do a freestanding yet, working to get one, Wall 20s with good-ish form (need work on core stability) Ring Support : around 16 seconds HeSPU : feet on box, bad form, very weak Planche : Cannot do a tuck or advanced frog stand yet so I practice planche leans for strength and frog stand for balance (as well as wrist prep) Day 1 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Planche Lean Handstand Day 2 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Pullups and Dips Handstand Day 3 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Planche Lean and Pseudo-Planche Pushups Handstand I also practice regular pushups Grease the Groove method. Any advice? And should i add HeSPU or wait until i have a solid handstand.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen of GB, greetings to all of you. I've been lurking this place for some time now and finally came up with a program of my own that would suit me. Hopefully someone would find this helpful, or at least inspirational. Let me start with a slight introcution of who I am and what my background is. I am 23 years old, I started as a slim guy trying to gain weight by eating more and working out a lot (in my room mostly). After 2 months I remembered my child acrobatic dreams&attemtps so I decided to start doing that. That also brought me to some basic gymnastic training (various FSE positions, whole body and core workout and so on). It helped me a lot and I started to love it, but I felt my progress could be better, or at least close to optimal since I never read anything about proper workout and made it all by myself. So I found out about GB, read through the forum and decided to completely throw away my previous workout program (which was - as I learned here and wasn't aware of it - focused mostly on endurance). I read a lot - the book, this forum, talked with friends and finally came up with this template (I will try to write it in generic meaning, but also with many details). The last thing to say before the training description: It is focused on the template (cycles, timings, etc). Concrete excercises are in short, you can find them in the book as I did and you can adjust them to fit your current strength level. Also the 2-3 month cycle is not mentioned as well. It's mostly information I had to gather here on forum because it was missing from the first BtGB book. So, shall we.. --- Relevant tools: door pull up bar, xr rings Training days: 7 day cycle, w w r w w r r (w stands for focused workout day, r is rest day). Rest day does not mean not moving at all and focused workout day does not mean nothing else that day. I might do some cardio, I am learning acrobatic movements (tricking mostly) and maybe some minor workouts like wrists, handstands and so. Single day training template: Warmup (stretching + some movement to make blood flowing) - this should take 10 mins max FSE - I do whole FSE separately and it's the same each workout day. I have 4 different positions and each ranges from 3 to 8 seconds. 3x( P1, 50, P2, 50, P3, 50, P4, 50 ). This routine takes cca 15 minutes. FBE - Right after FSE goes strength part of the training. Each excercise takes cca 50 seconds (ranges 4-6 repetitions). 3x( PUSH, 120, PULL, 120 ) followed by 3x( LEGS, 120, CORE, 120 ). This two routines take cca 30 minutes. Outro stretching - also 10 minutes max Template description: blue/cyan numbers inside brackets are cca rest times, green are shortcuts for excercises. P1-P4 are four different FSE positions. My current are (in order): L sit, tuck PL, tuck FL, advanced tuck BL. Pink 3x ( .... ) means you do that routine inside brackets three times in a row. Actually you do all three pink cycles in a row. My current push excercises are: classic dips (slowly with proper body), xr push ups, HeSPU negatives. Pull excercises: classic pull ups, inverted pull ups, xr rows. Legs are pistol squats and hamstring thingies. Core is windshield wipers, HLL, RLL and those classic lower back torso lifts (done very slowly, with weight maybe...). I try to use different excercises on each day of the week. Plus in the last day I am in the gym so I take advantage of the luxury rings and do 6x negatives on them (from support to hanging, as slow as possible) instead of the middle pink 3cycle. --- I am still not sure how I am going to progress since I can't get rid of the feeling that 45 minutes is just too short (not counting stretching and warmup). I would love to hear some feedback from much more experienced people here. Currently the training feels great, I am looking forward to and being motivated by plentiful achievements in the distance (various planches, levers, etc...). Not just "more iron" or "more pushups" that I had before. As last few words, I would like to thank you all for this community. I am glad I found you ! Cheers :-)
  8. Hi there ! This is my first post here, please dont hate on me. Ive alaways been a big fan of Male gymnasts and very impressed about their capabilities. So one day i decided to drop modern weight lifting and to do some gymnastics. But the sad thing is that the place where i live has no rings - I do my training at the gym ( using parralel bar and a pullup bar ) What im doing is : Warm-up ( where the primary target are the joints) Some static exercises for : Front lever, Back lever, planche, L-sit, Handstand work ( i checked some progression videos ) Bodyweight exercises like: Pullups inverted pullups bar dips bench dips pushups Wall HSPU hanging leg raises V - crunches bridges BW squats etc. i have made 3 different workouts mixing the exercises there but i do full body workout ( which means that my workout contains pulling, pushing, legs, core) Working out 3 days a week. ( my workout is aprox 2-3h ) Does this seem like a decent plan to you guys ? Im doing all of the static exercises after my warmup and then proceed to the Bodyweight ones, is that ok ? Any opinions or advices ? Oh, and btw im using Joshua Naterman's pull-up program which i found out in this forum. Thank you!
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