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Found 2 results

  1. RichardTran

    Front Lever top-down vs bottom-up

    So probably 4 months ago i was able to do front levers coming down from the top like a negative for 12 seconds. I thought that being able to swing into a front lever and holding it is harder and would help me more So i started trying that and doing that. But now when i try to lower into a front lever i can barely hold it for a couple of seconds while i can swing into one and hold it for 10. I think going from bottle up requires less muscle recruitment as opposed to lowering yourself down... any thoughts? and should i strive to regain that strength?
  2. Kutay Serova

    Beginner Training Program

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Gymnastics Conditioning and want to work on the basics first. I've read BtGB and it says the basics are very important, thats why i'm focusing on the FSP. I would be really happy if you were to give some advice. Due to some personal reasons i cannot get Foundation 1 now. I'm 16 and this is my starting program: I have three training days. I finish every workout with Ring Support. My current stats : FL : flat tuck 18s BL : tuck 16s L sit : normal L 9s Straddle L : needs work, bent legs (wobbly) 9s HS : can't do a freestanding yet, working to get one, Wall 20s with good-ish form (need work on core stability) Ring Support : around 16 seconds HeSPU : feet on box, bad form, very weak Planche : Cannot do a tuck or advanced frog stand yet so I practice planche leans for strength and frog stand for balance (as well as wrist prep) Day 1 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Planche Lean Handstand Day 2 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Pullups and Dips Handstand Day 3 FL hold + BL hold L sit and Straddle L Planche Lean and Pseudo-Planche Pushups Handstand I also practice regular pushups Grease the Groove method. Any advice? And should i add HeSPU or wait until i have a solid handstand.
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