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Found 2 results

  1. Lloyd Harrison

    Disc Bulge Fundamentals Course

    Hi All, I've seen variations on this subject covered in some other threads, but wanted to ask about my specific situation and whether anyone had any advise. About 2.5 months ago I hurt my lower back whilst doing squats at the gym. After an MRI and a visit to the Neurosurgeon I've been told I have a broad based disc protrusion in my L5-S1 which appears to be pressing on the nerve root. The doc said it will heal on its own but advised me against any heavy lifting for the foreseeable future, he has also referred me to get some physiotherapy. I live in the UK so this is through the NHS, which although is an amazing service, could take several months before I get seen. Therefore I've been looking for alternate ways to start rehabilitating myself. Oddly I'm only getting pain when I walk for long distances. I'm not sure if anyone has any experience with this but my question to the group would be, is starting the Fundamentals course going to be to much? should I avoid this for the time being? I'm keen to get active again and start building some strength. Thanks Lloyd
  2. Coleen Vidakovic

    Is GST for me?

    Hello! I was intrigued to hear Tim Ferriss's podcast with Coach Sommer. The training sounds fantastic. Could anyone please advise if this could be appropriate for me. I have previously been a runner & tri athlete, (with very little flexibility). I have been a mum and couch potato most recently, and also out of action due to a disc bulge in the Cervical and Thoracic spines in 2010. Fortunately no surgery need, just bed rest and pilates and all has come good. However I have lost all core strength and stability and don't do any heavy lifting but I have started playing tennis again. Are there any considerations for taking up the GST training, or am I better to go back to Pilates - I'm a little nervous? Many thanks!
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