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Found 1 result

  1. Matti Paalanen

    Shoulder girdle in lever training

    Hi! Some background information (skip to the actual question if you like): I am 31 years old guy from Finland, I don't have gymnastics background, but I have practiced martial arts for ten years intensely and about six years ago started practicing handstands, basic flips and capoeira style acrobatics. Four years ago I found gymnasticbodies and started planche training and got myself rings. I haven't been able to follow a strict routine, but have held bodyweight exercising as a main way to keep myself fit and even progress a bit. At the moment I'm in a state where I can do a few muscle ups on rings, can hold decent advanced tuck planche for a couple of seconds and have quite good straddle back lever and advanced tuck front lever. ACTUAL QUESTION: I've been wondering about the way shoulders act when doing front lever training. When I do normal pull ups, the very beginning of the pull feels really natural and easy for shoulders, as they tend to roll to the movement without any hassle. But when I set my starting position more into lever-like state (raise my hips towards front of my body, or just raise my knees in front of my body), this naturally changes the position of the shoulders to a more difficult state pulling-wise. What it feels like is that when I try to do a pull when keeping my knees in front of me is that the very beginning of the movement is really awkward for the shoulders as if the joint itself is not in a position it likes to move at all. When I start to pull I notice that some muscles that surround the shoulder girdle / shoulder joint are doing a lot more work than in a normal pull up position, and midway through the movement the shoulder joint is still in a very different position than in a normal pull up movement. I hope this sounds understandable and more experienced people know what I'm talking about Now my question is that is this something that should be happening or am I doing it wrong somehow and should I try to "switch" the joint position somehow midway to the normal pull up position? Or should the pull be done in this state where the whole shoulder girdle area is very much intensely working to hold the awkward position of the shoulder joint? Thanks for any advice!
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