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  1. Hi GymnasticBodies Community, I have a few questions about the Back Lever which I want to start training and also to work on some progressions but I am not sure where to start. So from my research I have devised a list of progressions that I think would help the back lever development and will greatly appreciate some help, tips and advice based on individual experience with training the back lever. So here is what I have come up with. German Hang 5x30s Skin the Cats 5x5 Tight Tuck Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Open Tuck Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Half Lay Back Lever Pull-Outs (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5 Back Lever Holds 5x5s Back Lever Pullouts (3 Second Hold at Bottom) 3x5r So what do you think of these progressions and numbers? Do you think they are realistic? If anyone has a solid back lever how long did it take you to prep the bicep tendon to turn the palms so they faced downwards and how did you progress? Any advice would be great. Thanks
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