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Found 2 results

  1. Julian M

    Back lever/ lower back question

    Hello everyone! First of all you need to know that I'm new on this site. Well, I have some questions relating to the back lever. I started practicing the back lever on Monday. The first thing that I noticed was pressure in my chest. So i guess this kind of pressure will disappear after some time. Well, I can hold a tuck planche for like 20 seconds and the tucked back lever for like 15 seconds. In both movements I can't straighten my lower back and I don't know why.. Why I can't straighten my back? It is due to lack of strength or something else? Is there any workout to strengthen my lower back? In the end I have to say that I am only training with my bodyweight. It would be nice, if anyone replies to my question! Sincerely Julian By the way I am not a native english speeker, so I apologize for my english
  2. hi, I really hope you can help me here! I am a girl from Austria, I am 20 years old and recently joined a gymnastics class. I have been doing ballett for years, so I am really flexible, but have huge lack in strength. I do not really focus on bars as my gym don't have bars and vaults, I just want to get good on floor! I am doing well, have my tucks, handsprings and twists, but I totally lack in ab strength. By February, I need to do 20 hanging leg raises all the way up to join the next level! I can do about 10-15 to an L-Hang position, but that's it. I am not able to do a full hanging leg raise I have to admit that I have never really trained my abs before. I definietly need to start now and I am upset, cuz I don't know how! I have a pull up bar at home, so I could train everytime. I thought about a possible plan: 3 sets of 12 hanging knee raises 3 sets of 12 "half" hanging leg raises (to L-Hang position) 3 sets of 3 negative ones I will do this everyday in addition to 8 hours of gymnastics a week. I also want to care about my diet. I always ate halthy, but didn't watch my protein income etc. To support my muscle-growth, I want to cut down on white bread, fatty cheese and sugary cereals. My breakfast is usually oat flakes with low fat quark and fruit, my lunch is salad, quinoa, potatoes, fish, chicken, etc and for dinner I usually have vegetables and eggs, chicken or quark again. In between, I sometimes snack some fruit or a small chocolate bar or have a hot chocolate. I also want my abs to be seen, my legs look very ripped, I don't know but I somehow don't gain fat there. But my tummy is kind of flabby. And I know that for a six-pack you shouldn't have too much fat on top of the abs! Puh, that's long! So all in all my questions are those: 1) Is it possible to get to 20 hanging leg raises in 4-5 months? 2) Which plan should I follow or is mine ok? 3) Is my explained diet supporting for my goal? 4) Will it also help to get my abs seen? 5) If yes, how long will it approx. take to getting visuable abs? I am 20 years, 63,7 inches and weigh 110lbs. I guess my body fat percentage is about 18%! I would really appreciate your help!
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