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Found 7 results

  1. Jana Koss

    Step by Step Muscle up Transition

    ist this manual correct: Pull Up - engage: lats, teres major, pecs, biceps, middle traps Transition (a.k.a shoulder extension) - middle traps, biceps, pec major, teres major Dip - press out via - pec major, biceps, traps Turn Out Rings - biceps, pecs, back muscle Did I get it wright, or could someone please correct me?
  2. Anatolii Chernysh

    Rings Muscle up negative.

  3. Marcin Chmiel

    Muscle Up

    Hi When I can train muscle up Rings? What i should do before ?
  4. Peter Marshall

    Bar Muscle Up Predictors

    I started GB one week ago with the Handstand 1 course. For some time prior to that have been doing push ups, pull ups, dips, frog balance, tuck planche and wall assisted handstands. A couple of weeks ago I began recording my pull ups, dips and a few other simple moves with the aim of logging improvements with the ultimate aim of doing a muscle up on the bar, preferably without assistance of momentum. Are there any predictors using the pull up, dip, or other exercise that give an indication if a person is capable of a muscle up? For example 20 explosive pull ups means a muscle up is likely for that person. What I find interesting and helpful is looking at the HS 1 course, I can appreciate how each step in each exercise is a building block for a stable free standing handstand. For me the HS now looks achievable as long as I dutifully do each step in the journey and never sacrifice quality of movement. But though my dips and pull ups are improving in quality and quantity the muscle up seems like a fantasy that I will not achieve with the body I inhabit. The transition from pull up to dip phase in the MU just doesn't seem possible, though it is only a lowly ranked gymnastic exercise, not even a skill as I understand it. I am very willing to be patient as I'm in this for the journey more than the destination, but the MU to me is an appealing aesthetic movement which I would love to one day perform with grace. Any advice from coaches of course I welcome, but if there is anyone out there who has taken the journey as I describe, would love to have your input also. (I did search the forum contents, but didn't find anything, maybe my search was not the best).
  5. Tomer Sadot

    Muscle up w/o and progress

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I just started using the rings 3 months ago. I've been doing pull ups and dips on bars and parallel bars and since I got the rings, I've been doing them on the rings. Nothing fancy, 5x5 each. Recently I started doing muscle ups, so far about 4 or 5 in a row are doable. No kipping, legs together, core tight mainly when pushing, rings out at top position. I was wondering whether I should replace m/u with dips and pull ups, and if not, what would you suggest as a routine, obviously m/u generate more fatigue. Secondly, is there any way to share videos here? I'd love to get feedback on my movement. Thanks in advance! Tomer
  6. Taking the Muscle Ups to the next level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF-Y_vZbXOw
  7. BodyTrain

    How To Workout?

    Hey, im 16 years old an come from germany. My goal is it to reach the Back/Front Lever, Human Flag, muscle up, one arm chin up and the full planche. I started my workout 7 month ago. I did one month some pull and push ups. After that I taked a break and 4 month ago I worked out again for a moth. I tried to reach my goal, but I haven´t any success... 2 month ago I go (and still go) to the gym. But I think that I will take a break. This was my little story. And now I will start again working out, with more intention. To my surprise, I did the muscle up, a 2 sec. Back Lever hold and an one leg Front Lever for about 8 sec. . I don´t now how I build the strengh for it, but Im happy. And now to my question. I would like to workout 4 days the week but I don´t now in which of the days I should train one exercise. Here is a example of how I would do my traning plan: Monday: Front/Back Lever training Tuesday: Muscle Up, explosive pull ups - explosive push ups Thursday: One arm chin up - push ups Friday: Front/Back Lever training Saturday: Chin/Pull Ups What do you think of it? Is it to much? Can I combine some days? I will start working for the planche and human flag, when I have an good front/back lever and a decent muscle up (can´t do more then one without that much kipping) I hope that you guys can give me some tips and sorry for my bad english.
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