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Found 6 results

  1. Theo Rousselin

    Pain during front lever

    Hi everyone, I have a problem and want to discuss it with you in case you would have informations or advices about it. I've been practicing gymnastics (or calisthenics I don't know) on my own for a few years now. I managed to hold the front lever for 4-5 seconds several months ago, some weeks after, I started to feel a strong pain in my upper back, on a point located between the scapulas. It's like something is burning as soon as I go in tuck front lever position. After feeling that pain, I felt it everyday for 3 or 4 days and then didn't feel it anymore, I tried resting for 2 weeks but the same thing happened (less intense of course because I was being careful). Yesterday I tried going in tuck frontlever for the first time since one month and I felt the pain again. I noticed that when I go in full protraction the pain is almost inexistant, I think I am going to train it in full protraction next time although it doesnt seem natural for me. I have few theories about that problem, one is that I think I am sometimes forgetting to breathe out during my front lever holds. Thank you in advance
  2. Oscar Riaño

    Trigger Points

    Hi guys, I wanted to get some information about trigger points... Lately i've been experiencing quite many trigger points in my back muscles... I am very frustrated because they are happening quite often. I have a foam roller and I use it quite frequently but yet they are still appearing here and there... I've asked some friends that have similar trainings like mine and they didn't experience any. What am I doing wrong? I have to say that i mostly have strength trainings (for maltese, iron cross, planche, etc...) and not really take a lot of time to stretch after the training or in the rest days. I've read that trigger points are more of a poison in your muscles and not really a result of overtraining. What provoques them? Is it the lack or mobility and stretch? Lack of vitamins? Lack of muscle-relaxation? What should I do to prevent their appearance? Is it possible to get rid of them forever? What should I do in the case I get a trigger point (apart from massaging the area regularly with foam roller/golf ball)? HELP Thanks in advance, Oscar
  3. Wes Maghanoy


    Hello I'm about to start fundamentals, I took interest in looking into this to have overall more strength in general, but also to address the fact that I have lower back pain, and TIGHT hamstrings.(which I'm sure go hand in hand with each other.). I have tight hip flexors too, simply doing crunches kills me on my hips. My question would be, is there anything I can do on a consistent daily basis to improve and address my lower back pain and extremely tight hamstrings.(like a specific stretch, I get conflicting messages online about stretching, like don't stretch your hamstrings like this, or only stretch them with a tennis ball etc. I find it confusing and frustrating because i don't want to practice a stretch that could potentially be more damaging.) I realize that there is no overnight cure, and correcting this issue will take time, I'm ready for that, I just want to manage my time effectively and be productive as possible. I feel comfortable asking for advice HERE. Should I just follow the fundamental videos if it is the best course of action in accelerating the healing process of my lower back and tight hamstrings? Or is there something ADDITIONAL I can do daily outside of fundamental courses to address my tight hamstrings. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if there is an answer to this already.I was searching for something in the forums, but many people here speak in tongues(acronyms) and I just haven't fully picked up the lingo yet. Thanks! Also currently to address my back issue, I try to be more mindful when sitting for prolonged times at work(i'll stand up and walk around every hour for a bit) and watch my posture(catch myself slouching)
  4. ayloedxa

    Hollow Body Hip position

    Greetings fellow friends, I have had a lot of discussion about the hollow body shape concerning the pelvis and/or legs. 1. If for example you are hanging from the high bar, you should press your chest inwards to achieve a round back. Now should there be an angle between the legs and the lower back/pelvis, i.e. should there be a small pike? Or should it be completely straight and all the roundness should come from the upper back area? I hope this question is clear :S 2. Also, when I do the hollow body on the floor, should I try to press my lower back so far into the ground, that my glutes lift off the ground? I hope that I articulated myself well enough and you can help me with this problem, Fynn
  5. Just wondering about some of the harder bent arm conditioning exercises on the rings. I'm not yet at the level where I can do these, except curls, which I somehow did one day to show off in front of friends the topic is just me wondering which exercise is working what and in which way, and whether some are more effective than others. As far as I know, each of these exercises are conditioning the following muscles: Curls: Chest, Biceps, Anterior Deltoids, lats? FL Rows: Lats, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Middle and Lower Traps and Rhomboids BL Curls: Chest, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps, middle back musculature? Anyways, just something I was thinking about.
  6. Michael Morello

    Lower Back Pain

    Hey everyone, I have been doing gymnastics with you guys for about 4 months. I have a problem with my shoulders as it is right now and I don't know or understand why because some of my friends do handstands also and they do not have this type of pain. so I am asking when i do handstands like cast wall walks, handstands i get lower back pain or soreness. so is my form wrong on handstands? please help.
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