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Found 3 results

  1. Wes Maghanoy


    Hello I'm about to start fundamentals, I took interest in looking into this to have overall more strength in general, but also to address the fact that I have lower back pain, and TIGHT hamstrings.(which I'm sure go hand in hand with each other.). I have tight hip flexors too, simply doing crunches kills me on my hips. My question would be, is there anything I can do on a consistent daily basis to improve and address my lower back pain and extremely tight hamstrings.(like a specific stretch, I get conflicting messages online about stretching, like don't stretch your hamstrings like this, or only stretch them with a tennis ball etc. I find it confusing and frustrating because i don't want to practice a stretch that could potentially be more damaging.) I realize that there is no overnight cure, and correcting this issue will take time, I'm ready for that, I just want to manage my time effectively and be productive as possible. I feel comfortable asking for advice HERE. Should I just follow the fundamental videos if it is the best course of action in accelerating the healing process of my lower back and tight hamstrings? Or is there something ADDITIONAL I can do daily outside of fundamental courses to address my tight hamstrings. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if there is an answer to this already.I was searching for something in the forums, but many people here speak in tongues(acronyms) and I just haven't fully picked up the lingo yet. Thanks! Also currently to address my back issue, I try to be more mindful when sitting for prolonged times at work(i'll stand up and walk around every hour for a bit) and watch my posture(catch myself slouching)
  2. Hi, I've got a strange sensation in my back, if I lean my head down as if to stretch the back of my neck or do pike fold I feel a strong tight sensation just to the inside corner of my left shoulder blade. I also get a a grating noise coming from the inside top of my left shoulder blade if I roll my shoulder back and down and my left shoulder clicks slightly if I'm doing overhead pressing movements. My right shoulder is fine and I don't ever remember injuring either side of my body. I've been doing rotator cuff strengthening exercises in case it is that but it hasn't made any difference so far. I've tried using a theracane to hit the spot but it's quite hard to pinpoint and it hasn't made any difference I've also foam rollered the area. I got my wife to look at my back and she couldn't see any asymmetry. Basically my questions are what muscle(s) do I need to be stretching or strengthening to help this and what stretches/exercises should I use? Many thanks to anyone who can help me Ian
  3. joshbailey

    Shoulder tightness?

    Whenever I do the stretch that involves placing your elbow up in the air and pulling on it with the other arm behind your head I can never manage to get both arms behind my head. I have been doing a lot of hand stands every day since 2001 and have large shoulders and upper back muscles. Is it shoulder tightness that prevents me from getting my arms behind my head or is it the fact that my large upper back muscles and shoulders simply cannot budge against each other. I have been practising to do a 'hollow back' bboy move but this disadvantage is restricting me big time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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