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Found 19 results

  1. I have a GST All Access subscription. I answered the questions and the system created a work out program for me. I’ve been following the program schedule for one week. During my second week, I had to miss a day of training. Should I do the work out from the day I missed or should do the work out scheduled for that day?
  2. Philip Kristoffersen

    Doing GymnasticBodies programs with scoliosis

    Hi GymnasticBodies, Ive been following and watching for a long time and im finally looking forward to starting Foundation 1, Bridge and Mobility programs soon! All around im a healthy and strong male, no worries there. However, i kind of want to get my wife in on this too and she wants to try herself. She has scoliosis with a good 37 degree curve if i remember correctly. 9/10 people with scoliosis do not experience pain from their cronic disease - unfortunately, she does. Also, since the curve is in her lower lumbar, close to the hip, it was deemed un-fixable and no operation could be made. Being athletic and keeping your body healthy is very important and also reliefs quite a lot of pain from her spine. She does a lot of yoga which is fine, but there is no progression and she is not really getting stronger or more flexible. I think GymnasticBodies would be a great combination of what she knows from yoga, but with a little extra challenge / spice for her. Of course the goals wouldnt be to do muscle-ups, levers, etc. since she has aspiration for it. I just want her to get a strong foundation so she has less pain from her scoliosis. Anyways, my point / question is: Does anyone have any experience with scoliosis in the connection with gymnastics? Is it do-able? Is there certain excersis you should stay away from? Very new about training with scoliosis so ANY tips, tricks, experiences, etc. will be a great help From Philip
  3. Are there suggestions you guys have for upper and lower body strength course medications? I don't have access to stretch bands or that stretch wall apparatus. Any modifications for bodyweight strength training for upper and lower body would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Jermain Singleton

    One arm training floor and blocks

    I have been training the one arm on and off the wall after warming up and doing 3 sets of handstand straddle flags free for a few shifts. Does it take away from the training if I train on the floor one or two days then switch to blocks? I have only been using the floor and would like to add blocks in as well without affecting progress.
  5. Philip Kristoffersen

    Trouble with the ring muscle-up

    Hi people! I hope you can help me out with this one cause it is really bothering me I started back in May last year with working on the ring muscle-up. I teamed up with a really great coach and he pushed me quite far - ive honestly never been in a better shape. I almost got the Front-Lever down, practicing my Back-Lever, can do up to 17-18 pull-ups in a row, currently doing 5 sets of 8 dips with +15kg and yet ... no ring muscle-up. The transition is killing me and i can barely get it to work. It bothered me so much that after 6 months of practicing i just stopped all together. Im currently working out only in bars in which ive done Muscle-Ups a couple of times, but with a great amount of kip. I read a little on the forums and i also saw a couple of videos and honestly i just wanna go back at this beast. The only annoying thing is everyone is talking about muscle-ups as if kipping is okay. I dont get it - i dont want to do a kipping muscle-up. I want a clean strict one. Can you guys please throw me your top 3 tips/exercises at me so i can get back into it? I really want to nail this thing so i can move onto other fun things in the rings
  6. Tom Strojnik

    Dream Machine (50/50)

    Hi! So I don't have an option to train with a spotter, this is why I got myself a new toy - Dream Machine (50/50) Can anyone tell me how you should use it to get the best out of your training, how do the gymnasts use it? How often do gymnasts use it? For what skill works the best? What is the best way to increase intensity on skills like planche, lever, etc (maybe vest, or ankle weigths?) Any information is welcome! Thanks!
  7. Toni Laukkavaara

    Body composition from 2 years of training

    2 years ago. (with pump) End of deload week 2 years later. (no pump) Nothing spectacular, but i tought it was kinda cool haha
  8. Hi community, I'll introduce myself because I'm looking for some specifig advice . Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 24 and been training movement for some years. I have hipermobility in my shoulders and cervical problems since I was very young. Now, happily, thanks to hard work and been kind of an autodidact-research-nerd, I got stable and pretty strong shoulders but a little imbalance in the one that has sufered a complete dislocation (right one). My back is strong too. So gymnastics are a big challenge for me...but I have no rush. I enjoy been a newbie in everything I do. Now I'm geting the free standing handstand slowly, I can also hold a straddle BL and a tucked FL, and discovered that I couldn't do a ring muscle up because of my poor technique training, with no coaching...but I'm getting there too. I've got good overall body control because since I started moving seriously I did a lot of things and learned from different disciplines and people, and I aim to be a well-rounded mover. Since I focused a lot on movement the past years, I need to improve my strenght. I'm in a place where I've learned to control my body and incorporated a lot of theory to be able to progress alone. So the point is, been my own coach is probably not the best choice but the only I can actually afford. Here in Argentina buying anything in dolar price is a pain in the ass and I can't really afford the onlie coaching programs as I'd really like to do. In mid-terms I'd like to be able to hold a freestanding HS for 20-30secs, doing a clean B&F Lever, keep progressing in general body control, and for example, install a ring setup at home and knowing what to do with it (muscle ups in short term) What's your advice? Is there any free program (or some pretty cheap one to start with) that I can follow? I never used weights, do you recomend getting into a weighted program (at least 1 or 2 times a week) to gain more strenght? Or I should stick to bodyweight training as I been doing? Thanks a lot if you read/answer, time is priceless . Good training you all.
  9. Hi all, I have basically registered to ask this one question (although I have been watching this forum on and off for a few years now): How do you go about training for multiple repetitions of one arm pull/chin ups? A bit about myself and current level of strength, I do rock climbing and weigh around 58-62 kg. I can do a one arm pullup from the deadhang position, to where my chest touching the bar, in a decently controlled manner for both arms. However, when I try to do my next repetition after lowering down, I can only get the bent arm or half arm lock position. I can do mutiple repetitions of the compound movments (from deadhang to half arm lock position) & (from half arm lock to full arm lock), but cannot for the life of me do both together for repetitions. Also, my personal best was 3 OAP/C with my right arm and 2 OAP/C with my left, but that was over a year now and I cannot recall how I got to that state. Presently. my strength level seems to fluctuate quite wildly, on some days I will struggle and not be able to do even one with either arm even with warm up, and on other days, I will be able to do it from cold start. This could perhaps be attributed to some extent of my fluctuating body weight. Approaches that I have used to train with mix success: 1) Repetitions of one arm negatives after doing one arm pullups 2) Locking off in a static position with additional weights (either half arm lock with more weight, or full arm lock with less weight) 3) Repetitions of weighted pull ups at about a total 150% of body weight) 4) Repetitions of one arm pullups with reduced weight for 90% of body weight) Please share with me your thoughts and advice!
  10. Julian M

    Back lever/ lower back question

    Hello everyone! First of all you need to know that I'm new on this site. Well, I have some questions relating to the back lever. I started practicing the back lever on Monday. The first thing that I noticed was pressure in my chest. So i guess this kind of pressure will disappear after some time. Well, I can hold a tuck planche for like 20 seconds and the tucked back lever for like 15 seconds. In both movements I can't straighten my lower back and I don't know why.. Why I can't straighten my back? It is due to lack of strength or something else? Is there any workout to strengthen my lower back? In the end I have to say that I am only training with my bodyweight. It would be nice, if anyone replies to my question! Sincerely Julian By the way I am not a native english speeker, so I apologize for my english
  11. Hello all, I recently decided to take the plunge and begin the F1 & H1 courses. My current exercise routine includes climbing/yoga and I have many of the muscle imbalances common in amateur climbers (rounded shoulders, poor shoulder mobility, and tight forearms). Based on what ive read in the forums and in interviews with Coach Sommer I am excited to work on my joint strength and mobility to solidify a life long engagement in athletics. However I am a little concerned about over training and risking injury. I was hoping to do F1 3x week with H1 incorporation and continue to climb/yoga 2-3x per week. Does this seem like too much? I am curious how other climbers have incorporated the F series in their climbing routine. Any advice is much appreciated. j
  12. Hi guys! Do any of you apply the Perfect Workout nutrition while training in the evening? I am asking this because of the frequent feedings Joshua reccomends after training, but in my case that would be around 2 hours before bed at most. So not much time for pulsing the protein. Can the protocol still be applied and be succesfull with such timing?
  13. Lee Trew

    Giving Thanks

    I'm looking for the part of the forum where we get to give thanks to Coach Sommer and the amazing gift of his knowledge! I have always been into training. (I've lifted weights, done martial arts, yoga, climbed rock and trees. When I was a teenager I followed the Canadian Airforce exercise program. Which is laughable compared to Foundation 1) I always followed a boom and bust cycle in my training - I'd go super hard for a week, then be hopelessly overtrained and need a week or three to recover my appetite for more. I couldn't maintain progress without overtraining or injuring myself. When I got the Building the Gymnastic Body book a couple of years ago, I tried to follow the steady state training method, but didn't know what holds to train, or where to start and it all felt a bit random. That said, I went from only tuck front lever to brief front lever holds in only a few months and was really pleased. I'm four months in to Foundation One (and Handstand One) and I am SO pleased with the results! For the first time in my life I am training regularly and consistently. I have a structure to follow that makes so much sense, and has so much experience behind it. I have yet to miss a training day, and I look forward to each one. At 32 years old I have never felt so strong, so mobile and so happy in my body. (I've even started at the local gymnastics gym learning basic tricking skills) It's having other ripple effects - I'm finding I want to stretch, just because it feels good, I'm getting regular cardio because I can feel how much my body needs to 'keep the juices flowing' in the recovery days following a workout. In other words, my body is HAPPY. I just really wanted to let you guys at Gymnastic Bodies, and especially Coach Sommer, know that your training program has made a real difference to my life. I can only imagine how many others feel the same way. My cup floweth over with gratitude - F1 and HS1 are rocking my world! I'm looking forward to training in the system for the rest of my life. My commitment is to going slow and steady, reaching mastery and immaculate form at each level before I move on. I started at the beginning for each exercise, because I wanted the maximum time for each mobility component to do its work. And it feels so GOOD! You rock, Coach Sommer! Through your dedication to excellence, and to sharing the fruits of your quest for knowledge, you are bringing a whole new level of awareness, quality and effectiveness to the training of bodies around the world. My body thanks you - and so do I :c) (And I really look forward to attending a seminar next time you guys are in Australia)
  14. Katharina Huemer

    20 hanging leg raises - impossible?

    Hello! I am a 20 year old girl from Austria, basically doing acrobatics and not gymnastics, that's why I have a huge lack in strength! I want to switch my gym and for the test in June 2014 I need to be able to do 20 hanging leg raises, feet completely to the bar and I need to climb a 3m rope in a pike position, so hands only. I can currently master about 12 hanging leg raises to vertical (90 degree angle) and I can do 2 pull-ups and 4-5 chin ups. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to reach that amount of strength in 6 months? And can you give me a training shedule I can stick to? I train acro 3 times a week for two hours, but we do very little conditioning, mostly flexibility and skills! I have no idea about what to do, but we have a pull up bar and a rope in our garden! I would appreciate any kind of help! Thanks in advance!
  15. Jacob Marks

    Future Star Champion Video

    Coach Sommer I thought you would like to see an update on how young Josh. He was 1 of the 25 young men selected to the National Future Stars Camp in a field of over 200 boys thanks to the mentorship and guidance your program and advice has given me. I can't explain how grateful I am to what your philosophy and book has done for my boys program and Josh in particular. He is 9 and was 8th in the 10 year old group and #1 Ranked 9 year old in the country! Thanks Again Coach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s849fIXBAbc&feature=share
  16. Toni Laukkavaara

    Training straddle planche

    So what i want to know is when you reached a point in your planche training where you had to start doing straddle planches, how long could you hold it? i can hold a legit straddle planche only 2 secods, so should i continue training by doing straddle planches?
  17. Lucas O'Geil

    Integrated Training Design

    Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding integrated training. Basically I'm wondering the best and most effective way of adding in basic strength, or FBAs, to the embedded static program in Building The Gymnastic Body. My basic strength is a simple template of 3x3, but when working with static strength I'm usually performing sets of 10... You may see my dilemma. Really, my concern is the number or sets and reps of the basic strength work when adding it to the embedded static work. OPTION 1: Should I be doing 3 reps of FBAs before every set of static strength? For example: 3 chip-ups + 6 sec back lever x 10 sets? OPTION 2: Of should I do my 3x3 of chins in the first 3 sets, like so: 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 6 sec BL x 7 (this is my current program, and the first GST program I followed last summer where I saw massive strength gains - could have been the gains of a newbie though) OPTION 3: Or maybe throwing my chins in random place during the 10 sets of BL? My workouts are M,W,F which are: Pull + Back Lever, Press + Planche, Legs + Front Lever, Core + Manna/L-sit/Straddle L, during every wrokout. Rest is 45-90 seconds between the static strength and basic strength, and a few minutes after the sets are finished. Or course, there are other options that what I'm providing, like throwing in ladder sets, but for the sake of simplicity these are the ones I've provided. I'm interested to see what you guys are doing or what you think of the style of training. Hopefully, some of you will have some suggestions for me or even some different setups that you are using that are producing good results. Thanks!
  18. Jake Lawrance

    Bouldering/Climbing Training Sources

    Hey guys, this isn't really related to gymnastics but more of the climbing area. I know there are plenty of people who climb/boulder here for longer than I have (1 month) and I was wondering if they knew of any technique/training sources on the internet or a good book which could help teach me to 'move' better on the wall. Considering my first session I was climbing pretty much with my upper body and now I use my legs a lot more but I'm not that much better than before. Plus if there's any finger strength training sources on climbing that would be appreciated too! (I'm asking as I've looked briefly but with no luck and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week it seems! ): Cheers!
  19. Daryl Chan

    Help developing a routine

    Hello everyone my name is Daryl Chan. I was a tricker, doing flips and stuff, but i had surgery and was unable to move very much now that i am getting back on my feet. I am becoming more interested in the world of handbalancing.I have realised if i do not do handstands a bit every other day at least, I begin to lose the feeling and it slips away a bit. I was wondering if people would be willing to share their routines with me, and or maybe help me develope one of my own. As for my current handstand abilities. I will post a link below. sorry, i do not know how to post in the thread videos. my goals would be to eventually progress to one handed handstands Please feel free to comment critique or just help me devise a routine thank you.
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