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Found 4 results

  1. Philip Kristoffersen

    Doing GymnasticBodies programs with scoliosis

    Hi GymnasticBodies, Ive been following and watching for a long time and im finally looking forward to starting Foundation 1, Bridge and Mobility programs soon! All around im a healthy and strong male, no worries there. However, i kind of want to get my wife in on this too and she wants to try herself. She has scoliosis with a good 37 degree curve if i remember correctly. 9/10 people with scoliosis do not experience pain from their cronic disease - unfortunately, she does. Also, since the curve is in her lower lumbar, close to the hip, it was deemed un-fixable and no operation could be made. Being athletic and keeping your body healthy is very important and also reliefs quite a lot of pain from her spine. She does a lot of yoga which is fine, but there is no progression and she is not really getting stronger or more flexible. I think GymnasticBodies would be a great combination of what she knows from yoga, but with a little extra challenge / spice for her. Of course the goals wouldnt be to do muscle-ups, levers, etc. since she has aspiration for it. I just want her to get a strong foundation so she has less pain from her scoliosis. Anyways, my point / question is: Does anyone have any experience with scoliosis in the connection with gymnastics? Is it do-able? Is there certain excersis you should stay away from? Very new about training with scoliosis so ANY tips, tricks, experiences, etc. will be a great help From Philip
  2. Santiago Pinzón

    Handstand alignment and scoliosis

    Has anybody experience alignment problems in the handstand due to scoliosis? I have scoliosis (diagnostic by a doctor) that is not very bad, but I have struggle with the handstand for more than 6 months now, I have worked on all of the bodyline drills, rebalancing drills, mobility but I still cannot balance it. I went to a handbalancing class and they told me I have one arm pushing harder than the other (my stronger one) and my hips a little bit turn to one side, which trows my alignment off. Would you advise trying to solve the scoliosis, or adjusting my handstand form to work around this problem? This is my handstand form right now, without a wall and with it. I don't think my alignment is terrible, but I STILL CANNOT BALANCE IT.P.s. I work on the handstand daily, have attended gymnastics classes specifically for the handstand and now handbalancing ones, so please don't just say "practice more"
  3. sirshred

    Jefferson Curl with Scoliosis

    Hello, I am 6'2.5", 19 year old male. I had scoliosis with a 49% curve. I had scoliosis surgery in January. I now have a 13in rod in my back. I used to be fairly flexible, but after the surgery for months I moved very little and my back muscles were very tight with many knots. My mobility has greatly increased but I'm still very stiff. I was cleared for any physical activity in July. I want to do Jefferson curls to help increase my mobility. I can bend my lower back and neck and shoulders but not the middle of my back. Is it safe to do Jefferson curls or would that put too much pressure on my lower back? Thank you
  4. Hello, I have been following this forum for quite some time and yet this is my first post. I know it's a little bit silly to ask for help in the first post, but now I am really looking for any kind of help. I am really sorry if this kind of posts are wrong. PROBLEM: Left scapula doesn't upwardly rotate correctly and thus, humerus only goes to 170°. Deltoid doesn't touch the ear. Also, I have a tight "something" between the upper trapezius and the clavicle, in the region closer to the humerus. I thought it was the levator scapulae, but it doesn't seem like it. That restriction makes my arm snap and crack every time I move it. There is no pain at all. The scapula is as well, lower than the right. BACKGROUND: Long time scoliosis and hipermobility but never really affected my strenght training. Had a head contusion (left side) a year ago. Had fully open shoulders before injury. Trying to "get rid of the tight muscle" to "train through the injury" made it worse and cause me pain in the rotator cuff muscles. Thus, I haven't done anything with my upper body in the last months. THINGS I TRIED I tried to fix it myself but I just made it worse. Went to a manual therapist who help me with the rotator cuff issues, but didn't do anything to the scapular faulty movement. I am going to a chiropractor 3 times per week. The scoliosis "may" what is causing my restrictions. So yes, my parents are spending a lot of money in something we don't really trust. Anyway, so far it has helped a bit. It feels really awkard, but I am feeling "better". My shoulder is still not "better". I should be doing "rehab work", but it feels weird to move my shoulder when the scapula is apparently out of place. I am uploading pictures of my back. Let me know if there's anything more I can provide. I have my x-rays as well. Please consider that I live in a third world country. It's not the USA, I can't simply "find a better PT". I am really glad that this kind of places exist in the internet. Looking forward for any help. Thanks you. Kinshiro.
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