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Found 3 results

  1. Christian Hoyt

    Jefferson Curl Training Frequency

    Hello, I'd like to train the Jefferson curl as a staple in my program, but I'm confused about the ideal frequency. Based on the progressions, it seems 5 x 5 at the end of my workouts is appropriate. Can I do this every day or at the end of every workout? Or would some other frequency be better? My plan is to increase the weight by 5 lbs every two months unless the new weight is not easy, starting with the 45 lb bar (which is currently easy). I appreciate any insight! Chris
  2. Michael LeGrice

    Jefferson Curl 3 Technique Questions

    Hello everyone, Apologies if these have already been answered but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. 3 questions relating to j curls. 1. Keep glutes "engaged" or relaxed? Should I keep my butt slightly squeezed for the duration of the curl, yah or nah? 2. Should I engage my abs to help pull myself down or just relax and let the weight do the work? ( I find I can curl more by pulling myself down, maybe it is because I'm not using heavy enough weights?) Thanks very much, mike
  3. sirshred

    Jefferson Curl with Scoliosis

    Hello, I am 6'2.5", 19 year old male. I had scoliosis with a 49% curve. I had scoliosis surgery in January. I now have a 13in rod in my back. I used to be fairly flexible, but after the surgery for months I moved very little and my back muscles were very tight with many knots. My mobility has greatly increased but I'm still very stiff. I was cleared for any physical activity in July. I want to do Jefferson curls to help increase my mobility. I can bend my lower back and neck and shoulders but not the middle of my back. Is it safe to do Jefferson curls or would that put too much pressure on my lower back? Thank you
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