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Found 28 results

  1. Lucas O'Geil

    Integrated Training Design

    Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding integrated training. Basically I'm wondering the best and most effective way of adding in basic strength, or FBAs, to the embedded static program in Building The Gymnastic Body. My basic strength is a simple template of 3x3, but when working with static strength I'm usually performing sets of 10... You may see my dilemma. Really, my concern is the number or sets and reps of the basic strength work when adding it to the embedded static work. OPTION 1: Should I be doing 3 reps of FBAs before every set of static strength? For example: 3 chip-ups + 6 sec back lever x 10 sets? OPTION 2: Of should I do my 3x3 of chins in the first 3 sets, like so: 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 3 chins + 6 sec BL 6 sec BL x 7 (this is my current program, and the first GST program I followed last summer where I saw massive strength gains - could have been the gains of a newbie though) OPTION 3: Or maybe throwing my chins in random place during the 10 sets of BL? My workouts are M,W,F which are: Pull + Back Lever, Press + Planche, Legs + Front Lever, Core + Manna/L-sit/Straddle L, during every wrokout. Rest is 45-90 seconds between the static strength and basic strength, and a few minutes after the sets are finished. Or course, there are other options that what I'm providing, like throwing in ladder sets, but for the sake of simplicity these are the ones I've provided. I'm interested to see what you guys are doing or what you think of the style of training. Hopefully, some of you will have some suggestions for me or even some different setups that you are using that are producing good results. Thanks!
  2. Jake Lawrance

    Bouldering/Climbing Training Sources

    Hey guys, this isn't really related to gymnastics but more of the climbing area. I know there are plenty of people who climb/boulder here for longer than I have (1 month) and I was wondering if they knew of any technique/training sources on the internet or a good book which could help teach me to 'move' better on the wall. Considering my first session I was climbing pretty much with my upper body and now I use my legs a lot more but I'm not that much better than before. Plus if there's any finger strength training sources on climbing that would be appreciated too! (I'm asking as I've looked briefly but with no luck and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week it seems! ): Cheers!
  3. Daryl Chan

    Help developing a routine

    Hello everyone my name is Daryl Chan. I was a tricker, doing flips and stuff, but i had surgery and was unable to move very much now that i am getting back on my feet. I am becoming more interested in the world of handbalancing.I have realised if i do not do handstands a bit every other day at least, I begin to lose the feeling and it slips away a bit. I was wondering if people would be willing to share their routines with me, and or maybe help me develope one of my own. As for my current handstand abilities. I will post a link below. sorry, i do not know how to post in the thread videos. my goals would be to eventually progress to one handed handstands Please feel free to comment critique or just help me devise a routine thank you.

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