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  1. Victor A MOUCLIER

    optimal execution of lateral raise

    Hi everybody, I would like to know the optimal exécution of the lateral raise exercice to target the medial deltoid fibers (most of it's fibers). There is a lot of conflicting information about this movement and even if we are not speaking about a GST movement, i would like to know the opinion of the forum because all of my biomechanical questions have been answered here in the past (thanks for that !) Some people say you should be performing them with straight arms, straight out to the side others advice raising in the scapular plane (around 30° forward) others advice bent arm straight out others advice to bent over with straight arm raising straight out I've just read this post from Joshua Naterman (written in 2011) about the biomechanic of the médial deltoid "They are (the medial delt fibers) a different kind of muscle belly than anterior and posterior delts, they are pennate instead of fusiform. This means that they have a shorter ROM but produce much more force in their ROM. Perhaps now you can see why these are not easily worked with bodyweight at first. Once you are strong enough that's different, but then you'll be missing out on supraspinatus." Does Allesandro or anybody have any commentary to make on this point so we can conclude about the optimal ROM to use in medial deltoid raises in order to properly target those fibers ? Thanks in advance
  2. Victor Mouclier

    Increasing triceps involvement in pulling

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe from this f**k**g pandemic. My blessings from France. How to increase the participation of the long head of the triceps during fundamental pulling exercices (such as pullups/chinups, rows or front lever progressions) ? i know they're always working with the lats and shoulders to execute shoulder extension but i would like to know at wich angle they're getting optimal work as shoulder extensors. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge Long head
  3. Leo Eliasson

    Clicking in the shoulder

    I have issues with clicking in the shoulder , about a week into level 1, and trying the restore series for shoulders it hurts stretching behind the back touching my shoulderblade, anyone with any tips? thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everybody, I am new here and just bought the yearly subscription. first off, I want to apologize in advance for the spelling and writing error, because English is not my first language. Here's a little background I am 30years old and always have been an active person. I started training when I was about 15 years old doing mostly push-up and chin-up in conjuction with player soccer and doing karate on and off. At 17years old I started lifting weight. At about 20 years old, I started doing Muay thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu full time while working a desk job and still weight training 3 days a week. 2 years later, I stopped practicing martial art because my shoulders always hurted and i was tired of being in pain everyday. I continued weight training on and off until this day but had always needed to stop training my pressing movement from time to time because of shoulder pain. From 25 to 28 years old I have been very serious in the obstacle course racing sport and had some podium finish until I hurt my left adductor wich still give me pain if I squeeze my legs together, squat heavy or lunges in a deep hip flexion. I have been trying to fix my shoulders pain for the past 8years by myself and tried many different physical therapists, osteopath, chiropractors and massage therapist without much success. I have been working as Security guard in a High security psychiatric hospital for the last 8 year and need to stay strong and fit for my job. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 165 pounds. My ''high'' level sport objectives are behind me. My main objective would be to cure my pain and be able to practice whatever physical activities I want to. I did a couple of the fundamental video and did the ''restore shoulder''. I think my focus should be about fixing my poor shoulder mobility, but I dont see how 2 or 3 exercise for the shoulders, practiced only 1 or 2 times each week is barely enough to add significant gains in shoulder mobility. Even with the added ''restore shoulder'', how can exercises holded for 5 or 10sec be sufficient to improve. Am I missing something. I would like to know ''classes'' recommandations and/or programming advice. Any input, tips, and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Pascal
  5. Hi, I am experiencing a popping in my left shoulder that occurs throughout the day when I move it to pop/click it in a certain pattern. I have had it for about 2 years now, although with no pain. THe only thing I could correlate its onset with was doing weighted dislocations and perhaps progressing with weight to quickly; I lost complete control of the 45lb bar at the end range of motion and heard/felt some crunching/clicking, which I figured is normal from listening to Coach Sommer on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I have tried everything I can think of: physical therapy, hanging/traction, rest, but nothing seems to fix it. Any insight or help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, I’m 9 weeks post shoulder surgery (full thickness tear of the supraspinatus and bicep tendons). Still working with a physiotherapist and my mobility is improving, it still has some way to go before I can start training again. I’m keen on getting back into the program, but not sure where to start. I own most of the level 1 programs, but think that may be too much until I have my full range of motion restored. Where is the best place to start and improve my shoulder mobility or strength? I haven’t yet subscribed as my plan was to complete the level 1 programs before joining the subscription program. As such, I don’t have access to the Restore series and wanted to know if perhaps they too would be too advanced for this stage of my rehab. I don’t want to start a free trial only to find it wasted at this stage. Alternately, is there is better program than the “Restore” series to work back into, starting with my shoulder rehab? Thanks for any advice. Wayne
  7. Thiago  Gatto Tannus

    Shoulder clicking / discomfort (overdoing l-sit?)

    Hi all, I just joined GB and I'm really excited to start this journey. However, I believe I might have an injury in my right front shoulder (probably overuse in handstand practice and most likely l-sits, as I was practicing the latter very often). The symptom is the following: when I rotate my right arm backwards, on the way down (arm behind the body) as I pass the 90 degree angle (arm parallel to the floor) there is a big click like a tendon just got back in place in my front delt. I also feel a little click around the collar bone and discomfort when I simply push my arm straight down (as if pushing for the l-sit). It gets pretty uncomfortable and I feel my body asking for some shoulder extension stretching (like german hangs). I imagine these are not uncommon symptoms, what are you guys' thoughts on this? What are some general guidelines for optimal recovery (tips, exercises, protocols., etc)? So far I've just been hanging on a bar for like 10 minutes throughout the day and I also plan on doing the "Shoulder Recovery" routine that I saw on the platform yesterday (how often should I do this?). I appreciate any and all insights you guys have on this as I am really eager to recover and be injury-free.
  8. Hi all I'm reaching you guys asking for an advise for my shoulder and bicep injuries My training routine was bodyweight, Rings and some parallettes I also used Gymnasticbodies stretching series I injured my self I'm not sure how but probably was over training using the RINGS The MRI results is FINDINGS The right supraspinatus tendon demonstrates bright signal that is seen reaching the tendon articular surface but not its bursal surface. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy is noticed. Type II acromion. Intermediate signal seen involving the subscapularis and intra-articular long head of biceps tendons. Normal MRI appearance of the glenoid labrum, gleno-humeral ligaments and joint capsule. Subacromial subdeltoid bursal fluid distension is noted. Normal appearance of the articular cartilage of the shoulder joint. IMPRESSION Right supraspinatus tendon partial thickness tear. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy. Subacromial subdeltoid bursitis. Intra-articular long head of biceps and subscapularis tendinopathy. Doctor advised to take a rest and stop excersicing specially overhead exercises As I read that loading and exercising is better than resting for recovery Phisyo sessions here in Saudi Arabia are very expensive and most of it just Ice and laser therapy without any excersices What's your advice Should I rest or do any of GB programs or series And how long will it take to heal from your experience Thank you

    I have a longer arm than the other

    Hello guys, ive started traing levers some months ago, however, 3 weeks ago i had a small injury so i gave a break, however ive noticed that my right arm is like 1 inche longer than the left. I was wondering if this can increase the risk of injury or it can affect my stright arm static exercices
  10. Mouclier Victor

    Rear deltoid

    I hope everyone is spending a great summer ! I would like to know what is the ideal motion/exercice to work the rear deltoid (is it transverse abduction-extension ? shoulder extension ?) by this subject, i would like to read your thoughts and experiences about balance between front and rear deltoid. thanks in advance
  11. Mike Antonio

    Shoulder Surgery Next Friday

    Good day everyone. So I’ve been having an issue with my Dominent shoulder due to a small tear in the labrum (slap tear). I attempted physio and other treatments over the course of approximately a year and a half with very little Progress. So im scheduled next Friday for a possible labrum repair or possible bicep tenodesis with some rotator cuff maintenance as well. I have the surgeon free range to do whatever he feels is best once he looks inside. My shoulder hasn’t made much progress up until last week. Now this could be my brain f’king with me but I am able to get into positions that I couldn’t get into last month. Like foot supported planche lean, hspu and even a few dips. Keep in mind my job has been extremely time taxing lately so training has very been minimal. My physio guy and I assume that once I start training regularly again I will likely aggravate the shoulder and be back to wear I was a few months ago if I don’t do surgery. I guess I’m just looking for a little reassurance as I feel like I’m possibly risking surgery for minimal results. I do still have some pain when performing internal and external rotation (no weight) at the end ranges. Although I’m really looking forward to 4 months off of work and almost feel like that’s half the reason I’m looking to do this. I’m hoping to be able to still train at somewhat of a high level. I have goals of planche, strict ring muscle ups and press to handstand. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, mike
  12. Hi, I just joined this week and had a question about strength in the shoulder... I have none. I have a reoccurring shoulder dislocation that I've been managing for 18 years, plus a desk job... So those 2 things combined I kind of become apathetic about my shoulders. Well enoughs enough... I'm here to reclaim my shoulder strength. So question: Should I do some extracurricular prehad work on my shoulder girdle, or is the program setup to work all those small rotator muscles in the first months/years of the program?
  13. Swann BUTEL

    trouble with straight arm pineda

    Hi every one, I have recently play with pineda on rings, with 2 month off training i can do it with bent arm ( like a wide muscle up ). i would like te bo able to do it with almost straight arm ( 0.1 fault in FIG code) do you have some exercice or tips for correct this probleme, maybe pineda feet on the block push to iron cross ( same exercice for iron cross press ) or iron cross lower negative to front lever ? Best regard from france
  14. Mike Antonio

    Torn labrum options

    Hello everyone! Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! So I wrote before regarding a slap tear that I have. I just went for my second MRI with an arthogram. So the verdict is I have a small tear in my infraspinatus small tear in my supraspinatus and I have a labral tear at the insertion point of the biceps long head. According to my orthopedic surgeon, he says the Teat is small it just happens to be in one of the worst places possible. Hence the reason it’s causing me so much pain. I can’t even do push-ups without severe pain. I asked him about platelet rich plasma injections which this doctor does and he seems to be trying to steer me away from it. He advised if it was my knee or my elbow he would say let’s definitely try it but he hasn’t seen much luck with PRP and labrum tears in the shoulder. So the options now are: 1. Subcromial decompression and rotator cuff repair surgery 2. Bicep tenodesis and rotator cuff repair. I’m not sure which direction to go. Just wondering if anyone has had either of these surgeries and comment on their ability post surgery. I do have a lot of faith in my surgeon and will likely tell him to do what he thinks is best once he gets inside but just looking for some opinions. Thanks everyone.
  15. Mike Antonio

    SLAP tear advice

    Good day everybody. I'm reaching out hoping to get some advice regarding a torn labrum. The background. I started having shoulder problems in summer of 2016. I went from using the rings to using the parallettes to doing floor programs to now not being able to do anything with my right shoulder. I even went all the way back to foundations 1 to try and start over from the very beginning. Move such as table tops or crabwalk's seem to be my nemesis. I started having treatment with Physio, massage and Chiro back in October 2016. I've made no progress and things of actually only gotten worse over time. Make no progress my doctor finally sent me for x-rays and ultrasound. I saw the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday. He said based on my symptoms and explanation of my problems but it's very likely I have a slap tear. MRI is coming soon to confirm. He offered me a Cortsione shot which I passed on. So I'm just wondering, is there any chance of me healing a slap tear at this point without surgery? And if so, any recommendations on rehabbing going forward? Thanks everybody for your time.
  16. Levente Horváth

    Planche difficulties

    Hello guys, My height is 170 cm and my weight is 56,5 kg. I'm training planche almost a year now and I can't seem to make it, I stuck at straddle planche and the only time I held a full planche was when I was ill and not trained for a week. Usually I am training every day for shoulder, planche and recently started to work with weights to speed up the process. Actually after every workout I don't feel any muscle soreness only like something that comes from very deep, my shoulder is always popping and hurts like hell when I try to attempt a planche but I can't stop working out. Well this is all I wanted to say, and I don't know if I need a rest how much, because as I mentoined above when I took a week rest I felt insanely weak and slow but I managed to hold it...
  17. Colm O'Reilly

    "Raggedy" Long Head Bicep

    Hey, Apologies if this was covered elsewhere but my searches didn't reveal anything. Brief history: MMA injury aged 19 (15 years ago), tore AC joint due to being thrown. Let it "heal", go about life. CrossFit for 10 years along with Irish National level lifting with poor enough thoracic mobility and occasional recurrent problems. Jan 2016 - compete at Nationals. Thereafter, shoulder not right, missing lifts well below capacity, ongoing shoulder 'niggle'. Jan 2017 - Nationals again, worse, shoulder in agony for days after. Physio recommends MRI. MRI reveals "significant partial tear of supraspinatus and long head bicep described as "raggedy" by surgeon. Corticosteroid shot approx 5 weeks ago in supraspinatus area - zero effect on strength or pain. Have been dabbling in GB since last summer, and more seriously this year. In particular performing the thoracic bridge series 1x/week religiously since October. Occasionally have pain on push ups, noticeable dull ache on full shoulder extension and sharp inhibitory pain on full flexion of right shoulder (even with increased flexibility). Anyone any advice on dealing with this issue or similar with GB, or alterations I should make? Can provide more detail if needed. Thanks!
  18. Swann BUTEL

    Striated shoulder

    Hi every one, Just one question for my curiosity, i see many gymnast with impressiv shoulder striation, almost every rings specialist have this type off physique. How do you explain this developpement ? Isometric work ? Density muscle ? Wath is your tips for achieve this goal in bodyweight training ? Best regard
  19. Stuart MacIntyre

    Shoulder Separation

    Hello all. I am looking for advice with regards to an injury I have been carrying for years, a shoulder separation, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience coaching athletes with this injury in the past. Or more precisely, is the course, fundamentals and beyond, suitable for completing with this injury. I am starting some Physio on it as I have neglected it really for many years. If there is any prep work I could do or any online resources anyone could recommend that would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Just curious if anybody has cursory experience with what I will describe. I have never had any serious or notable shoulder injuries that I can recall. I notice this mostly when I am sitting relaxed, and exhale. The muscles in my shoulder relax and then I feel...not a tingling sensation like a muscle falling asleep, but a sort of...crackly sensation? Not really electric like a pinched nerve, I don't think, but close. The sensation is on both sides of my armpit, like where the pec meets the pit and then the meaty lat on the back of the armpit. I can occasionally feel the similar sensation when I do certain exercises. I am rather flexible and have found no way to engage or stretch out the sensation other than when I breathe out. It is only in one shoulder. Is it just a lightly pinched nerve? Very curious.
  21. Hello everybody! My shoulder mobility is rather bad. When I'm standing on my feet and pointing my arms straight up, I don't have a nice bodyline. Both shoulders are not good in mobility, but my right side is a bit worse. While working on this, I'm thinking to start with some wall-handstands and finally build up to a freestanding handstand. Is this a good idea? Or should I wait till my shoulder are more mobile? I only want to start with handstands if it is beneficial and not harming anything in any way! (For clarification, I don't have any medical problems with my shoulders, everything feels good.) Thanks in advance!
  22. Michael Acreman

    Post Shoulder reconstruction training.

    Hi all, I have recently had a shoulder reconstruction (posterior labral tear and biceps tear) and i'm hoping that there is some exercises or programming to follow for injured or should i say recovering athletes. I am very limited in movement with my right shoulder but am still keen to try and learn more and progress. I train most days now but only thing that are single arm or legs. Thing like single arm press/snatches/kb swing and do alot of stationary bike and airsquats. Problem is i don't really know any SINGLE arm gymnastic style movements so hoping you can all help. Thanks alot in advance i appreciate it. Ace
  23. James Kerslake

    Rear shoulder raises

    I am trying to improve my shoulder mobility as holding a weighted bar behind my back and lifting up 90 degrees to horizontal is something I struggle with. I have been working on it for over 2 months now and still cannot elevate fully enough to progress. Does anyone have any thoughts on what exercises and stretches I could do to try and gain this last bit of mobility I need to get to horizontal? Currently I use a broomstick with very wide grip to lift up behind, hold just above horizontal and stretch out my chest, I then bring the grip in by increments and do the same until I cant do it anymore. I also put my hands on a kitchen worktop behind me, squat down and try and keep my arms straight behind me as my shoulders drop, stretching it out this way. I have definitely improved since when I started by a fair margin but I have hit a bit of a plateau now and dont feel I am progressing any more. What can I train to improve this?
  24. Alex Tiko

    Shoulder mobility

    I practice calisthenics for about 2 years and 2 months I 'm training the handstand , my problem is the low mobility of the shoulders . If you want I can post pictures. Meanwhile, can you show me some stretching exercises ? sorry for my english
  25. Hello, I have injured my right arm/shoulder after over training OA FL and OAP. I ended up having a tear in my long head of my bicep, which put me out of action for 4 months. Currently doing exercises set by Physio to help regain strength, mobility and stability in the arm. However I am now looking if anyone has experienced coming back from injury similar to this what to expect, and what did they first start with training again. I can currently do different variations of planks, push ups and rows(with feet on floor whilst on rings). But Ideally I want to get back to my old level of strength(video for attention, compressed the file so bad quality). Being that of FL MU etc. I know it will be a slow process but any tips and advice would be great. Thanks in advance video-1455225047.mp4
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