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Found 60 results

  1. José Carvalho

    I buy a pair of rings and now ?

    Hello, guys, I buy a pair of rings and now ? what do I do ? How many times a week I should train on rings ? My goals is lever (BL,FL) and Muscle Up, be flow on rings and clean. My big question is how to plan training, currently have the following scheme in the head to follow : warm up - skill work - strenght work - coold down . What you think about it ? Should I mix the train in strenght part into 1 exercise pull next one push. How many exercises should I do in strenght part, 3 pull 3 push ? Sorry by all these beginner question's but I need your precious opinion and tips guys, best regards
  2. Just started Foundation One. I have 5.5" exposed beams at my ceiling, about 9' from the floor. Would it be ok to hang the straps around the beam, or would that throw off the feel/balance of the rings compared to hanging from something much more narrow like a bar? I feel like the difference wouldn't be that big, but I want to make sure I'm doing this right (small differences could have an impact), and maybe I'm underestimating the effect. I've never used rings before so wouldn't be able to feel the difference from bar-hung straps. My alternative is drilling some loops into the beam, but I'm renting my place/would rather not do that if it's not necessary.
  3. William Trask

    False Grip Rings vs Standard Rings

    Gymnastic Bodies sells the Xtreme Rings 28mm or 1.1", Rogue sells Standard Rings 1.25" or FIG 1.1" (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation) MDUSA sells both Standard Rings 1.25" and False Grip Rings 1 7/8" False Grip Rings have a significantly wider thickness of 1 7/8-inch. Just curious if anyone has a preference between ring sizes. Thanks! if you remember what brand you bought please share as well.
  4. Hayden Mccomas

    Ring Substitute at the gym

    Can anyone recommend a way to set up a substitute for rings given the equipment at a normal gym? I am trying to figure out a way to perform the Hinge Rows (RC/PE1) and can't seem to get a good workaround going. Thanks
  5. Etta Lindeboom

    How do I get rings set up in a small space

    Hi everyone! I just purchased the GST starter pack with foundation 1 and handstand 1. I already set up the beginner workout schedule and I'm just looking through all the exercises for preparation. Now, I've noticed that for the Hinge Row RC/PE1 I need rings. Right now I'm renting the top floor of a house and I can't just go and install whatever I like. I also have to be careful I don't bring the entire roof down if I do install stuff and work with it. Do any of you have any tips for installing rings? I was thinking about getting one of those doorway pull-up bars and hanging them on there, but I'm not sure that's sturdy enough. I also considered getting a membership in one of those crossfit gyms that already have the equipment, but the whole point of me getting into GST was not ending up with a gym membership. If nothing works I will just buy a set and find a playground with a bar that allows them, but that's a last resort. Also, if you guys know a way to substitute rings for the Hinge Row exercise, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your time
  6. Alexander Castiglione

    Tendonitis - Despite having strong base and skills

    Hi, New to the forum, but not new to the bodyweight movement world. I listened to Barbell Shrugged's podcast with Coach Sommer, and he briefly touched on tendonitis. I recently went to the orthapedist after I had recurring tightness and pain both inside and outside of the elbow joint. About 8 months ago it was real bad - with pain and tension radiating from my wrist to my lower bicep post WOD. I dialed it back, rested, iced and heated and it went away - admittedly i was doing a TON of volume - both oly lifting a gymnastic work (rather advanced gymnastic work by Crossfit standards with lots of levers, strict MUs, bar MUs and ice cream makers). Occasionally it rears its head. The doctor said rest as needed, and I definitely have mild tendonitis in my outer and inner elbow (the clinical term he used escapes me). Being that I Oly lift, crossfit, and rock climb - i expected some strain on my joints and tendons. In the podcast with coach Sommer, he said something to the effect of if you don't have the strength, you will develop tendonitis. My question is what else can i do? I am not a competitive gymnast, but a pretty strong bodyweight athlete. The PT i went to basically said get a FlexBar and use that 3x a week to strengthen the area - since I'm an athlete already, she couldn''t do much more than say rest and do rehab/prehab exercises. My baselines are as such: Max Pullups (Kipping): 62 Max Pullups (strict) 30-35 Angie: 9:54 Max Muscle Ups Unbroken: 15-17 Max Weighted muscle up (kipping) 22.5 lbs Max Strict MU weighted: 10lb Max Ring Dips: Haven't tested but I did 30 unbroken in a wod (without turnout) Max weighted ring dip: 75lbs Max Weighted ring pushupL 110lb + (couldnt safely test anymore) Max HSPU against Wall: over 20 Max Pushups: 93+ I can bang out legless rope climbs all day, even with a vest (this seems to aggravate my wrist and elbow the most if i don't warm up for a long time). I have a strong false grip, but with kipping MUs obviously I don't false grip more than 1 or 2 reps. I can pull explosively enough to transition and catch pretty high. What else can i do to battle tendonitis/strengthen the connective tissue? Any and all advice is appreciated. The physical therapist wasn't much help, and all the doctor did was prescribe me NSAIDs.... I'm trying to avoid injury. Maybe I just have to dial my training back, but i wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or a similar issue. I'm 29 y/o, about 150, 5'7", background in boxing but trained basically my whole life prior to starting crossfit in Feb 2012 doing strictly bodyweight movements. Thanks!
  7. Tinu Blaettler

    SANTA MONICA beach facility

    Hey guys, If you're ever in Santa Monica, you should use the facilities at the beach for a bodyweight training session. This place is simply awesome! They got Pbars, Rings, Traveller Rings, Ropes and much more! For an impression, you can watch my video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tq8EprtsWw
  8. Thomas Lozanovski

    Simple Workout for Strength With Rings?

    I have been training in calisthenics and lifting weights for a while. I can do muscle ups and hold tuck planche for a minute. I recently purchased some rings and want to get into them. I can barely hold support position for 5 seconds. So with that being said Is there a good, intense, simple workout I can do for raw strength with the rings, to get better at them? How should I get more time in support position, just do it a lot? Would training planche on the rings help me on the ground/parallettes? How should I go about conditioning my tendons for future iron cross and maltese work? (Long term goals, if not lifetime) I'm sure you see tons of these topics daily, so forgive me. I hope to become a well known user in this community, we all start somewhere. Thank you
  9. Taking the Muscle Ups to the next level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF-Y_vZbXOw
  10. Alexander Castiglione

    Ring Dips - Turnout help

    Hey Everyone, So I've been messing around with some progressions, and I've been struggling with ring dips. Despite being able to bang out 30-40+ without the turnout (I can almost hear coach laughing since CrossFit does "fake ring dips," I now see exactly what he meant. That being said, I've been struggling with the turnout portion. I can do it, but it's not as smooth as it should be, and under fatigue, it's ugly. One thought I had was to do something like tabata holds in the turnout position, but other than that, I'm out of ideas for how to get stronger in the turnout position. Any help or ideas, greatly appreciated. Note: Korean dips, russian dips, etc, I have them all. "Real" ring dips seem to be eluding me though. Thanks up front!
  11. Narayana Commerford

    Wanting to purchase rings in Australia

    Hi all, My first post here. I am looking to get myself some rings. I want to purchase some from Australia so they arrive quickly. Have been looking at these ones from iron edge, noticing the wooden ones come in two different widths, wondering if there is an advantage to durability or training with either? Also the wooden ones seem expensive. http://www.ironedge.com.au/store/iron-edge-power-rings/ If anyone knew of any other retailers of rings of similar quality but better value within Australia I would love a link. Cheers
  12. Flavio85

    One-arm False grip hang

    Hello guys, has anyone tried to get a one-arm false grip hang on rings? I can't find any video of this on youtube... I started training for it and I guess this is attainable, right?
  13. ZachsMom

    6 year old son's 1st meet...

    My son is 6 years old and is on a Gymnastics competitive team at level 4. He started gymnastics 8 or 9 months ago. What do you think of his 1st meet?
  14. Hello everyone! I am new at this forum and, first of all, I would like to thank everyone for the good advice and useful posts already submitted. I have a few questions that I hopped to see clarified. I started with calisthenic training about 5 months ago. First, I trained in the bars and then, about two months ago, I moved to gymnastic rings. I mastered the muscle up in both equipment, first in the bar and then in the rings. Then, I wanted to start with other gymnastic moves on the rings. But a few weeks ago, when I started training for the muscle up on the rings, I started feeling an annoying pain on my wrist around the place were it lands on the ring for the false grip. I read somewhere that it was normal to feel that pain and I continued training, doing sets of false grip pull ups and muscle ups. Of course, I got to a point were I was injured and possibly with a wrist tendinitis. So I stopped and rested. Now I am back, and I've tried the muscle up on the rings for the first time in about 3 weeks. I do not feel the same ache on the wrist, but I fell aches on the hand muscles. I feel them when I close my hand for instance, and although they are not unbearable they are uncomfortable. Is this normal? Can it be related with my previous injury? Or can it be only related with the grip, since I spend so much time doing skin the cat, inverted hang, back-lever, etc? I have read posts from more experienced people saying that usually these injuries are related with overtraining and the temptation of doing stuff that is beyond our level of strength. I do not discard this possibility and I don't mind to go down a few notches in my training to avoid pain and aches. But I would like to ask if someone knows how to properly evaluate our strength level and how to create a program of training in accordance to the level in which I am. Sorry for the long post! Cheers!
  15. Aleks009436

    Back lever with false grip?

    The topic speaks for itself. BL with false grip would make it easier to combine BL with other skils, but are there any strenght benefits or other benefits? In general, should BL be trained with false grip?
  16. The power in my arms is imbalanced, i m lefty, i notice rings make it worse - my body got used to relying more on left arm and now i feel it works more than the right arm how to fix it? put left ring straps higher\lower than the right arm? have you ever had problem like that? when I start training for cross i know left arm will get even bigger!
  17. Adam Cardilini

    Door Frame Clamp?

    G'day All, I have recently moved to a new apartment and there is only one spot that I might be able to get rings on. It is a doorframe that looks like an upside down T. I can't screw anything into the walls or doorframe because I rent, but I was wondering if you clever people might have some suggestions. I was thinking that there might be a clamp or something that I can put on the doorframe and then hook the rings onto that. Above the door frame is a glass window pane so it can't be anything that pushes on that. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Adam
  18. Al1r3zA

    very Strong

    hi guys , i make a biography and motivational video from my coach , some of these moves are very rare or the first time you see ,hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you gymnast think about this monster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DCtKCEjzSY&list=UUiUltzfutKmhMwbb_7Ffd7Q
  19. Hi, I'm 20 years old, 5' 11", and I've been into gymnastics training for about three years now. I also started lifting weights pretty regularly around two years ago. I put on around 25 to 30 pounds of muscle in the course of the first year of my weight training, and that seemed to set my gymnastics training back a little, more than likely because my body had to adjust to its "new form". Anyway! Now onto my point/question: What I've noticed is that gymnastics has really helped with my strength, but I'm not getting any bigger from it. Note that I am NOT doing gymnastics for aesthetic reasons, but the huge biceps and almost balloon-like shoulders that are typical for a lot of male gymnasts (mainly those who specialize on rings) do not seem to be even remotely in sight based on the gymnastics training I've undergone thus far. Here's a basic rundown of some of my ring abilities: I have a solid back lever (20 second hold with no problem), solid ring handstand (no forearms touching straps/rings or feet touching wrapped around straps), seven second straddle planche on rings (straight arms, little to no piking, and good protraction), and I'm fairly close to an iron cross. All that said, anyone else with a similar experience as me? I'm more than happy with the way I look, but after three years of training consistently, I'm surprised that I'm not as big as some of my friends who lift weights regularly or even some of my other gymnastics friends. I don't mean to be vain or anything, but this site is called "Gymnasticbodies", after all... So I just wanted to see if any others experienced a lack of "aesthetic progress". Thanks!
  20. DentonConteh

    Victorian Training

    Hi guys I am currently training for the Victorian. At the moment I have nearly achieved a good form P-bar forearm assisted Victorian (been training it for 2 months) right now Im just making sure my hips and feet are in line with the P-bars. Once I get it perfect I will then lessen the assistance of my forearms by going on the edge of the P-bars so that half my forearms assist and so on. As that gets easier I hope to perfect it with only My hands and a little support with the wrists Here is the video footage of Sai Ngo's P-bar Victorian (His Victorian is at 1.11). My objective is to achieve this first. Once I do that I will work my way up to achieve it on the rings one fine day Be sure to share any tips or anything. I will be delighted
  21. Hello all. I am a gymnast on a college club team and have never had a formal coach or any formal training...so I'm stuck with a love for the sport and desire to grow, but no resources to help me. I've become very comfortable on rings, and although I'm still a little ways away from completing Coach's list of things to master before training a cross, I'm actively training the whole list with lots of stretching and no undue injuries or pain and making significant progress. I know I don't have nearly enough muscle or tendon strength to actually train an iron cross, and I completely don't intend to, as I love my elbows dearly. However, I find that using MASSIVE amounts of resistance with bands and lowering to a cross is a very fun and relaxing exercise. It's literally almost a challenge to go/push down all the way because I use so much resistance, knowing I'm not ready to actually attempt such a strenuous move. Most of my knowledge of rings comes from personal experience and research, which I kinda hate. I have heard the shoulders should be rolled forward for a cross, the elbows down and locked, and the head neutral. I know there are a million other factors about which I know nothing, such as protraction, shoulder girdle, angle of hands, etc. Like I said above, I don't intend to actually train the cross at all, but I will probably continue to do my cheesy super-resistance holds because they are exhilarating and relaxing, and I feel literally no discomfort anywhere doing them. But while I'm at it, I'm a huge fan of perfected and safe form and would rather have a very good idea of what I'm doing while I'm doing this, even if I'm handling little to no weight. I hope to one day far in the future train the cross when I am ready, and if I am developing habits right now, I'd like them to be good ones. I was wondering if anyone can give me a basic run-down of all the key points of proper cross form, including information on angles of joints, physiology, common errors, and basic anatomy. As I'm looking for a pretty in-depth description, I would even love to just be pointed to a very good book or resource that has this information. I promise I take my health very seriously, have read many of these forums about prerequisites, and am not doing anything stupid. It is mostly out of a love for knowledge and the sport and innocent curiosity that I want to know how a cross works. While I understand how discouragement can be a great thing, I swear I have zero courage or intention to train a cross already, and would really just love some information. Any help, info, or direction would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks, -Hunter
  22. Boris Mikael Taube

    Retract or protract when holding rings turned out?

    When im doing basic RTO i wounder if you should retract og protract scapula? I feel it impossible to retract if i hold the rings very tight to the body, but when im driving the rings slightly more out i can retract? What is correct posstion of the shoulder/scapula?
  23. jvasqu01

    Is ring training only a good idea?

    All, I have a pair of rings I bought when I was doing crossfit. To save money I'd like to use rings 3-4 times a week for conditioning, strength increases and to look better . I've always done a mix of weighted exercising but wondering if rings will give me what I'm looking for. Is there a video on basic ring progressions and good starting workouts? I see that this site offers something called the basic ring series but couldn't find links to videos on that. Thanks, Julian
  24. gogy

    Working out on outdoor rings

    Well I started going 2-3 times a week on outside rings and I would like you for some help, if you can make me some training plan or usefull exercsies to do. I am doing just basic holds on rings, dips, skin a cat, and holding my body legs up and head down when I reach top position when I am going into skin a cut. I also do pull ups on rings, and I would like to perform muscle up on rings, today I did several of them for first time on bar. Otherwise I also do pull ups and chin ups on bar, and I am training to have athletic body for sports, not to be like body builder. My main sport is taekwondo. all best .D
  25. Georgios Panagiotakos

    Home made rings!

    Just made my pvc rings ( the guide i used http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-PVC-gymnastic-fitness-rings/ ). They are stronger than i expected and it doesnt seem possible to break. I;m going to use them for some rows and i feel quite safe using them. Also xr support is a lot harder than i expected! They costed around 20E total, straps being the most expensive ( about 80% of the total cost ). Anyway I highy recommend building your own set if you live outside of USA and buying a good set of rings costs around 80-100 dollars. P.S If anyone needs help or tips feel free to ask

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