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Found 4 results

  1. ZachsMom

    6 year old son's 1st meet...

    My son is 6 years old and is on a Gymnastics competitive team at level 4. He started gymnastics 8 or 9 months ago. What do you think of his 1st meet?
  2. Nidhish S

    Flairs or Circles first?

    I was reading about how tightrope walkers carry those big sticks to help maintain their balance. Apparently one of it's functions is to prevent rotation by creating a massive moment arm! Which got me thinking, if that's true then on a pommel horse/mushroom flairs ought to be an easier initiation into swinging then circles because the straddle position makes for a mechanical advantage through a smaller moment arm. I understand that just because it's easier it doesn't mean one should start with it but wouldn't it be more straight forward to teach someone the fundamental movement this way and then gradually develop extension?
  3. Scott Malin

    Congratulations Allan Bower!

    Congratulations to Allan Bower for winning a Silver Medal on Parallel Bars and a Bronze Medal on Pommel Horse at the USA Championships today. It's also a special day in that it was the last junior men's competition for Allan before starting his career at the University of Oklahoma (OU) under Coach Mark Williams. Allan will be attending OU on a full athletic scholarship. I'd like to invite anyone who has either watched Allan's career or been a part of GymnasticBodies that's been influenced by him to extend your congratulations and support in this thread. We will be giving Allan the link to this to read in a few days. It's been a tremendous privilege of mine to work with Allan directly, especially over this past year. Not only is Allan (and all of Coach's athletes) a phenomenal gymnast but also a truly good person as well. Allan's Kovac on High Bar
  4. Alexander Bartolf

    Homemade pommel horse replacement?

    Hey, this is my first post - working my way through Foundation one and very happy. Also just became a first-time homebuyer and about to move in and set up my workout room. I've seen posts on making stall bars and free standing pullup bars and plan on building those ASAP, but I haven't seen any postings on what to use for the exercises that involve hanging off a pommel horse. I don't have one of those - is there an obvious substitute that would work that I'm just not seeing, or is there something anyone has built that approximates the height and structure of a pommel horse? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

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