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Found 2 results

  1. Rajesh Bhat

    Increasing Circle Volume and more

    Hi, My 11 year old son is doing gymnastics. He can, when he's lucky, do 3-5 circles on mushroom. His coach for level 3 says he's the best in level 3 at the extension, etc. A couple questions: How can he get his body raised higher? Right now it's pretty low. We were thinking a bucket+mushroom+diy EGE setup, but we wanted the community's input. How can he increase volume? His main problem is that his hands move weirdly across the mushroom and he basically like flies/falls off. he's not fast, I don't think speed is the problem. What upper body conditioning is there to stabilize this hand movement and keep it controlled? Help is appreciated Thanks
  2. Alexander Bartolf

    Homemade pommel horse replacement?

    Hey, this is my first post - working my way through Foundation one and very happy. Also just became a first-time homebuyer and about to move in and set up my workout room. I've seen posts on making stall bars and free standing pullup bars and plan on building those ASAP, but I haven't seen any postings on what to use for the exercises that involve hanging off a pommel horse. I don't have one of those - is there an obvious substitute that would work that I'm just not seeing, or is there something anyone has built that approximates the height and structure of a pommel horse? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

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