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  1. Hello everybody! My shoulder mobility is rather bad. When I'm standing on my feet and pointing my arms straight up, I don't have a nice bodyline. Both shoulders are not good in mobility, but my right side is a bit worse. While working on this, I'm thinking to start with some wall-handstands and finally build up to a freestanding handstand. Is this a good idea? Or should I wait till my shoulder are more mobile? I only want to start with handstands if it is beneficial and not harming anything in any way! (For clarification, I don't have any medical problems with my shoulders, everything feels good.) Thanks in advance!
  2. Alexander Castiglione

    Hand Position on Wall Handstands

    Hey GB, Chasing that freestanding handstand for 30s, so I'm working on wall handstands. My question is where should my hands be placed relative to distance to the wall. I noticed the farther I get from the wall (far being < a foot but > 6 inches) the more gassed my shoulders and traps get and faster, when I'm within a few inches of the wall, trust me, it's still tiring - especially when focusing on all the cues like PPT, tight core, pointed toes, shrugging into to floor etc - but seems a bit less taxing on parts of the delt... is there an optimal distance to be for max benefit from this progression? Or do I want to get as close as possible to the wall, and just have a mat or something to roll out into if I lose my balance? Thanks!
  3. Zi Yi Tan

    One Arm Planche/HS Calisthenics

    Hey guys this is my first post here, and this video blew my mind. I thought I'd get input from gymnasts because Street Workout borrows a lot of elements from Gymnastics. I understand that Street workout practitioners don't always have the best form and muscle activation, but I think that this guy Andrea Larosa has extremely good form, even on his one arm planche, at 0.10 of the video. Check out 0.36 as well. Remember that I have an untrained eye. Anyways, just wanted to see what you guys thought!
  4. I have two handstand questions: - Should I do them before the main strength training of the day, or after? - At first I have a good form, with good straight line hands to toes. After a couple of sets I'm beginong to arch my back and can't keep the straight line. What is failing here, the back, abs, shoulders?
  5. Alexander Castiglione

    Forearm Headstand - What am I doing wrong?

    Hey GB, I finally filmed myself doing some freestanding handstands to see if I could see anything out of place, and although some of them are not pretty, whenever I find the sweetspot, I'm in perfect alignment, stacked, etc (as it should be), however, I noticed I was having a tough time "finding" that sweet spot. So i figured I'd backtrack, and go to something like a forearm headstand (which I never really messed with, i know, i ran before i could walk). Anyway, I'm having a really tough time finding the sweetspot, and I'm falling all over the place. Does anybody have some cues or pointers I could use? My headstand I can get for 1 min plus, but that's not stacked, as you all know - you're kind of at a 70 degree angle with your body/legs relative to the floor. With a forearm HeS you need to be stacked. Any pointers? I feel like there is alot of weight on my head, and less on my arms if that helps. Whenever i try and maintain PPT i fall, or ignore PPT and stay tight and "straight" i fall. Or i'll look at the playback and see I was all over the place. Ideas??
  6. I started a thread a few months ago with me doing some handstand work on my knuckles on a carpeted surface, asking for advice on whether it's safe (the Shaolin monks do it) and how I can build up to doing it on harder surfaces. Original video: So, taking your advice, I slowly built up to harder surfaces by doing very spaced out knuckles sessions (maybe once per week) with low volume. Now, I am aware that this probably isn't ideal for my knuckles and fingers but I like to think the low volume and so far the lack of any sort of pain/discomfort would be good signs that I may be able type on a keyboard in 20 years time! 2 weeks ago: Dangerous and potentially debilitating or not, I thought this was worth sharing with you guys!
  7. Rachid Tahri

    internal shoulder rotation in wall HS

    A while ago I posted a video about my handstand line progress. I was very enthusiastic and happy with my new "line". Also other members congratulated me with the progress I made. To summerize: i felt a shoulder lock that allowed my to lock my shoulders while having a "hollow" position. I learned after a while that this "lock" was my shoulders being internally rotated (just like in shoulder dislocations), a trained eye can see that my elbows are flaring out and my lats get "folded" (don't have the right terminology for this). After learning some posts of Handbalancer and other experienced people I came to the conclusion that most handbalancers externally rotate there shoulders. Also if I do freestanding handstand I tend to externally rotate. If I do a wall handstand while internally rotating my shoulders I can hold this position much longer than if I do not allow this internally rotation, but my line is very good. On the other hand if I externally rotate my shoulder I feel very helpless in this position. Any advice here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwmEnyhydwc
  8. Hi there, I am extremely tight in my pancake and pike (I only recently started doing jefferson curls and pancake stretches) and so whenever I train press handstands on mini parallel bars it pretty much turns into planche training as I am forced to move through a straddle planche to get to the handstand. I have a semi-decent straddle planche of around 5 secs and so I am OK with the exercise but after maybe 3 presses my form goes from mediocre to horrible and I know that with better mobility things would be a lot easier. I'm considering purchasing the middle split course... Would this be best for press mobility? Or would the integrated mobility exercises in H2 be superior? But then that would require me to purchase H1 because it's a prerequisite (right?) and I would feel like that would be a step down for me as I have a semi-solid one arm handstand of around 20 seconds (hope I'm not sounding too stuck up!). And say I did purchase the middle split course, would it be recommended that I wait until my mobility is better before training presses again? At the moment it's just hard for me to organise my workout schedule if I'm unintentionally overtraining my planche by training presses (on top of my planche training). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Simone Di Giuseppe

    A new guy here!

    Well, hello there! My name is Simone, I am 20 yo and I come from Milan, Italy. This is my first time writing in this forum but I am definitely planning on actively joining the community and learn a lot from it! I was a former martial artist practitioner (Shaolin Wushu) and I have been practicing artistic gymnastics for 5 months right now. When I left Wushu, which was a difficult decision, I followed a certain desired that was deep inside my mind and I decided to try gymnastics. As my new journey started, I knew all the difficulties that an adult practitioner has to overcome (funny how 20 yo is basically an old one for gymnastics! ). But I also think that there's nothing like hard but smart work , followed by perseverance and patience. So I am slowly getting to beginners skills and drills on the gymnastic apparatus (h bar, p bars, vault, floor etc). There it goes my decision to take the handstand challenge (H1) ! In this months I learned a lot about this exercise, listening to everyone's advice in the gym but I am willing to upgrade my knowledge and execution about it. I have a great hip mobility due to my past years but I lack of upper body strenght and mobilty. This is probably the reason why I can hold a good handstand on the floor for just a few seconds, followed by the slow drop to a somersault. I am saying "good" because my coaches often tell me that I have a great line (ALWAYS followed by the most heartbreaking sentence: you should have started 15 years ago ) I am looking forward on slowly gaining the necessary strenght and mobility to perform it, respecting all the right execution canons. SO, I wanna thank you if you read the whole post!
  10. Ezra Richardson

    Pulled Back Muscle Mid HS

    Hi Everyone, I will warn you, I am new to GB, so please excuse me if I'm not posting in the correct place. However, I'd really appreciate some advice/help with an issue I'm dealing with currently. I am not a member of any gymnastics gym, I do all my training at home on my own setup. TODAY, I was going about my regular HS training, I'm currently working on building strength in HSPU to incorporating wall assisted HSPU, which has worked very well for me! I've seen significant progress! As I finished my second working set I was descending from the HS by walking away from the wall and then dropping my feet when I have enough space to do so. IMMEDIATELY I felt a sharp pain right off my spine on my left side. It was pain enough to make me say OW and cringe, and following it was a slight burning sensation, but it went away rather fast. After resting I tried the same set again. Executing the movements correctly and then the same thing happened on the descending motion. I'm hoping someone might share some thoughts on what this is. I'm experienced in gymnastics and bodyweight training however, I've never dealt with something like this before. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Train Hard Eat Smart Live Happy
  11. Elliot Anderson

    Package deals?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the community, and have a few questions. I would like to purchase Foundation 1, as well as Handstand 1, now that I know they are best trained together. I'm young with a terribly tight budget, and making a $170 investment is not easy for me at the moment (I have not done well with my money so far in my life). Is there any way to purchase Foundation 1 first, and then still receive the package deal for the Starter Pack? As well as receiving the discount for the full Foundation series once I am ready to make the rest of the purchases? Or are the package deals irrelevant once I own Foundation 1? I saw "you pay the difference" mentioned when I was first referred to this program from another forum, when I was researching calisthenics. I'm really looking forward to starting the program; calisthenics always had an appeal to me over lifting weights to get in shape, but calisthenics seemed too much like an incomplete science and a cheap knockoff of gymnastics. Figured I may as well go for the best, and so here I am! I can't wait to start my journey towards excellence under guidance of this community. All the best, Elliot
  12. Wolfgang Zeller

    Handstand - internal or external rotation ?

    Hello, I'm a little bit confused about the shoulder/arm rotation in the freestanding handstand position. Is the rotation of the triceps to the inside ("showing your armpits to people in front of you") the internal or the external rotation? And, is the proper/best position for a handstand to rotate triceps in or rotate triceps out? Thanks
  13. I´m 19 years old and started doing gymnastics 2 years ago. I made good progressions in terms of strength and balance but my bad flexibility keeps me from moving to new skills. My main goal now is to achieve the Press to Handstand. Therefore i am trying to improve my Pancake stretch because i think its the main reason that i can´t get the HSP yet. I can only go to the gym 2x a week, so that have to stretch alone the other times. I would like to hear some progressions to finally get the chest on the floor with legs spread apart which i can try at home and without a partner. Cheers
  14. Al1r3zA

    very Strong

    hi guys , i make a biography and motivational video from my coach , some of these moves are very rare or the first time you see ,hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you gymnast think about this monster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DCtKCEjzSY&list=UUiUltzfutKmhMwbb_7Ffd7Q
  15. Guest

    Foundation Side Effects

    After following Foundation for about 8 months on and off, Handstand for about 3, running competitively for 3 years and not deadlifting for about 4 years (only did 65 lbs, making sure of good form, dropped off), I decided to test my deadlift out. Started out at 135 lbs (61 kg) for 3 reps. Easy. 185 single. Stopped at a pretty easy 205 (93kg). Probably could have gone for 225 had I warmed up thoroughly, but I didn't want to push it too much. This is 1.5x my bodyweight.
  16. Stefano Di Virgilio

    New member introduction and question

    Hello everyone. My name is Stefano, I'm 24 years old and I'm Italian, so I'm sorry if I will make some grammar mistakes. I've been following you for a few months and now I've decided to introduce myself. I've always been interested in sports, expecially martial arts. Infact I've done judo for 9 years (the last five with also weight training), until one day I broke the medial meniscus of my left knee. After surgery I went to university, and I haven't done sports for 4-5 years. Then last year I decided to start doing something again. I was very impressed by street workout (Hannibal for King, Barstarzz, Barbarians etc...), so I decided to start training myself with a purpose. After few months a friend of mine told me about this forum, and I became very curious at first, and then very enthusiast about your type of training. Now I have a question. I am very interested in the Foundation and Handstand series (don't worry this isn't the usual question "How many years it will take to finish Foundation" etc...) but I have a problem. I told you about the medial meniscus of my left knee, now it's fine, but three months after surgery I discovered a lesion in the medial meniscus of my right knee. It wasn't painful, so I decided to keep it. Now 6 years are passed and nothing has changed. I still don't want to go into surgery because in the last ten years I went into surgery for 4 times (only one caused by training injuries, my left knee), the last one this March. The consequence of this is that the only (and probably the most important) movement I can't do is squat (over 90 degrees). I've understanded that the purpose of the Foundation series is to master 7 elements, and one of them is single leg squat, that I can't do. For my legs now I'm doing especially cardio work and everywhere I go I always do stairs (it can seem a stupid thing but I can assure you that it isn't). However I already know that this isn't strength work, but it's better to do that than doing nothing. I don't want to buy Foundation 1 and Handstand 1 and then create an asymmetry between my upper and lower body. So do you think I can buy Foundation 1 and Handstand 1 despite of that and then do something else to work my legs? In particular, what can I do to train them?
  17. Ron Roitman

    F3 and H1

    I'm considering purchasing F3 and H1. I've used to train Handstand before strength elements on the same day. My question is if I can train F3 and H1 on the same day or should I do them on separate days? Thanks in advance!
  18. Julius Teuber

    critique on handstand form

    Hey guys, can somebody give me some critique on my actual handstand (alignment etc.)... Thanks handstand.WMV

    Headstand Pushup

    Hi I need some help, regarding HeSPU/HSPU. I'm able to perform a headstand, by how to I push up? Is it by kicking my legs into the air to get the push up? thx.
  20. Ħarith Ahmed

    handstand help

    hi guyz. how do people ues there core in handstand
  21. Michael Hourigan

    Handstand critque

    Was able to knock out 5 x 30s HS today *happy*. After completing that (so I was a bit fatigued) I filmed this for review. Let me know what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9iPoA4xBaw
  22. Benjamin Witkowski

    Jump Pike Handstand and some line work

    I decided to take a video take a video to see how my technique is doing. I am at the point where I can sometimes catch myself in a handstand when I jump through a pike position. However, I don't like how early I try to straighten my body and when I do catch my balance, I am not in an ideal position. When I am just in a handstand and I push off the wall, I can squeeze most of the arch out of my back and my shoulders look a little better. I am a work in progress.
  23. demeet2k

    Leg Day (handstand style)

    Leg Day! Gymnastics Body Style http://youtu.be/B5biWF5VIC4
  24. 10 minutes ago i did a handstand in my room and my girlfriend noticed that there is something wrong with my hand placement and shoulder position...she made a picture and i tried to fix it...but everytime i kick in handstand i go naturally in this position....can anyone help me or tell what to do?
  25. I think that I finally reached the point that the handstand is a real strength exercise for me, and am happy with it! Let me explain. When I was a beginner in the handstand, I could not comprehend that the handstand was (also) a strength exercise because I was reasonably strong to start with and I could hold a (crappy) handstand with the WRONG muscles without trouble. Now when focussing on wall handstands and freestanding handstand with the correct line I have strength problems in the RIGHT muscles: I finally FEEL WEAK in the trap muscles AND I AM HAPPY with it, because now I (think I) understand what all the others are talking about (on this forum) when they say you have to feel it in the traps. Especially when I engage PPT while trying to maintain open shoulders in the freestanding handstand, I get perfect balance but I cannot hold it more than 10 sec because I am weak! This is the first time in my life that am happy with feeling weak in the right muscles! The handstand is full off surprises....How did the handstand surprise you guys?
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