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Found 2 results

  1. Wolfgang Zeller

    Handstand - internal or external rotation ?

    Hello, I'm a little bit confused about the shoulder/arm rotation in the freestanding handstand position. Is the rotation of the triceps to the inside ("showing your armpits to people in front of you") the internal or the external rotation? And, is the proper/best position for a handstand to rotate triceps in or rotate triceps out? Thanks
  2. Joel Tomkins

    Protraction and External Rotation

    So I've been reading 'Becoming a Supple Leopard' by Kelly Starret and learning a lot about correct movement. Being able to move well and have the full ROM and strength that we are designed for was one of my goals for starting GST. Kelly's book is filling in the basics for human movement in every day life for me but I have a question about stabilising the shoulder. Kelly says that to create stability in the shoulder for any pressing movement the shoulders should be externally rotated and pulled back and down in the socket. Obviously the planche has a different requirement in that the focus is on protraction or the pushing forward and down of the shoulder. In either case the shoulder is stabilised against a side of its capsule but the former feels a lot more stable to me. Are we making a compromise in shoulder stability by protracting to gain more height from the ground in the planche? It seems easier to create full body tension when the shoulders are protracted which counters the possibly less stable shoulder position. Also should I be trying to externally rotate (turn elbow pits forward) the shoulder whilst protracted? Thanks! Edit: I did mean protraction
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