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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Y'all thanks for taking the time to help me out with fixing my Winging Scapula so I can finally do handstands again and get back to training. The story in detail as to how my scapulae started winging so you experienced coaches and gymnasts can help me out with curing it because I am just a runner and got into gymnastics and LOVED it. Anyways please try to help diagnose the problem but i'll start out with describing All my exercise leading up to my scapulae winging. - Me as a runner got into gymnastics somehow and started doing plenty of body-weight exercises,stretches, and skill practice (like the Planche-Pushup). I started doing Weighed dips and weighted push-ups and Weighted Pull-ups. My Chest and front shoulders and Biceps got pretty strong but i never really did any exercises for my Back. I Also did PLENTY of handstands and practiced an hour a day and randomly again that day, i did handstands EVERYDAY cause i loved them. I took a gymnastics class and practiced the handstand and got better and made it much more straight and kept going up in lifting heavier weight with Dips and Push-ups and Pull-ups. One day I randomly wanted to learn the Planche so looked up exercises to lead up to it. So i got on the floor and did a Planche-Lean while Protracting to get more force for my practice session. I then looked into the mirror next to me while i was leaning forward in my Planche-Lean and noticed my scapulae was Protruding out and it looked quite odd. I didn't think much of it and continued my session but when i tried to practice my handstands I COULD NOT HOLD IT. Please help me out coaches and gymnasts cure this winging scapulae. It does not wing very badly at all compared to what i have seen and i feel no pain at all and no loss in movement. What do i do to fix the winging my scapulae is doing so i can do my handstands and gymnastics again because I LOVE IT. please be VERY descriptive in what i have to do to fix this and thank you and bless your kind heart anybody that tried to help me out. I also tried scapulae push-ups but they are a joke and don't help.
  2. Julius Teuber

    critique on handstand form

    Hey guys, can somebody give me some critique on my actual handstand (alignment etc.)... Thanks handstand.WMV
  3. Danielle

    Handstand Endurance!

    So I would say my endurance is okay, my record is 1:35. But by next this upcoming february I would like to be able to hold a HS for at least 3:30. I am currently working on doing intervals, so like 45 secs on and 1 min off and as it gets easy take 10 sec off the resting time, and many more exercises (wall hold, holding hs, etc.) I was wondering if anyone has any other great endurance exercises for me? Any tips what so ever? Any diet changes specific to endurance training (my dad says diet is important with endurance)? And is this goal even possible for me? Thank you.
  4. Charlie Reid

    Elbow Position in Handstands

    I've been taking a handbalancing course at my local circus arts school and as i work on my bodyline positioning and linking all the pieces together, i'm still feeling stuck at the elbows. I have a background in strength sports (olympic lifting, powerlifting, etc) and whenever i overhead press, i was always told to externally rotate the shoulder joints as much as possible. However, in my handbalancing class, the instructor mentions that the pits of the elbows should be facing each other when inverted. To me, this is more of an internal rotation of the shoulder. I've seen other gymnastic skills emphasize strong external rotation as well (i.e. planche progressions, planks, Ring support, and other straight arm drills, etc). Is the handstand different from these or are there different camps that opt for different techniques? Sorry if this topic was already covered and thanks for the discussion. Charlie
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