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  1. Bartosz Jackiewicz

    Split training - nothing works

    Hello to everybody! I'm new to this forum but I see very interesting content here and experienced people so hopefully I will find here some good solutions to my problem. Probably many can relate to my situation which is I am not flexible and nothing has worked on me so far. I am thinking about buying one of the stretch courses (middle split is first on my list) but it's quite expensive for me so I want to be sure this will be good spent money. To be honest, I'm slowly losing hope to improve my flexibility. To give you guys an idea of what I have tried let me describe shortly previous programmes. Maybe you can advise me if you tried something similar and stretch series changed it all leading you to your dreamed splits. When I was 15-16, I stretched 3 times a week. It was exausting training lasting about 1,5h. It consisted of warm-up, isometric stretching (trying to get as far as possible to side split, contraction, then release, go further) and static stretching as well. At the end I could achieve full range of motion that I had that time. I tried 3 months of training like that. There were no effects. So I tried different one: stretching once per day, about 30-45 min, not so demanding, mostly static stretches. After one month still no effects. I know now that not every excercise I did was perfectly done, but not even smallest progress? Come on! Now I'm older and decided to give it a try one more time! I stretch 3 times a day, each session about 30min. First 10 min is foam rolling then I do four excersises with 1min hold each: one for adductors, hamstring, glutes and quads/illiopsoas. During training day I change one session (in the middle of the day) and I add excersises with movement and isometric stretches. So far it's been one week of training like that then one week break (lack of time) and now back to it. I'm planning to go like this for 3 more weeks and see if there will be any results. If not, then the last hope I can think of is stretch course that maybe has something I haven't tried yet. I saw many people posted their progress during one of the stretch serie and it's really impressive. My doubts are that I am one of those people that no matter what will try, still stay like a brick. I hope someone more experienced would help me on my problem and advise me if stretch series are the good choice in this case (middle split or maybe different one). Best regards.
  2. Christopher Haddock

    Limits to Flexibility

    Are there genetic/anatomical/age limits on how flexible a person can become? I've poked around on the Internet and PubMed.gov about this topic and can't find anything compelling. I've been doing the 3 stretch series videos for 9 months now and have become significantly more flexible. I'm very happy with my results. However, I wonder whether if an inflexible, older person devoted themselves to a well-thought out flexibility training program for, say, 2 to 5 years could they become as flexible as someone like Kira Nguyen (in the videos)? Or, is there something about her make-up that permits her to attain an extreme (in a good sense) level of flexibility?
  3. What is the difference between flexibility and mobility? To me they seem the same so wondering if anyone can explain the difference?
  4. Hey! So I came across this video and you can see in the beginning and the end the extreme active flexibility this woman has. It's amazing! My question is, in order to develop this type of control and strength, are pike and straddle leg lifts efficient? Or should I for example rest my leg as high as I can on a shelf and try to lift it from there? Any comments on how people in the contemporary dance community get to this levels would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. I notice after doing a specific stretch for an extended period of time (ie. middle splits, butterfly stretch), when I relax the muscles I stretched feel as though they get a bit tight after I've stretched them (almost like a rebound effect), and sometimes I'll feel the stretch in another area that I'm not even stretching (ie middle of my back when doing butterfly stretches). Has anyone experienced this "rebound" effect? If I want to see a professional about this, who do I go to (ie orthopedist, acupuncturist, physical therapist)?
  6. Hi there, I've been making semi-decent progress with my pike flexibility with the help of Jefferson curls and some calf stretching work. However, I've realised that my glutes are as tight as tight can get. Like, to the point where my massage therapist tried stretching them and said "that's REALLY poor". I've sort of neglected stretching them over the years and was wondering if this could have hindered my pike progress? Could it be slowing down my progress in other stretches as well (e.g. middle split/pancake)? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Goncalo Garcia

    Hip external rotator flexibility

    Hi Coaches, I m really unflexible in my external rotators. Just want to know your opinion about doing one doay of stretching and mobility on this part of the body. I believe squats will go better soon with this.
  8. AmirHosein98

    About splits

    Hi, I need a timing guide for my flexibility trainings specially splits. How many sets and how much should I hold. Please tell me what you know . my access to net these days are very limited.
  9. How can one improve their active flexibility? A few general examples Straddle and pike flexibility for straddle and v ups. Raising your leg slowly into the air and holding it there, like those karate guys holding kicks. Doing splits in handstand, or shoulderstand, or doing splits when hanging off a bar or rings (I don't know if this has even been done).
  10. I'd greatly appreciate your advices on an "anatomical" question. I'm currently training for the middle split. When I got into the position (with anterior pelvic tilt and toes pointing forward) as soon as I get past 10 inches from the ground I feel a sharp pain in my hamstring tendon just behind the knee. It feels like if I put more pressure on it it would pop or tear. I don't feel any stretch in my hips nor in my hamstrings, only in that tendon precisely on both legs. So it stops me from progressing and going lower to actually stretch my hips and hamstrings. My hips are much more flexible when I'm doing a frog stance for instance, I can almost touch the ground. And when I'm doing the pike I don't feel any strain on my tendons. One can simply stretch a tendon ? Or Is it anatomically impossible ? Someone told me you can only stretch muscles, the tendons can only adapt to the load. If so my tendons might be too weak to support the load ? Would it be better then if I slightly bend my knees to reduce the pressure ? Or is a bid idea in order to progress in the right direction ? I know that there were quiet a few topics about knee pain while stretching for the middle split but the OP's were talking about hamstrings pain. I can clearly feel it's my tendon here that is messed up... It is the white area on the bottom left of the right picture (grade III - complete tear). P.S. : Sorry if my post ain't straight to the point or grammatically incorrect.. English is not my mother tongue please forgive me .
  11. Matthew Jefferys

    Sudden Sharp, Burning Pain After Stretching

    I was going about a particularly difficult hamstring stretch a few minutes ago when I suddenly felt the most intense burning sensation in my right leg. It's up on the lateral side almost near the knee. Right where the lateral gastrocnemius head and soleus tendons touch. When I try flexing my calf muscle, the outer portion of the lateral head shakes and feels a bit weak. The pain is fading fairly quickly. Have I torn muscle or connective tissue, or did I just irritate a nerve?
  12. Igor Czerniawski

    After stretch stiffness

    Hi Sorry if my question was explained in details somewhere else and I repeat myself. Is extreme stiffness and pain something normal after stretching for pancake and pike ? I tried all advices so far. I stretch 5-6 times a week. I hoped that after 3 weeks Doms or whatever it is would pass. But still, every morning my hamstrings feel like 100 years old paper that is about to snap, and take a good 20 minutes of warming up and pain fighting before I start working on further progress. Someone said that I overstretch, but less intensity takes me nowhere in terms of progress. If I stretch 3 times a week it's even worse, same pain but without a progress. I have to admit that summer time of 20C+ helps a lot. Could it be this dump, crappy English weather ? Thx
  13. Alexander Castiglione

    Pancake and Middle Split Flexibility Progressions?

    I did a quick search on the forum and didn't come up with anything - but I figured i'd throw it out there. I've been messing with GST and having FANTASTIC results, both with strength and mobility gains (thought i was highly mobile before, but my pikes and weighted pike hangs are effortless now, shoulder mobility and dislocate strength is increasing faster than i ever thought). One movement I'm still having a rough time with is the pancake (i can get low to the floor, but my groin/inner thigh mobility isn't where i'd like it - my legs are maybe just more than 45 degrees, i'd like them to be way farther) and also the middle split. When I was a kid I was a huge Jean Claude Van Damme fan (go ahead laugh, but when you're 5 years old Bloodsport and Kickboxer are great films lol), and could do middle splits all day, even held myself up between two chairs, could kick up to the wall and do a middle split against the wall even. I don't know if it was from a growth spurt or just not maintaining - but when i was about 12 i lost the ability to do that. I'd like to get at least close to it again. Does anybody have any good progressions or stretches to specifically develop middle split and pancake mobility?
  14. Alexander Castiglione

    Bridge Up Progressions?

    Hey Everyone, I was searching the boards and coming up empty - i think I saw Coach comment either on FB or it might have been in a podcast, but I can't remember which, but regarding a bridge up - he put different elements into order of importance - IE which to work on first to last. I'm jumbling it up, but i think it was thoracic extension --> straight arms --> straight legs. Or something to that effect, the point being you want to work on arm extension before leg extension - but like I said, I may have gotten that jumbled up. I've been working on bridge ups, my thoracic mobility is pretty good, but I was wondering which i should work more on, getting my arms straight, or legs, or something i'm completely missing? Please let me know. Thanks everyone.
  15. Laine Rinehart

    Chest Stand

    Does anyone else have experience in working within this range of spinal flexibility either as an instructor or by doing the skill themselves? I'm mostly referring to having the arms forward and the hands clasped under neath the chin as in the contortion face frame or Ghanda Bherundasana in Ashtanga. I know this is a rather extreme range of movement and this forum seems to mostly focus on strength and mobility as it applies to gymnastics but I'm hoping to acquire some feed back here. I have the range of movement to get the feet flat on the floor but I'm hoping to be able to lift my head off the floor more and reduce the sensation of collapsing in the lumbar spine. When I'm adjusted in this pose I'm able to feel a more even extension throughout my spine and I avoid that sensation but it's difficult to achieve this on my own. I am not sure where to engage in order to support this range of mo movement but I am also wondering if it's simply a matter of repetition and staying in the posture longer in order for it to become easier. The attached photo is where I am at now with this.
  16. Luka Kopusar

    vibration plate

    I was reading 1-2 years ago that vibration "training" is not so bad, in other words results were not harmful. Couple years later i find myself In a gym where there are some good vibe plates and previous week, after the workout i made some stretching, i felt really light and very little tightness in hamstrings what so ever, even though i did some god sets. so the question is, is it good for my body if i do vibe stretch 4x a week - after every workout? Even on non leg workouts? i set Hz to 25 and 1min long. should i lower the freq? Does anyone have any good results with this type of stretching? Cheers
  17. Hi GB Community ! I remember some time ago when I was training JC with 20kg and good depth, and instantly after a couple of weeks doing this I test my pancake flexibility again and it was just much much better than before without training it directly. I was just able to touch the floor with my belly in a pancake position for the first time with the correct APT technique (long time ago I always did the pancake with a horrible rounded back). Is this true or it was just and eventually ? And assuming is right, because you feel the stretch pretty much in similar areas. Thanks
  18. I´m 19 years old and started doing gymnastics 2 years ago. I made good progressions in terms of strength and balance but my bad flexibility keeps me from moving to new skills. My main goal now is to achieve the Press to Handstand. Therefore i am trying to improve my Pancake stretch because i think its the main reason that i can´t get the HSP yet. I can only go to the gym 2x a week, so that have to stretch alone the other times. I would like to hear some progressions to finally get the chest on the floor with legs spread apart which i can try at home and without a partner. Cheers
  19. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Hamstring Strain

    Dear all, I'm pretty certain that I strained my hamstrings. What to do to get me back to where they're healthy? About a month ago, I was bed-ridden with that seasonal cold/flu and as a result I became awfully stiff. Anyways, upon recovering from my illness I'm fairly certain that I pushed myself too hard in some stretching/cooldown components post-workout and now experience excessive tightness in my hamstrings. Furthermore forward bending, as one would do in a standing pike, exhibits a lot of stress (and not the debacle between soreness and injury, it feels like injury). Does anyone know of any methodologies that speed the recovery. I'm thinking of specific yoga stretches/routines or various weighted stretches or holds that might help expedite the recovery time. I can still do all of the Foundation and Handstand exercises. I use lacrosse balls, rumble rollers and do yoga from 10-45 minutes a day, on top of the stretching series. Though, to be fair the front split routine may be sidelined due to the aforementioned problem with my hamstrings. Any insights or help from coaches or more knowledgeable types is appreciated. Thanks, Danny
  20. Luka Kopusar

    left side lagging

    Hey. Since always i noticed that my life side is kinda behind in terms of flexibility, but mainly from the waist below. Especially now, when i stretch every morning, right side is always ahead, although i did gain inches on both legs. I was thinking for the left side, if i would do every night a bit of easy stretching for hip, calf and ham. nothing hardcore, just easy stuff, like 10-15min. Comment?
  21. sirshred

    Jefferson Curl with Scoliosis

    Hello, I am 6'2.5", 19 year old male. I had scoliosis with a 49% curve. I had scoliosis surgery in January. I now have a 13in rod in my back. I used to be fairly flexible, but after the surgery for months I moved very little and my back muscles were very tight with many knots. My mobility has greatly increased but I'm still very stiff. I was cleared for any physical activity in July. I want to do Jefferson curls to help increase my mobility. I can bend my lower back and neck and shoulders but not the middle of my back. Is it safe to do Jefferson curls or would that put too much pressure on my lower back? Thank you
  22. How much does Foundation One increase flexibility? I have a strength training routine that I'm happy with, but I want to increase my flexibility. Is Foundation One the best option for flexibility and mobility? Thank you.
  23. Zach Koch

    Short Achilles Tendon

    After hurting my back doing lower weight squats, my doctor told me that having a shorter achilles tendon made the barbell squat more dangerous. I'm now wonder if this is also why I've never been able to touch my toes despite daily attempts. Does anyone have, or is anyone familiar with a case where someone has a shorter achilles tendon and was able to reach fingers or wrist to toes. Is it feasible? My neice(5 years old) has it even worse than I do. She constantly toe walks and in her gymnastics class, is the only kid who seems to be having trouble. So, I'm asking for her as well.
  24. Oldrich Polreich

    Developing "cold" flexibility

    How can you develop flexibility which is available to you without warming up? Obviously stretching is a must, but is there anything specific to increase carryover from "warmed up" ROM to "cold" ROM?
  25. Giselle Joy Dingcong

    I'm a beginner and I need you guys to help me

    Hello there guys I'm from Philippines, so I'm sorry if some of my grammar is wrong. Ok, so I'm new here... in this kind of field. I'm really interested in gymnastics since this last two months and I really want to learn it. It amazed me to see people how physically fit they are and it inspires me a lot. I'm 16 yrs old and quite chubby I weigh 57kgs. I'm not that flexible enough and I can't do handstand(I feel that my shoulders are poor ), and I'm now training myself to do the splits and push-ups. I'm asking for your advices guys to help me reach my goal to have strength, balance and flexibility. I want to know what is your diet, how/what do you exercise and how many times in a week, and how long is the progress. I'll be very glad with your advices for sure. Thanks a lot guys.
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