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Found 4 results

  1. David Pritchard

    Mobility Middle Split Video

    I am just starting out and incredibly inflexible. I can only make it about half way through the weekly middle split video! Should I try and get through the whole thing or just do what I can? I assume just do what I can, and try to add a little each week. What are your recommendations?
  2. Søkier Kegren

    # of workouts in Front/Middle Series

    I am still on the first stretch routine of Front Split and Middle Split. Is that the only series in those programs? If not, at what point is the next one introduced?
  3. I'd greatly appreciate your advices on an "anatomical" question. I'm currently training for the middle split. When I got into the position (with anterior pelvic tilt and toes pointing forward) as soon as I get past 10 inches from the ground I feel a sharp pain in my hamstring tendon just behind the knee. It feels like if I put more pressure on it it would pop or tear. I don't feel any stretch in my hips nor in my hamstrings, only in that tendon precisely on both legs. So it stops me from progressing and going lower to actually stretch my hips and hamstrings. My hips are much more flexible when I'm doing a frog stance for instance, I can almost touch the ground. And when I'm doing the pike I don't feel any strain on my tendons. One can simply stretch a tendon ? Or Is it anatomically impossible ? Someone told me you can only stretch muscles, the tendons can only adapt to the load. If so my tendons might be too weak to support the load ? Would it be better then if I slightly bend my knees to reduce the pressure ? Or is a bid idea in order to progress in the right direction ? I know that there were quiet a few topics about knee pain while stretching for the middle split but the OP's were talking about hamstrings pain. I can clearly feel it's my tendon here that is messed up... It is the white area on the bottom left of the right picture (grade III - complete tear). P.S. : Sorry if my post ain't straight to the point or grammatically incorrect.. English is not my mother tongue please forgive me .
  4. Alexander Castiglione

    Pancake and Middle Split Flexibility Progressions?

    I did a quick search on the forum and didn't come up with anything - but I figured i'd throw it out there. I've been messing with GST and having FANTASTIC results, both with strength and mobility gains (thought i was highly mobile before, but my pikes and weighted pike hangs are effortless now, shoulder mobility and dislocate strength is increasing faster than i ever thought). One movement I'm still having a rough time with is the pancake (i can get low to the floor, but my groin/inner thigh mobility isn't where i'd like it - my legs are maybe just more than 45 degrees, i'd like them to be way farther) and also the middle split. When I was a kid I was a huge Jean Claude Van Damme fan (go ahead laugh, but when you're 5 years old Bloodsport and Kickboxer are great films lol), and could do middle splits all day, even held myself up between two chairs, could kick up to the wall and do a middle split against the wall even. I don't know if it was from a growth spurt or just not maintaining - but when i was about 12 i lost the ability to do that. I'd like to get at least close to it again. Does anybody have any good progressions or stretches to specifically develop middle split and pancake mobility?
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