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Found 5 results

  1. How can I do some strength and mobility work everyday without over doing it? I'd like a program where I do some strength and/or mobility work everyday. I have a history of burning myself out by committing to an intense schedule, and am trying to out grow that habit. One of the things that drew me to GB and Sommers was his idea of consistency over intensity; developing both strength and mobility to heal your body, avoid injury, and optimize your long-term success. So how do I do this best? In other words, how should one think about recovery when programming across these course... across strength and mobility... across the full body? Where I also have some limited weighted routines along side and some semi-competitive soccer? For example, some of these courses (longer mobility routine like Stretch Front Split) Coach Sommers says explicitly they should be done once a week and doing them more than that is going backward. Other, less-intense, courses, like the Restore Hips, say to do once per week – but seems more like a suggestion than a hard rule. When it comes to strength, it's common to have a weighted split that supports 8-12 sets per muscle group per week with at least 24-48 hours recovery between muscle group workouts. But I'm not sure how to fit this into the GB routines. Perhaps there is some feature within the app I'm missing. FWIW: My personal priorities (in order): long-term health, strength + mobility, performance in semi-casual competitions (e.g. soccer). Thanks!
  2. David Pritchard

    Mobility Middle Split Video

    I am just starting out and incredibly inflexible. I can only make it about half way through the weekly middle split video! Should I try and get through the whole thing or just do what I can? I assume just do what I can, and try to add a little each week. What are your recommendations?
  3. I have been working on my splits. I basically realized without them, I might as well not even try to achieve a lot of movements I want to. I think splits (side and front) are necessary. With them everything will get easier, from flags to hand stands to even a basic cartwheel. Looking at hip anatomy images, it looks like the splits shouldn't even be possible. I would like to know at what position the femoral head and neck are when in the splits, in relation to the pelvis, and pelvic tilt. So far I have not found anything. I have found descriptions of pelvic tilt, but no anatomical images. Also I wonder if the difference between feet forward and feet up in the splits is basically an issue of pelvic tilt, and if the femoral neck changes much in the acetabulum when switching from feet up to feet forward or 'rocking' in the side splits. Thanks
  4. AmirHosein98

    working on splits

    Guys,I can do splits easily.Do you think working on increasing the degree(more than 180degrees)is nessecery for male gymnasts?how much?how about active flexibility in splits?how is training that?
  5. Deins Drengers

    When , How Often And How To Stretch ?

    Hi ! The title nearly says it all. Ive heard different opinions: that you should stretch every day or twice a day. another information source said to stretch every other day. i want to improove overall flexibility and be able to do pikes and leg splits and i have heard that having good flexibility will help to develop acrobatic skills aswell. And i have a question : Will stretching decrease my strength progressing from Static and bodyweight exercises ? I'm talking about a serious stretch that takes about 30 min or so. Any advice or answer will be appreciated ! Thank you !
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