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Found 2 results

  1. Tiffani Aerts

    Advice for tight, big calves

    Hi all - I'm a 40 year old woman just starting my GB training. I have various experience with yoga, dance and kettlebell training, but I wouldn't consider myself accomplished or an athlete. I have struggled with tight calves since I was a child. I now realize this has to do with ankle mobility as well, but that's a slightly separate topic. Anyway, my calves get really tight and swollen, and the bulk up easily. This is something I really want to correct and avoid. I'm stretching a lot, and rolling them out. I get massages. I realize that some of the bulkiness has to do with over-functioning due to weak arches and thigh/core stability, which of course I'm also working on through the GB program. So, my question is this: Does anyone have any advice for getting my calves to relax and not bulk up? Should I avoid calf raises? Are there any other exercises or protocols I should do or avoid?
  2. Luka Kopusar

    left side lagging

    Hey. Since always i noticed that my life side is kinda behind in terms of flexibility, but mainly from the waist below. Especially now, when i stretch every morning, right side is always ahead, although i did gain inches on both legs. I was thinking for the left side, if i would do every night a bit of easy stretching for hip, calf and ham. nothing hardcore, just easy stuff, like 10-15min. Comment?
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