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Found 24 results

  1. Damon Finaldi

    Restarting GB

    Hi guys, I purchased GB foundations and stretch courses but put everything on hold during my hip surgery rehab. I’ve got back into the gym but tend to gravitate towards strength training. This is opposite of regaining my mobility and quality of movement. I find I constantly have tight chest, tight left rhomboid/scap/trap, and tight hip flexors. Should I start back in the beginning? I find the earlier foundation courses not very challenging from a cardiovascular and strength perspective. The stretch courses are tough but I’m not sure if I should workout on the days with stretch. Any ideas? Thanks for any feedback and helping. Thanks, Damon
  2. George Chung

    my lumbar vertebrae are tender

    I am making good progress in my rom for jefferson curls and middle splits. No movement is painful and my daily activity is not compromised, but I do notice that the vertebrae in my lumbar area are tender to the touch. Overall, I would say that the level of discomfort is on the order of muscle soreness. Is this normal?
  3. Levente Horváth

    Can Planche training cause winging scapula?

    Hello, this summer I not trained a lot but stretched and relaxed instead because I found out I have scapular winging. I watched a lot of videos to inform myself but can't really find a way why my shoulders hurt a bit and my rhomboids always feel tight. Is it because of Planche training, I recognized instantly that I clearly don't have enough shoulder mobility because when I tried to elevate my arms the scapula came up, but my main problem I think is the rhomboids and every time I breathe heavy my spine crackles around the upper back area (it feels good tho).
  4. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing extreme tightness (mostly hamstrings) the day or two after a really solid stretching routine? I have been steadily improving my all-around flexibility by consistently doing the GST stretch series, and when I feel very limber my back pain is pretty much gone (I have a "disc protrusion" on L3/L4 and L4/L5 from a poor deadlift about a year ago which flares up often). There are, however, some days where I have an excellent stretching session and then experience extreme hamstring tightness the next day or two which also causes significant back pain for me throughout the day. Sitting throughout much of the day certainly doesn't help me either. Is this fairly common, this sort of extreme tightness after a solid stretching session? Any other tips to loosen up, or is this just the body's way of recovering and eventually it will heal and I'll find myself more flexible than ever?
  5. Hi everyone! I've been hooked on Foundation one and two and I am looking to reach the ground for the middle splits and go into oversplits for my front splits as I already am able to do front splits. Would you recommend buying the Stretch series for middle and front splits even if I am advanced already?
  6. Luka Kopusar

    Thoracic stretch serie question

    hey guys, as i read through the forum you need a stall bar for TB series, but i dont have one. Can you still experience the benefits without the stall bar, are there enough of floor stretches to still buy it? thanks in advance, cheers
  7. Micha Trejgis

    Stretching uncertainty

    Hello, When i stretch legs - for example pancake walk, i often feel stretch not on the hamstring but much lower, at the knee hight, about kneecap hight but still in the back of the leg. Should it be like that? Thanks in advance for your answear
  8. I am currently on the fundamentals course and seen mention that the stretch series has no prerequisites and can be started at any time, but which one of the stretch series is generally recommended to start with? Is there a recommended order to take them in? I don't have any injuries or specific areas i want to work on, nor am I in a rush and have no problem with coach Sommers advice about going through the programme patiently, just not sure which order to do them in.
  9. Brad Hankee

    Stretching with an injury

    Hi All: My first post. I just started doing the foundation and stretch courses. My goal is to become flexible. No one in my family can sit crosslegged and I am so tight I am injury prone. I have had a pain in the right side right where the pelvis meets the lower back (from deadlifting about a year ago). The chiro just has me doing hamstring stretches. I know the stretch classes are for once a week but heard coach say that some daily warmup/streching is necessary. I also heard him say that if done more than once progress will suffer. My question is are there any stretches I can do daily at night while watching tv that would not hinder, but help progress? Thank you in advance. Brad
  10. Alexander Castiglione

    Bicep Stretches

    Hey GB, Wanted to see if any of you knew some good stretches for the biceps? I tweaked mine about 5 weeks ago sparring or rock climbing (one of the two). Dialed it back, took some time off, and now its "better" but when I do metcon workouts with high pullup volume where i need to kip (I know, BLASPHEMY!) I can feel the tension. It's not pain, but just tension, and gets better if i stretch it a bit mid workout. I've been doing shoulder extensions with hands touching or within 1 inch of each other, and some german hangs at slightly wider than shoulder width. It seems to be in my brachioradials or biceps brachii, maybe brachials - and I'm trying to avoid another run in with tendinitis (had/have it in my left forearm). Does anybody have any good stretches or exercises to remedy? Thanks!
  11. Hi there everyone, I finally invested in the GymnasticBodies courses and I was curious about the Stretch Series. As the title asks, why is each one only done once a week? Is it not beneficial to do them two or three times a week for example? I trust that there is a reason I just don't know what it is and am curious. Thanks for any answers~^^ I'm excited about forming new habits around this stuff!
  12. Hi all, I'm curious if someone knows how we should incorporate the stretching course videos and mobility during deload week. Should the videos still be incorporated throughout the week as one does during regular weeks? Also, should should weight and time be reduced to approximately 50% during deload week for mobility exercises? Thanks in advance and warm regards. Steve
  13. Alexander Castiglione

    Wrist prep exercises - how often?

    Hey, I'm been doing some wrist strengthening exercises (Wrist pushups, fingertip walks etc) and i was wondering how often you guys train them? They are helping immensely, but I have a tendency to overdo things, and want to avoid that, especially with a movement thats supposed to be pre-hab. I've been doing them about 3 times a week, sometimes I do some wrist pushups or walks to warm up before I do some ring or planche work.
  14. Igor Czerniawski

    After stretch stiffness

    Hi Sorry if my question was explained in details somewhere else and I repeat myself. Is extreme stiffness and pain something normal after stretching for pancake and pike ? I tried all advices so far. I stretch 5-6 times a week. I hoped that after 3 weeks Doms or whatever it is would pass. But still, every morning my hamstrings feel like 100 years old paper that is about to snap, and take a good 20 minutes of warming up and pain fighting before I start working on further progress. Someone said that I overstretch, but less intensity takes me nowhere in terms of progress. If I stretch 3 times a week it's even worse, same pain but without a progress. I have to admit that summer time of 20C+ helps a lot. Could it be this dump, crappy English weather ? Thx
  15. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Shoulder trouble

    My right shoulder, specifically the anterior deltoid causes me a lot of frustration. Pretty much every day it is sore and somehow achy. It could possibly be a strain. I can function with full ability to do RC, HBP, and sPL movements I'm working on; and have complete ROM in HS, however, shoulder flexion overhead and laterally to shoulder height cannot be accomplished pain-free. Also, when I work on HS/PE1-im, sometimes there is extensive discomfort, however as I focus on engaging my traps I don't feel it as much in the shoulder. I'm not sure if it's a bicep issue, which Coach has enumerated as being the root cause of a lot of shoulder issues, but I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. I'm wondering if anyone has any further insights. I try to do doorway hangs every day to loosen up the shoulder joint and keep it active and functioning (also deep yoga squats). If anyone has any advice on this issue, I would appreciate it. I currently throw in HBP stretches from Foundation 2 to help try and alleviate this discomfort, but if there were to be a worrying joint or ligament area this would be it. Everything else is progressing at its own speed and in its own time at a steady clip. Thanks
  16. Hi, I've got a strange sensation in my back, if I lean my head down as if to stretch the back of my neck or do pike fold I feel a strong tight sensation just to the inside corner of my left shoulder blade. I also get a a grating noise coming from the inside top of my left shoulder blade if I roll my shoulder back and down and my left shoulder clicks slightly if I'm doing overhead pressing movements. My right shoulder is fine and I don't ever remember injuring either side of my body. I've been doing rotator cuff strengthening exercises in case it is that but it hasn't made any difference so far. I've tried using a theracane to hit the spot but it's quite hard to pinpoint and it hasn't made any difference I've also foam rollered the area. I got my wife to look at my back and she couldn't see any asymmetry. Basically my questions are what muscle(s) do I need to be stretching or strengthening to help this and what stretches/exercises should I use? Many thanks to anyone who can help me Ian
  17. Jeffrey Mailly

    Confusion about Stretch program

    Hello Everyone. I decided to purchase Foundation 1 after a few months of following the GB Facebook page and stumbling upon some podcasts and YouTube interviews this week with Coach Sommer. I literally just purchased it today and will be doing the PE1 Initial Assessment on Saturday. Will start the Foundation workouts on Monday. Anyways I have some confusion trying to figure out if I'm making the right selection of programs. I did see that Coach Sommer posted about the curriculum but I didn't see anything about the "Stretch" program in there specifically. I want to make sure I succeed in this and have the right selection of programs from the get-go. Does Stretch integrate with other programs or should it be taken as an independent program?
  18. Jon Dahl

    Stretch series once/week?

    Hi there - I'm interested in trying the Stretch Series, but at the moment I will only have time to add in one 45-minute stretching session each week. Am I better off: 1. Focusing on one course (either Front Split, Middle Split, or Bridge) at a time - if so, is there a recommended course to start with? 2. Rotating, so I do FS one week, MS the next week, and Bridge the third week 3. Doing an abbreviated version of each one, e.g. 15 minutes of each once/week I'm doing F1 at the same time. I know I could cut back on my F1 to make more time for stretching, but I really don't want to do that. Thanks!
  19. I´m 19 years old and started doing gymnastics 2 years ago. I made good progressions in terms of strength and balance but my bad flexibility keeps me from moving to new skills. My main goal now is to achieve the Press to Handstand. Therefore i am trying to improve my Pancake stretch because i think its the main reason that i can´t get the HSP yet. I can only go to the gym 2x a week, so that have to stretch alone the other times. I would like to hear some progressions to finally get the chest on the floor with legs spread apart which i can try at home and without a partner. Cheers
  20. Hanro Roos

    Applied Kinesiology

    Has anyone had any experience/knowledge with applied kinesiology? Thomas Kurz recommends it in his book (Stretching Scientifically) to balance out muscle imbalances. Also found this video on youtube (interesting stuff): Thanks in advance PS: Am i the only one that watches the GB intro video on the home page before every workout for motivation?
  21. James Sagar

    Fascial Training

    Interesting article about training fascia for athletic performance. Also introduces integral role of fascia in movement. I know that coach has discussed fascia training multiple times before. Enjoy: http://www.fasciaresearch.de/Schleip_TrainingPrinciplesFascial.pdf
  22. hi guys ive run into a bit of confusion over when you should stretch i remember at school before sports we would do some as well as laps of the track etc but a lot of advice in general is not to stretch or the difference between dynamic and static stretches which confused me all the more as some advice is to not stretch just "warm up" which i find an ambiguous and generally unhelpful term. any advice would be greatly appreciated thx
  23. I have been trying to develop strength in the groin and hips for lower-body based sports, as strength and flexibility is lacking in these areas. Currently what I'm doing looks like this: Hip extensions: 2*10s forward, sideways, back, forwards with circles in both directions. ATG Squats Butterfly stretch and Middle Split as wide as I can go Hip flexor stretch I don't think strengthening of the groin is prevalent here, as it seems to take a back seat to flexibility, but I don't know what I could do to strengthen it. Any ideas?
  24. joshbailey

    Shoulder tightness?

    Whenever I do the stretch that involves placing your elbow up in the air and pulling on it with the other arm behind your head I can never manage to get both arms behind my head. I have been doing a lot of hand stands every day since 2001 and have large shoulders and upper back muscles. Is it shoulder tightness that prevents me from getting my arms behind my head or is it the fact that my large upper back muscles and shoulders simply cannot budge against each other. I have been practising to do a 'hollow back' bboy move but this disadvantage is restricting me big time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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