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Found 6 results

  1. Charbel Ammar

    Front/back flip?

    Hello guys, My country take no interest in training gymnastics for adults, anyway today is Saturday and it’s movement day, does this help in anyway to learn front flip and backflip in the future ? Charbel Ammar
  2. Saquib Rahman

    Jumping rope barefooted

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on jumping rope barefooted? It feels better to me when jumping rope barefooted than wearing a shoe (I wear boxing shoes when I do). Probably because I am used to running barefooted from when I was a kid (football/soccer on all surfaces, didn't always carry my boots with me) until 7 years ago when I moved to the UK. Just starting to get back into fitness again now. I keep hearing from a friend that it is bad for my joints, not because I'm overweight (101kg @ 25% body fat if anyone is curious), but for the impact. I thought small amounts of impact were good for training the joints and muscles to rebound? I remembering hearing Coach Sommer speak about how our bones, contrary to popular belief, are actually meant to bend (to some degree) to absorb shock and immediately rebound back (Tim Ferris Show). I am not doing anything too explosive, no double-unders, and going at a slow pace (just started jumping rope after a few years). Must I wear shoes? I know I am whining at this point as it is easy enough to just wear shoes lol, but I thought if being barefooted is beneficial in any way whilst being more comfortable for me, it is a win-win.
  3. Mouclier Victor

    Prime movers in walking

    Hello ! I'm asking my self which leg muscle is the prime mover in walking and... i'm not sure. If there was a lift/exercice that replicate muscle activation of walking, which one would it be ? Hope your trainings goes well !
  4. Andrea Guzman

    MOVEMENT COURSE what is it about?

    Hello, I would like to know which kind of excercises include Tumbling One and how do I know if is ok for me. I have some experience with this kind of movement, but I do not if this one will work for me. Does anyone can help me with this ? Thank you!
  5. James Sagar

    Fascial Training

    Interesting article about training fascia for athletic performance. Also introduces integral role of fascia in movement. I know that coach has discussed fascia training multiple times before. Enjoy: http://www.fasciaresearch.de/Schleip_TrainingPrinciplesFascial.pdf
  6. Rachid Tahri

    Antifragile Movement

    Hello Guys I was exceptionally busy for a while because I personally had some opportunity to start my own company in the Netherlands 'Antifragile Movement'. I was actually very disappointed about the 'status quo' that I opened a movement based company myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank GymnasticBodies 'personally' since it ment a lot for my own development. I am definitely planning to organise a seminar in Amsterdam with the awesome GymnasticBodies. I started already with giving mobility courses (very basic) myself. I off coarse can only give up until the stuff I can do, I also point to GymnasticBodies as the originator of lots of my ideas. I am gradually trying to change the fitness culture in my local area and hope to have a positive influence over here. You can show your support by liking my newly opened facebook page . With kind regards, Rachid
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