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Found 7 results

  1. Lynnette Oliver

    Leg attachment as pictured in warm up video

    Hey, Trying to find/ make a similar set up to the one pictured in the warm up videos. Specifically the wall mounted dip station and GHD/sissy squat/ect leg device. I saw the link to the Titan rack attachment (see below) but it's out of stock and doesn't look like it ships to Canada. Anyone know where I can get one? Haven't seen it on ROGUE either. https://www.amazon.com/Titan-Foot-Roller-Attachment-Power/dp/B07BR64GJK/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0
  2. Thomas Wiggins

    Quad vs Ham/Glute Imbalance

    I have a pretty pronounced imbalance between my quads and my hammies/glutes. I have been able to work through most of the pistol squat progressions with little effort on the quad portions but I'm running into a wall on the glute ham raises. I work out in a standard office gym and so don't have access to a lot of useful equipment and I don't have a partner. What are some modifications I can make to the ham curls (since I know I need to roll back in that progression to something easier) that I can do without a partner? I'm doing leg curls at my body weight as an alternative for the time being.
  3. Mouclier Victor

    Prime movers in walking

    Hello ! I'm asking my self which leg muscle is the prime mover in walking and... i'm not sure. If there was a lift/exercice that replicate muscle activation of walking, which one would it be ? Hope your trainings goes well !
  4. Oscar Riaño

    Leg training for rings?

    Hi guys! Once again a topic on rings I was wondering if some basic leg training in order to increase testosterone would eventually help to gain more strength on the rings. I know that heavy legs drag you down in the levers, planche and maltese work, but would bodyweight exercises for legs be beneficial? I've seen that, for example, Yuri van Gelder (one of the strongest rings gymnasts) has quite defined legs and they dont seem to disadvantage him. Legs trained with weights and low repetitions would make me just heavier, but what kind of impact would have a bodyweight leg workout in my ring performance?? thank you in advance Oscar
  5. Charlie Martin

    Working legs for testosterone?

    Hi there, Just for context, I currently have a solid straddle planche hold of around 4-5 secs. I have very rarely trained my legs as it seems counterintuitive given that it would only make my planche work harder. However, I've been recently researching the effects of training legs and its benefits in terms of the amount of testosterone released into the body. It would appear that the pure amount of muscle in the legs/glutes can result in huge boosts in testosterone, which I figured would speed up my planche progress. What I'm wondering is: how can I train legs without adding much leg mass? My main fear is that my planche (despite the greater testosterone) will not improve by very much given the extra weight in my legs... What would you guys recommend?
  6. Delyan Dido Dimitrov

    How to slim legs?

    Hi.I 'm sorry if here is not the place for this topic.Basically im interested in handbalancing and levers type of training.In the past i've squat a lot to build a veryical and i succeed but recently i wanted to become better in hands movement.I noticed that in isolated exercises,bands etc im stronger than my friends but because of didfrent composition in their legs they do better on the levers.So is there anything i can do? I will lose some weight but my legs arent fat they have muscle..any ideas? Cardio, spesific exercices with much reps idk.Thanks!
  7. Georgios Panagiotakos

    Straddle mobility

    Hi, i was wondering how i can increase my mobility on the straddle position. I have been trying side splits not for a very long time , but i would be thankfull if you could share your own experiences. Thanks P.S first post here!
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