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Found 2 results

  1. Thomas Wiggins

    Quad vs Ham/Glute Imbalance

    I have a pretty pronounced imbalance between my quads and my hammies/glutes. I have been able to work through most of the pistol squat progressions with little effort on the quad portions but I'm running into a wall on the glute ham raises. I work out in a standard office gym and so don't have access to a lot of useful equipment and I don't have a partner. What are some modifications I can make to the ham curls (since I know I need to roll back in that progression to something easier) that I can do without a partner? I'm doing leg curls at my body weight as an alternative for the time being.
  2. School starts again in a few weeks, and I'm having trouble getting together a fitness regimen that will help me achieve my goals without being overly time-consuming. School is from 7:30-1:30, and I do not get as much free time as I would like to have due to large study requirements. In addition, my running coach wants to have me running 4-5 times a week once the school year begins. I have football (soccer) practice thrice a week, and I try and play everyday. It becomes necessary for me to have weighted leg work in my training regimen. As of now, my schedule looks something like this: Mon: football Tues:running. plyos. Wed: football. running Thurs: F1. running Fri: running. F1. Sat: running. football. F1 Sun: running. F1 Weighted leg work would probably be Hang Snatch, Power Clean, Split Jerk and Deadlift. I'll need to incorporate hip, knee and ankle pre-hab in my warmups I guess. Which begs the question: can mobility work be done between sets of lower body work? Because rest times should be long, but long stretch periods lower strength outputs. Sorry for the long post, but I really need help! Thanks, Aadil
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