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Found 7 results

  1. What brand/weight of resistance tubing is being used for the supine and prone thoracic band pull?
  2. Luka Kopusar

    Thoracic stretch serie question

    hey guys, as i read through the forum you need a stall bar for TB series, but i dont have one. Can you still experience the benefits without the stall bar, are there enough of floor stretches to still buy it? thanks in advance, cheers
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    Bridge Up Progressions?

    Hey Everyone, I was searching the boards and coming up empty - i think I saw Coach comment either on FB or it might have been in a podcast, but I can't remember which, but regarding a bridge up - he put different elements into order of importance - IE which to work on first to last. I'm jumbling it up, but i think it was thoracic extension --> straight arms --> straight legs. Or something to that effect, the point being you want to work on arm extension before leg extension - but like I said, I may have gotten that jumbled up. I've been working on bridge ups, my thoracic mobility is pretty good, but I was wondering which i should work more on, getting my arms straight, or legs, or something i'm completely missing? Please let me know. Thanks everyone.
  4. What brand/weight of resistance tubing is being used for the supine and prone thoracic band pull?
  5. I can hold bridge approx. for 1 min. 2 options: support this 1 min personal record in static strengthkeep increasing time holding the bridge What should I do?
  6. Frédéric Dubois

    Tickles when turning head upside down

    Hi everybody from the GB community, My name's Frédéric, I'm from Belgium and this is my first post. I've been following the forum for a while and decided to take part in the discussion. Let me start with a question. Whenever I come from a bridge position or an inverted support hold, which both have the head turn all the way upside down, I get enormous tickles in my tummy and can hardly keep my body calm. It's because my head signals a shift in the direction or plane of balance. Is this something you just get used to, so that the feeling will gradually become less to non-existent, or is there a trick to it? Thanks!
  7. Christian Sørlie

    My bridge

    All the mobility work from F1 is paying off. Bridge @ 33 years young Still lots of room for improvement. I would like to get to where I am at 0:16 faster and with less effort, then getting more ROM. Goals that are soon happening.
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