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Found 4 results

  1. Michael Estridge

    Starting out to help correct posture

    Good day everyone, I am starting the Fundamentals and Stretch series in hopes of gaining flexibility, body awareness, and improved posture. To provide some background on myself, I am 28 years old and fairly trim. However, since 22 I’ve been working a desk job which requires about 90 minutes of commute time everyday. Basically, I sit— A LOT. Despite my attempts to move throughout the day I have developed tilted posture, laterally to the right. I have a lot of tightness in my right side. Calf, hamstring, glute, QL, and poor right shoulder mobility (years of fine motor movement with a mouse). Has anyone else experienced the same thing and seen improvements by sticking to these programs? Thank you, Michael
  2. I have been working on my splits. I basically realized without them, I might as well not even try to achieve a lot of movements I want to. I think splits (side and front) are necessary. With them everything will get easier, from flags to hand stands to even a basic cartwheel. Looking at hip anatomy images, it looks like the splits shouldn't even be possible. I would like to know at what position the femoral head and neck are when in the splits, in relation to the pelvis, and pelvic tilt. So far I have not found anything. I have found descriptions of pelvic tilt, but no anatomical images. Also I wonder if the difference between feet forward and feet up in the splits is basically an issue of pelvic tilt, and if the femoral neck changes much in the acetabulum when switching from feet up to feet forward or 'rocking' in the side splits. Thanks
  3. I have been trying to develop strength in the groin and hips for lower-body based sports, as strength and flexibility is lacking in these areas. Currently what I'm doing looks like this: Hip extensions: 2*10s forward, sideways, back, forwards with circles in both directions. ATG Squats Butterfly stretch and Middle Split as wide as I can go Hip flexor stretch I don't think strengthening of the groin is prevalent here, as it seems to take a back seat to flexibility, but I don't know what I could do to strengthen it. Any ideas?
  4. Georgios Panagiotakos

    Hollow hold : pelvis position and activation

    HI, well im trying hollow holds for a while and i have trouble with pevlis position and activation. So here is my questions to this lovely community : 1) Should I have posteriot pelvic tilt during hollow hold ? For some time i didnt focus on tilting my pelvis ( and propably didnt ) and had lower back pain after keeping the position for 20-30 sec. 2) Sometimes if i havent tilted before raising my hands and legs i cant tilt my pevlis after doing so , is it only me ? ( finally! ) 3) I now tilt my pevlis before raising my hands and legs and everything is fine. Is this the right way ? P.S I searched here and on google for quite a while so plz help
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