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Found 2 results

  1. I notice after doing a specific stretch for an extended period of time (ie. middle splits, butterfly stretch), when I relax the muscles I stretched feel as though they get a bit tight after I've stretched them (almost like a rebound effect), and sometimes I'll feel the stretch in another area that I'm not even stretching (ie middle of my back when doing butterfly stretches). Has anyone experienced this "rebound" effect? If I want to see a professional about this, who do I go to (ie orthopedist, acupuncturist, physical therapist)?
  2. alec_ar

    German Hang Butterfly To Cross

    The topic directly beneath this one (I think) got me nervous. Somebody injured their sternum doing an iron cross with weird form on aerial straps is the short version of what happened. (I know that I could have posted this in his topic but I figured starting a new one and not bombarding his was the best idea) I understand that the person was being pretty careless and might not have even been prepared (don't know their training history) for crosses. However it has gotten me worried about a move I train. Ever since I saw this Canadian kid do a routine on rings (he did a series of elements, one of which involved going through a GH and sort of 'swooping' with momentum to iron cross), I started training a no kip GH butterfly for lack of a better word as inspiration from the routine. It is somewhat similar to a butterfly but obviously much more chest-intensive, and the poster below whose friend injured himself got me nervous when he said that it was a cross with his chest sticking out. Part of the ROM in the GH butterfly has a similar positioning and definitely feels like it puts a lot of pressure on the sternum. Does anybody have any experience with this move? I've stopped training it entirely until I get some sound advice, I was wondering if this is a really risky move simply not worth the risk...I'm thinking that's the case thanks in advance! I can post a vid for a more clear idea as well.
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