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  1. Michael Acreman

    Post Shoulder reconstruction training.

    Hi all, I have recently had a shoulder reconstruction (posterior labral tear and biceps tear) and i'm hoping that there is some exercises or programming to follow for injured or should i say recovering athletes. I am very limited in movement with my right shoulder but am still keen to try and learn more and progress. I train most days now but only thing that are single arm or legs. Thing like single arm press/snatches/kb swing and do alot of stationary bike and airsquats. Problem is i don't really know any SINGLE arm gymnastic style movements so hoping you can all help. Thanks alot in advance i appreciate it. Ace
  2. Hello, I have injured my right arm/shoulder after over training OA FL and OAP. I ended up having a tear in my long head of my bicep, which put me out of action for 4 months. Currently doing exercises set by Physio to help regain strength, mobility and stability in the arm. However I am now looking if anyone has experienced coming back from injury similar to this what to expect, and what did they first start with training again. I can currently do different variations of planks, push ups and rows(with feet on floor whilst on rings). But Ideally I want to get back to my old level of strength(video for attention, compressed the file so bad quality). Being that of FL MU etc. I know it will be a slow process but any tips and advice would be great. Thanks in advance video-1455225047.mp4
  3. Matthew Jefferys

    Sudden Sharp, Burning Pain After Stretching

    I was going about a particularly difficult hamstring stretch a few minutes ago when I suddenly felt the most intense burning sensation in my right leg. It's up on the lateral side almost near the knee. Right where the lateral gastrocnemius head and soleus tendons touch. When I try flexing my calf muscle, the outer portion of the lateral head shakes and feels a bit weak. The pain is fading fairly quickly. Have I torn muscle or connective tissue, or did I just irritate a nerve?
  4. William Gripp

    Strange shoulder pain

    Hello everyone, It's been 3 months since I first noticed this pain in my shoulders. But before I talk about it I want to say that I've already did an MRI scan and it showed that nothing in the shoulder is damaged, and I have been visited by an osteopath and a physiotherapist which made me do some exercises (it didn't help). So the pain is basically a line between the middle and the rear deltoid, and I feel it most when doing exercises like HS push ups (and of course tuck planche push ups) and when I try to push the arm (being straight) laterally against a wall. The strange thing is that I feel the pain (for 3-4 seconds) AFTER I stop pushing...of course this also happens when I lift something up and then I release it. And I noticed it's painful when I try to stretch the infraspinatus by putting the hands on the hips and squeezing the elbows in but I don't know if that's related to the problem. Now it's been 3 months and it's still persistent I don't really know what to do and I hope someone here will be able to tell me what this type of pain is. Sorry for wasting your time but I tried a lot and it won't go away
  5. Tucker Whitcomb

    What is a good substitute for L-sits?

    Hello all, I have a bulging disc in my lower back that seriously impairs my range of motion. Basically I can't keep my legs straight and bend forward without getting hitting a brick wall of pain. Meaning holding an L-sit isn't really doable. What is a good substitute for an L-sit? I also had to give up on training side lever because the exercises started aggravating the back. I can do a sit with my knees bent and if I hold straight legs out to the side, it somewhat helps. Thanks all, enjoying the training and will keep going.
  6. Aidan Bentham


    Hi guys, I just joined this forum. I have been doing calisthenics for nearly a year and around a month ago I had a sharp pain in my right forearm (with the palm facing upwards, the pain is at the top left side.) It hurts when I release the pressure from it. For example I will do a tucked planche and when my arms are off the ground a shooting pain goes up my right forearm. The inpatient person I am I trained on it and as much as I love calisthenics and gymnastics I don't want to stop but I need a good old break, even with a break i did little bits here anf there. I personally think it was due to handstand walking and shock to my muscles etc. I have gone to the docs and they just said rest. I tried self massaging it and that just hurt
  7. Ezra Richardson

    Pulled Back Muscle Mid HS

    Hi Everyone, I will warn you, I am new to GB, so please excuse me if I'm not posting in the correct place. However, I'd really appreciate some advice/help with an issue I'm dealing with currently. I am not a member of any gymnastics gym, I do all my training at home on my own setup. TODAY, I was going about my regular HS training, I'm currently working on building strength in HSPU to incorporating wall assisted HSPU, which has worked very well for me! I've seen significant progress! As I finished my second working set I was descending from the HS by walking away from the wall and then dropping my feet when I have enough space to do so. IMMEDIATELY I felt a sharp pain right off my spine on my left side. It was pain enough to make me say OW and cringe, and following it was a slight burning sensation, but it went away rather fast. After resting I tried the same set again. Executing the movements correctly and then the same thing happened on the descending motion. I'm hoping someone might share some thoughts on what this is. I'm experienced in gymnastics and bodyweight training however, I've never dealt with something like this before. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Train Hard Eat Smart Live Happy
  8. Hey there, Ive been having elbow problems since late January 2014. The trigger of my problem was probably(!) a combination of those two exercises: -Swedish Bars Front Support ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvuWwMcwRXM ) -Swedish Bars Back Support ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDCr_lXDd64&list=UUPCiBMarvDiTx-lknzt934g ) I combined them into following interval sequence: D1. Swedish Bars Front Support 10-30 sec D2. Swedish Bars Back Support 10-30 sec -Repeat D1, D2 for a total of 5 sets, resting 45-90 sec between exercises *I found this whole sequence on Ido Portal's blog and youtube account. However, i had basically no experience before in straight arm strength or support exercises ( maybe done L-sits some times before, however nothing structured). Means, my elbows weren't prepared at all for this stress, and of course, it resulted in injury. Around the same time, i messed around with tucked front lever and back lever tucks,-probably progressed too quick here too- that may have contributed to the paint injury symptoms I've been having since then. However, i did a heck lot of unstructured strength training, skill work , played more tennis than usual at that time, so it could also be some "collective injury/pain trigger". Basically: I was totally retarded. ​When Im looking back, Im thinking like " wtf did you do to your body?- injury out of what you did was a certainty". This was in late January 2014. ​So , please don't tell me this was dumb. Much rather, Id appreciate any input what you would do in my situation. What I did so far: Since then, Ive been to 2 doctors, and 3 physios.- Yet, nothing great has changed. 1 doctor and 1 physio was shit, ( diagnosis of them: tendonitis or bursitis, advice: rest and it will go away. also: never extend your elbows fully!! - "yes for sure, i thought",- and went. The other sports orthopedist and physio ( and osteopath ) both diagnosed me ( independently of each other) with some kind of ulnar irritation.- this made perfect sense, as my pain was in that funny bone- area, and when i accidentally would bump my elbow against something- it would hurt as well. So: DIAGNOSIS: Some kind of Ulnar Nerve Irritation. However, its very local and ISN’T radiating down the arm, and also ISN’T initiating some tingling sensations in my pinky. The sports orthopedist also found out ( via x-ray and visual inspection) that my elbows are having some slight valgus deformity- means their angles isn't around 180 degrees, but more about 168 degrees. Hence- he said- i ve been predisposed to those problems,and this external stress triggered my injury. He prescribed me physiotherapy for strengthening and stabilizing the elbow joint as well as ultrasonic therapy and cryotherapy. Im doing ultrasonic 2 x a week, each arm 10 min. , right after it cryotherapy 1 min. i think, also both elbows. Then, last week, my phyio added a new thing to this Diagnosis: He said he thinks my ulnar nerve isn’t really lying inside the cubital tunnel properly, it is more like slid up ( the medial epycondile i guess). Hence, increased friction ( because of that improper alignment) to my ulnar nerve could be the reason why my elbow still is doing trouble to me. ( Considering i stopped doing all sports since i found out this could be something severe ( around the beginning of March 2014, maybe even earlier). Supplements: Im also taking the following supplements (as advised my 2 good(!) physios:) Vitamin B complexVitamin Dliquid fish oil, 2 teaspoons a dayExercises: Those exercises have been prescribed to me recently: side-lying external rotation with 1kg dumbbell ( 3 x ~20, daily) Sitting/Standing External Rotation with 2 kg in each hand (3x ~20, daily). ( heres a photo of this so we both talk about the same: http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/articleimages/884/External-Rotation-Standing2.jpg So im doing those exercises daily, and also go to the physio about 2 times a week, where he does some manual manipulation. He said my ulnar nerve isn’t really in its "cubital tunnel" and IF its in,it always tends to hop out again , so he tries to bring it back in its groove permanently via some nerve mobility manipulation. The given exercises should reinforce so much stability to it, so it will hold the nerve stable. Also he tries to get some tension out of the adjacent muscles, also out of the neck, the lats and the upper arm. ( Since the nerve is going all the way down from the neck to the pinky). Thats about what was told to me. So this is about my treatment plan, but im not very sure if it will really give me the kind of relief i was hoping for. Until now, it didn't. If you'd had any input, Id be very glad. Thank you!
  9. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Muscle Knot/Bump?

    Hey guys, I posted here about 2 months ago about the Injury i had on my Upper left arm. After giving my arm some rest..Now ive been feeling this bump, like a muscle knot right where the injury had occurred..It is exactly where the brachialis is. The knot is movable..when I put any pressure on it, it slides under my fingers. Its like this little bump in my arm that when i put pressure on it just jumps from side to side. It is a tight knot, and it has not been going away. It might be getting better but its at such a slow rate that im not able to even tell. Does anyone know what this is? It doesn't hurt all the time, the pain just randomly comes and goes. I still have not really worked out because of fear of re-injury. I just want to know what this is, what its from...and how i can make it go away to start training again. Also, it appears to be so that i have the same bump on my other arm, but it is much smaller than my injured one, I am thinking that they are both injured, but my left one is way worse. If I follow the bump with my fingers...it starts where the Tricep is at, and moves its way down until its right next to the bicep tendon where it attatches to the elbow. The bump is easier to feel when my arm is resting, like if its put down on the table. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  10. Jesus Rojas

    Pulled Hamstring

    Hi guys ! I just pulled my hamstring in a relatively easy to me front split, in the fifth set doing front splits something on my left leg pops, It was the day 22-11-2014. About two or three days later I got a bruise and I wait until Monday for go to see the doctor due to they don't work on weekends, he does a ultrasound on my left leg, and said that everything is ok, without no rupture or damaged, he said it was a slightly strain, and also he checked me with a couple of physical movement and touching my leg, he receipt me a couple of medicament: Thiocolchicoside (muscular relaxant) Maxibol (Cobamamide) and a Spray for the affected zone. I've to take rest from 22-11-2014 until 20-12-2014. The strength of my injured leg is about 90% right now but my ROM is also limited. Exercises that I've to eliminate: - Squatting patterns with both legs ( I just do shrimps with my non-injured leg ). - My beloved Jefferson Curl, pancake and any stretch or motion that involves the hamstring. - L-sit with both legs, I just can do the L-sit with my left leg bent, I can't hold my injured leg on a 90 degree angle. Thoughts ? If you guys have a tip, recommendation or critique that could help me, I will be glad to hear it. Thanks !
  11. Mark Balsom

    Fractured Hand

    Hi everyone, Sometimes shit happens. I unfortunately fractured my metacarpal of the index on my left hand almost 2 weeks ago. It's now plastered up and I have no choice but to be patient. I was of course exceedingly frustrated at first but am now grateful it's "only" a small fracture on one hand. Could of landed on my head I guess..! Anyhow it's now more often leg day and I'm alternating between SLS variations and some weighted lunges and squats. For my GB Foundation training I'm just taking it as an opportunity to revisit and emphasize the basics; HBRs, ABRs, V-Ups, Side Planks, etc.. and of course a ton of mobility work! As to Handstand practice I'm back to elbow headstand and presses. Any training ideas? Anyone been through this kind of injury? Any tips on speeding up recovery? Tips for rehab' when the time comes for me to be plaster-free? And how to progressively reintroduce handstand work and stress on my hand? PS. Being injured right now completely relieves the impatience of delayed M1 release hahaha Have a great day! Mark
  12. So I'm working a number of stretches to achieve full pike, side split, and front splits. On Saturday, after stretching my inner thigh abductors (to achieve the side split), I think I may have overstretched my right thigh abductor because after stretching there is a sort of odd feeling in my right thigh whenever I engage my hamstring. I don't know what it is. It doesn't hurt, just sort of there and is a bit annoying. So did I overstretch my muscle? And if so, will staying away from the side split stretch for a few days solve the problem? Thanks.
  13. rumcajs

    Wrist problem

    Hi ! My name is Matthew and 3 weeks ago i had a wrist injury doctor said it is the injury of wrist ligament. I've been walking for about 3 weeks in wrist orthosis and soon i could start some light training. Here comes my question what king of exercises to start with after 3 weeks of no hand use? And what kind of exercises i can do to strenghten my wrists and prevent from these kind of injuries ? Thanks for help.
  14. Brage Berg

    injury from planche

    hi everyone! i am new to this forum, but it looks like there are a lot of competent bodyweight athletes here. ive been doing bodywaight exercises for about two years now and i just discovered coach sommers book; building the gymnastics body witch i found really interresting. therefor i have decided to change the fokus of my training and to try and follow a few of the principles found in the book. the first thing i have to adress is a injuriy i have been dealing with, and i hope some of you could help me. ive been training for planche for a while and i found som tutorials where people recomendet that i did the following exercise; lay on the floor with your feet toutvhing the wall. putt your hands besides your hip and walk up the wall to a handstand. then slide down to a planche using the wall as support. i 45 degrees angle on my wrists. i did this for a few month, and everytime i felt a sting in my forearm after letting go. i thought at the time that this was fine, but after a while it started to hurt after the exercise as well. looking back i hunderstand that the reason probably was inmobility in my wrists, and this exercise forces your wrist in a position that it might nok be able to hold. the pain is located along the bone that goes from elbow to the pinky finger side of the wrist. i still train planches but now i have to have the fingers pointing towards my toes while training it. and i now fokus on leans and flat tuck variations that mye wrist feels comfertable with. the only movements that really hurts are; planche with hands 45 deg angle, backlever with narrow neutral grip, and some random movements with hands in an awkward position(tried biceps curls with a friend once and that hurt like hell). what could this be? i cant really afford to go to physio. and should i stop training for a while or is it just fine as long as i do stuff that doesent hurt( or hurt too mutch)?. its been going on since last summer. it has been getting a bit better though after i started stretching my wrists/forearms.
  15. Bas de Smet

    Lower back pain

    Dear fellow gymnasts, I have been walking around with pain in the upper part of the lower back for the last couple of weeks. The pain is at its worst when I have been in a bended position while standing for a couple of seconds (picking something up from the ground for example) and then standing straight again, or the day after a heavy training session. Such a training session then also includes doing flips ans bar swings etc. The pain isn't the same every day. Sometimes it feels like it's almost gone, but the day after it can feel quite painful again. My question is if someone can help me out with some exercises that might fix this problem, or if someone has other suggestions on how to get rid of this backache. Thanks in advance, All the best, Bas
  16. Dave James

    Dealing with Lat Strains on SR

    I'm a competitive USAG Level 8+ gymnast. I have a recent bilateral strain and soreness with sudden onset, ie, did not develop over weeks or months. What have you found successful as far as recovery process and time? I'm 5-6 weeks until season competitions.
  17. Kutay Serova

    Frontal Shoulder Injury and Front Lever?

    I just injured my frontal shoulder (anterior deltoid) in Planche Leans. I was wondering that can I continue Front Lever training while it heals. The pain is only during the front raising movement under the horizontal. If I start raising my arm to the front, the pain is only around the "planche lean angle" that I was training, above the horizontal isn't affected. It's only in the frontal plane, it moves easily in every other plane. I have stopped all horizontal pushing exercises for at least a week. My question is can I train Front Lever and (probably not but I'm asking anyway) Handstand without aggravating the injury?
  18. Aris Tsangarides

    Beginners Introduction with a Twist

    First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself to this wonderful forum Coach Sommer has assembled and made available to the public gymnastic enthusiast. The standard of this website and the people who use/used it is admirable. Secondly, even though It's never pleasant talking about injuries especially as a first poster here, it is a question i have been wanting to answer for about 3 years now and even though the "web" is crammed with so much info (ranging from very useful to extremely futile) i have not yet found any info concerning my "not so common" inquiry. So down to business.. I believe my wrist flexibility is fairly good yet there seems to be an issue when it comes to hand extension with the fingers totally extended. See, when my hand is parallel/or lets call it in line with my forearm, I can completely extend my fingers with very little effort. However, when i extend my hand(bringing my hand perpendicular to my forearm vector) my fingers start curling. It looks very similar to the so-called "Tiger claw" they use in certain martial arts disciplines. To be more specific, the PIP and DIP joints of the fingers are where the lack of ROM occurs, which leads to 2 conclusions: 1)Either my flexor musculature is way stronger that my extensors, which is basically a muscular imbalance issue; BUT the issue is that since the issue is at the PIP/DIP level it can't really be muscle(can it?) since that region is occupied (exclusively?!) by tendons and ligaments. (So since I dont know much about flexibility, let alone flexibility in tendons and ligaments..my conclusion remains..inconclusive 2)the other option may be that I have a lack of active flexibility in my "strong/stiff" hand flexor muscles (i.e.weak extensors + not flexible flexors). If I pull on the curled fingers while in a hand extended position, they can be passively stretched to be perpendicular to my forearm. But without an external force/assistance I cannot actively extend my hand. So my question is a twofold one: Does anyone have similar issues with this and if so do you know why this happens and how do you correct it? I attached a video demonstrating what I've tried to explain above. Thanks, BirzieX
  19. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Muscle injury, brachialis?

    Hey there everyone, I have a couple of things that I need help with and id greatly appreciate the assistance. I've had a muscle injury about 2 months ago, and i feel like im really falling behind on my training and want to get back into it as soon as possible. I think what caused the injury was doing a slow muscle-up with my 45lb vest. I cannot tell which muscle it is that I injured, it feels like its between the bicep and tricep. I think it might be the brachialis muscle. There is no bruising around the area, and as far as pain, there really isnt any...i mean there is enough so i can feel that its not normal but it doesnt really hurt..It feels like it is right in between the elbow and shoulder. What would you guys suggest that I should do? I really take my training seriously, and thats all i really do. I havn't been able to work on anything but legs, abs and lower back. If theres anything that you could tell me that would help a whole lot. I've tried to get tips and help from other people...but no one really has anything other than the basic things to tell me;rest, ice, compression, anti-inflammatories. I do all of that...but is there really anything else that would speed up the healing process? Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.
  20. Justin Cloud

    One big wrist mess, discouraged...

    It's going to be a bit long, bear with me Let me start from the beginning. 4 months ago, when I practiced handstand, occasionally my right wrist will have a bit pain. And it goes away right after I stop the movement. (At this time, i'm still capable of doing every exercises) Beginning of March, when H1 came out, I was excited because there are joint conditioning exercises in it; and I know if I put time in to strengthening my wrist and there will be no occasional pain. So I started easing into H1. At first my joint feels ok, and when I progressed with HS/PE1 and the joint preparation, my wrist starts to feel uncomfortable at times. However, I thought that, as the training goes on it will improve and get better. At that time I picked up flag football during weekends, where I do alot of blocking. After two weeks or so, my right wrist started feeling uncomfortable even when i'm not doing any thing. Because of it, I deloaded on H1, and think that by doing it, It'll help my wrist get into shape. As time passes, my right wrist even started to hurt when I handle stuff. So I totally stopped H1 on beginning of Apirl. One day I was at school, I hi-fived my friend, and he gave me this self-defense move where he twists my wrist, and that causes some pain. Gradually I realize, even the exercises that requires my palm on the ground hurts my right wrist, so I dropped those exercises too. I currently go to college, and it requires decent amount of typing. So in order to compensate my right hand, i use my left hand to write and type at times. And gradually, left wrist pain kicks in as well. both of my wrist hurts when I bend my wrist at any angle and squeeze my fingers. My right wrist is a bit swollen, which is hard to tell. And I circled the pain areas: RIGHT HAND compere to LEFT: I feel freaking handicapped right now, both my wrists are messed up. I basically can not handle anything, and it feels uncomfortable when I type right now.
  21. Hi! Today my shoulder dislocated during training for the second time since starting F1. My routine is as laid out in the book. 4-5 days a week. I'm on Pe1 on most movements. The first time was this Thursday (less then three days ago) which I also followed up with 20 minutes of handstand and 40 minutes of weightlifting focusing on the shoulder area. The focus if the weightlifting is to a some mass to my shoulders, especially the back and around the scapulae to improve my posture and add some cushioning to rolls on hard ground (Parkour). After I was done, stretching and all, I thought I´d be a good boy and do some wall stretches (back flat against wall, arms perpendicular to the floor, 90 degree bend in the elbows, back of hands against wall and move hands up and down.) I barely placed my elbows on the wall and rotated my arms up against the wall before my shoulder popped with some crunching sounds in the shoulder socket. It popped back after a few seconds. The second time was today, Sunday. Again my F1/Pe1 workout done. Followed it up with some rehab exercises from Dieselcrew (search on youtube of interested) Cuban rotations 2x 12-15 Band external rotation 2x 12-15 Band pullapart 2x 12-15 Band pulldown behind neck 2 x 12-15 Band dislocations 2 x 12-15 After that I started practising handstands. After one 30 sec hold I dropped back. Felt good. Rested a minute or so, and just stretched my hands down out my sides, feeling a little tight in chest. POP! There went my shoulder for a trip once again! This is SO FRUSTRATING! Especially since I'm actually doing rehab-exercises reguarly! I have a history of shoulder dislocations, I've probably had over 30 incidents during the last 12 years. Thats why my shoulder can pop back again after a few second, but believe me, these are full luxations. Since december 2012 I´ve been really good at doing my oh so boring rehab exercises, and above all, I´ve started implementing Bent-over side laterals with 2-5 kg dumbells for 15-20 repetitions for 2-4 sets every weightlifting session and my shoulders have felt amazingly stable! I've been dislocationfree since august 2012. Before starting training with gymnastics. I like gymnastic training, I love handstand training. But obviously this programming doesn´t cut it for my unstable right-shoulder. I need advice on what to do. I believe that my chest and front of my body is much stronger than my rear delts and scapulae muscle and therefore, need a different kind of ratio of pressing (SpL, HbP) to pulling (RC) exercises. Also, any advice on how to implement handstand practise? Now I'm doing face to wall-handstands.
  22. Hello all, I have a small but pertinent query. My sternum has been hurting badly since my last workout on Saturday, 16th march. The pain is largely concentrated around the middle of the sternum, where the chest muscle inserts into the sternum bone. From what I tried searching for online, the pain seems centered around the insertion points of the 3rd and 4th ribs. Have I injured myself? Has anyone else experienced similar pain? If so, what did they do and how long did it take to subside? I must mention here that this pain did occur on and off after doing tuck back lever. Especially when I started hitting the 50s-60s mark. But the pain would subside in 1-2 days and I would be all ready for my next workout session ( I workout twice a week, one on Tues and second on Sat) Now, however, the pain is not subsiding. In fact, I recently (~ 3 weeks back) started to incorporate XR Support Holds. Last saturday, I held the position for 20s with locked arms and I experienced a really strong contraction of my chest. The pain happened during the contraction and has persisted ever since What possible course of action should I take vis a vis my workouts? Should I suspend all workouts till the pain disappears? My routine was like this when this happened : 1. Warmup ( dynamic stretching) 2. Prerequisites ( hollow hold, superman hold, front plank, reverse plank, pronated grip dead hang, supinated grip dead hang: all for 60s continuous) 3.L sit-PB Low-20s + L sit PB Tuck-40s ( 2 weeks ago began incorporating PB Low as I could hold tuck for 60+s) 4.Dips-1x8 ( Reduced the volume from 3x8 3 weeks back when I began incorporating XR Support Hold) 5.XR Support Hold , 3 sets of ~10s 6. Tuck FL-2x30s 7.German Hang-60s 8. Tuck BL- 50s, 30s 9. Wall handstand- 3x10s I'd be grateful for any tips and suggestions.
  23. restewart1017

    SLAP tear and biceps tenodesis

    Hi! I'm writing for advice. I'm a professional aerialist, and I've just been diagnosed with a SLAP tear with involvement of the biceps tendon. My doctor is recommending biceps tenodesis, wherein the remaining connection of the tendon to the labrum is severed and the tendon is tacked to the head of the humerus. He seems very optimistic about it, and I believe him, but part of me is a bit concerned with radically altering the physiology of the shoulder like that. Does anyone have experience with returning to ring work after an injury and/or surgery like this? My goal for this year was to have an aerial straps routine (movements are similar to high-level ring work; planches, handstands, etc.)- obviously, that's not gonna happen in 2013, but I'm wondering if it will *ever* be a possibility for me again. Any advice or stories you guys have would be very much appreciated. Thanks, ~Rachel
  24. Tee Kanchon

    (Injury)Bone Fracture -Please Advice

    I fall from box jump-WOD. I think it is called distal radius fracture. I'm so scared that cannot come back to do hand balance again. I m 29. Doctor just pull the bone and put the needle in with no open operation. Please.. Recommend I take fish oil n vit c for reduce inflammation. N taking calcium for bone. Does msm help? N how much dose all supplement should I take. Many guru in this forum I follow. Please suggest Thank u Tee from Thailand
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