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Found 2 results

  1. Leonard Wuest

    Triceps and wrist tendonitis

    Hello Everyone, I want to start Foundation One, bought it and the progressions look great, but unfortunately I have preexisting injuries, which prevent me from starting it. 2-3 years ago I didn´t know much about bodyweight training and just immitated exercises I saw on youtube. I did a lot of clapping push ups and elbow levers (Of course bad form). I didn´t warm up, did it multiple times a day, no rest days. Very stupid. My wrists started to hurt (on the flexor side) but I pushed through the pain even, though they hurted pretty badly. It just was fun to do these exercises. What a mistake! Wall Pushups and Incline Pushups were good and my wrist pain vanished, but I never went past knee pushups. The pain came back. So I did push ups on the fists, which felt better I worked up to close push ups this way. I also worked with triceps extensions and tiger bend push ups, but these hurted my elbows (the triceps tendon). But I ignored the pain. I went to a couple of doctors, made x-rays and mri. They couldn´t see anything, except maybe a mild synovitis in the wrists. But the pain was there and I couldn´t even stand up, while pressing myself up with the palm. I can feel the pain in the tendons, so it´s probably chronic tendonitis (tendonosis). The doctors told me I should rest and don´t do any upper body training, even pullups hurted. So I rested, for 5 months now. The pain is still there. So I followed the advice, Massage of the muscles and light eccentrics/stretching. I´m also wearing wrist and elbow wraps to keep the tendons warm. I ´m not sure it´s the right thing to do. At least it doesn´t get worse from it (I think). My wrist injury happened now more than 2 years ago, but I didn´t rested it consequently back then. Triceps Injury was not longer than a year ago. Both weren´t really acute injuries or accidents, they got worse with the time and became chronic. What should I do for tendon rehab? I´m not able to do most of the first steps in foundation one, because of these chronic injuries. Should I rest even more? Any advice?
  2. Justin Cloud

    One big wrist mess, discouraged...

    It's going to be a bit long, bear with me Let me start from the beginning. 4 months ago, when I practiced handstand, occasionally my right wrist will have a bit pain. And it goes away right after I stop the movement. (At this time, i'm still capable of doing every exercises) Beginning of March, when H1 came out, I was excited because there are joint conditioning exercises in it; and I know if I put time in to strengthening my wrist and there will be no occasional pain. So I started easing into H1. At first my joint feels ok, and when I progressed with HS/PE1 and the joint preparation, my wrist starts to feel uncomfortable at times. However, I thought that, as the training goes on it will improve and get better. At that time I picked up flag football during weekends, where I do alot of blocking. After two weeks or so, my right wrist started feeling uncomfortable even when i'm not doing any thing. Because of it, I deloaded on H1, and think that by doing it, It'll help my wrist get into shape. As time passes, my right wrist even started to hurt when I handle stuff. So I totally stopped H1 on beginning of Apirl. One day I was at school, I hi-fived my friend, and he gave me this self-defense move where he twists my wrist, and that causes some pain. Gradually I realize, even the exercises that requires my palm on the ground hurts my right wrist, so I dropped those exercises too. I currently go to college, and it requires decent amount of typing. So in order to compensate my right hand, i use my left hand to write and type at times. And gradually, left wrist pain kicks in as well. both of my wrist hurts when I bend my wrist at any angle and squeeze my fingers. My right wrist is a bit swollen, which is hard to tell. And I circled the pain areas: RIGHT HAND compere to LEFT: I feel freaking handicapped right now, both my wrists are messed up. I basically can not handle anything, and it feels uncomfortable when I type right now.
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