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Found 4 results

  1. Kovacs Marton

    Planche pushup pain

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.I'd like to ask for advice regarding a rather persistent problem.I have a stable planche, and I believe im able to progress to more difficult levels such as the planche pushup (straddle in my case).My problem is that whenever i lower myself and then start to press up I feel a sharp pain in my left forearm.It feels as if one of those many muscles in the forearm were hurt, so i cant perform the exercise without pain.This isn't the type of pain deep inside the forearm that everyone encounters when going for the planche variations, my arms already got used to that.I can also "activate" this pain by trying to perform backlever pullups, or left handed one arm pullups with the palms facing away from me. Thank you for any kind of advice in advance.
  2. Jamie Clowes

    Hello + forearm splints

    I'm new here but have been reading through threads for a few months now, mainly on forearm splints, wrist and finger pain. I started getting forearm splints years ago when I was a bro, curling 40kg in the gym like I was the man. Then I started to get pain, so bad I couldn't even open a door. Eventually I stopped doing curls altogether, switched over to DC training and then 5x5. I occasionally got some pain from bench / overhead press, but it was completely manageable through stretching. A few years later and I've quit the gym, focussing on bodyweight training. I needed some goals so began working towards the planche and handstand. For the planche I practised L-Sit, tuck planche & planche lean - doing sets so the times totalled 60 seconds per exercise, gradually increasing the time per set (15,15,15,15 - 20,20,20 - 30,30 etc). For the handstand I was really just working on my fear of being on my hands upside-down and only really got as far as a headstand against a wall (don't laugh). The planche training was going so well and I was really enjoying the progression, even if it was ever so slow. However it all came to a swift end when my forearm splints came back with a vengeance. I noticed it came on really strong if I was doing a hold then immediately came off the position, but if I came off gradually then the pain wouldn't be as bad, but would still be present. I've always stretched my wrists out before and after exercising ... as well as doing about 8x 30 second exercises with a rice bucket. The addition of the above 2 things really did feel as though it was working. However I ended up stopping training completely, and just doing the above stretches every few days but for some reason this just brought the strain back. I've also tried not doing any stretches or training at all. I've even started getting pain from playing guitar and typing now (perhaps all 3 are linked?). My main point of this thread is to ask if anyone has actually had any success with forearm/finger/wrist exercises that has enabled them to train hard again, without having to worry about any pain creeping in, and also if there are any structured programs out there I can follow which can help. I know this is probably about the 10th thread on forearm splints, but I really haven't found much hope online on the topic and am getting slightly desperate. If anyone can help please do! I just want to start training correctly again.
  3. Brage Berg

    injury from planche

    hi everyone! i am new to this forum, but it looks like there are a lot of competent bodyweight athletes here. ive been doing bodywaight exercises for about two years now and i just discovered coach sommers book; building the gymnastics body witch i found really interresting. therefor i have decided to change the fokus of my training and to try and follow a few of the principles found in the book. the first thing i have to adress is a injuriy i have been dealing with, and i hope some of you could help me. ive been training for planche for a while and i found som tutorials where people recomendet that i did the following exercise; lay on the floor with your feet toutvhing the wall. putt your hands besides your hip and walk up the wall to a handstand. then slide down to a planche using the wall as support. i 45 degrees angle on my wrists. i did this for a few month, and everytime i felt a sting in my forearm after letting go. i thought at the time that this was fine, but after a while it started to hurt after the exercise as well. looking back i hunderstand that the reason probably was inmobility in my wrists, and this exercise forces your wrist in a position that it might nok be able to hold. the pain is located along the bone that goes from elbow to the pinky finger side of the wrist. i still train planches but now i have to have the fingers pointing towards my toes while training it. and i now fokus on leans and flat tuck variations that mye wrist feels comfertable with. the only movements that really hurts are; planche with hands 45 deg angle, backlever with narrow neutral grip, and some random movements with hands in an awkward position(tried biceps curls with a friend once and that hurt like hell). what could this be? i cant really afford to go to physio. and should i stop training for a while or is it just fine as long as i do stuff that doesent hurt( or hurt too mutch)?. its been going on since last summer. it has been getting a bit better though after i started stretching my wrists/forearms.
  4. I have been doing bodyweight exercises seriously for about 4-5 months now, and I’m just starting to experience pain in my right forearm. Below are the exercises I’m doing. Planche progression (currently doing advanced tuck planche for sets of 5-10 seconds)Front lever progression (I guess I'm 1 or 2 months from performing a full front lever)Manna progression (just started on v-sits)OAC progression (currently doing sets of slow eccentric-OAC and can perform 3/4 of a OAC)My workouts consist of only 2 exercises every other day and some handstand work: Day 1 is planche+manna work. Day 2 is rest. Day 3 is front lever+OAC wrok. Day 4 is rest. Repeat.I only experience the pain in my right forearm. It feels like it's the bone in my forearm being pushed to its limit and not really something muscle/tendon related. The pain is located at the middle point between my elbow and wrist in my right forearm, on the ulna (the under forearm bone). The pain is strongest RIGHT after a set of planche, right when I release the hold. I feel nothing during the hold (maybe due to my mind being occupied with performing rather demanding exercise), but right after the hold I feel an intense pain in my forearm for a few seconds which is slowly replaced by a sore feeling. I also feel it (not as much though) when doing manna or handstand work. I searched Google and found this thread: http://forums.menshealth.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/64310347/m/5131018302 I believe I'm experiencing the same kind of pain as described by several others in that thread. What is this pain, and how should I proceed? Why do I not feel anything at all in my left arm? Thanks.
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