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Found 1 result

  1. I have been doing bodyweight exercises seriously for about 4-5 months now, and I’m just starting to experience pain in my right forearm. Below are the exercises I’m doing. Planche progression (currently doing advanced tuck planche for sets of 5-10 seconds)Front lever progression (I guess I'm 1 or 2 months from performing a full front lever)Manna progression (just started on v-sits)OAC progression (currently doing sets of slow eccentric-OAC and can perform 3/4 of a OAC)My workouts consist of only 2 exercises every other day and some handstand work: Day 1 is planche+manna work. Day 2 is rest. Day 3 is front lever+OAC wrok. Day 4 is rest. Repeat.I only experience the pain in my right forearm. It feels like it's the bone in my forearm being pushed to its limit and not really something muscle/tendon related. The pain is located at the middle point between my elbow and wrist in my right forearm, on the ulna (the under forearm bone). The pain is strongest RIGHT after a set of planche, right when I release the hold. I feel nothing during the hold (maybe due to my mind being occupied with performing rather demanding exercise), but right after the hold I feel an intense pain in my forearm for a few seconds which is slowly replaced by a sore feeling. I also feel it (not as much though) when doing manna or handstand work. I searched Google and found this thread: http://forums.menshealth.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/64310347/m/5131018302 I believe I'm experiencing the same kind of pain as described by several others in that thread. What is this pain, and how should I proceed? Why do I not feel anything at all in my left arm? Thanks.
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