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Found 1 result

  1. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Muscle Knot/Bump?

    Hey guys, I posted here about 2 months ago about the Injury i had on my Upper left arm. After giving my arm some rest..Now ive been feeling this bump, like a muscle knot right where the injury had occurred..It is exactly where the brachialis is. The knot is movable..when I put any pressure on it, it slides under my fingers. Its like this little bump in my arm that when i put pressure on it just jumps from side to side. It is a tight knot, and it has not been going away. It might be getting better but its at such a slow rate that im not able to even tell. Does anyone know what this is? It doesn't hurt all the time, the pain just randomly comes and goes. I still have not really worked out because of fear of re-injury. I just want to know what this is, what its from...and how i can make it go away to start training again. Also, it appears to be so that i have the same bump on my other arm, but it is much smaller than my injured one, I am thinking that they are both injured, but my left one is way worse. If I follow the bump with my fingers...it starts where the Tricep is at, and moves its way down until its right next to the bicep tendon where it attatches to the elbow. The bump is easier to feel when my arm is resting, like if its put down on the table. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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