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Found 23 results

  1. Andrey Kruglykhin

    limits to stretching - don't over do it

    If I cannot follow the standard stretching series (hopefully, only temporarily) of 1x front split/middle split/thorasic bridge a week but I have two or three slots of 10-20 mins a day and want to fill them with stretching, which muscles / joints are safe to do every now and then? I remember all the exercises from the stretching series very well and I can play with them in all possible ways so my concern is about volume and frequency in order to not overdo the stretching, risking no-results or even injury. Any tips on that, please? I know that would be all individual but there might be some general tips? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Bartosz Jackiewicz

    Split training - nothing works

    Hello to everybody! I'm new to this forum but I see very interesting content here and experienced people so hopefully I will find here some good solutions to my problem. Probably many can relate to my situation which is I am not flexible and nothing has worked on me so far. I am thinking about buying one of the stretch courses (middle split is first on my list) but it's quite expensive for me so I want to be sure this will be good spent money. To be honest, I'm slowly losing hope to improve my flexibility. To give you guys an idea of what I have tried let me describe shortly previous programmes. Maybe you can advise me if you tried something similar and stretch series changed it all leading you to your dreamed splits. When I was 15-16, I stretched 3 times a week. It was exausting training lasting about 1,5h. It consisted of warm-up, isometric stretching (trying to get as far as possible to side split, contraction, then release, go further) and static stretching as well. At the end I could achieve full range of motion that I had that time. I tried 3 months of training like that. There were no effects. So I tried different one: stretching once per day, about 30-45 min, not so demanding, mostly static stretches. After one month still no effects. I know now that not every excercise I did was perfectly done, but not even smallest progress? Come on! Now I'm older and decided to give it a try one more time! I stretch 3 times a day, each session about 30min. First 10 min is foam rolling then I do four excersises with 1min hold each: one for adductors, hamstring, glutes and quads/illiopsoas. During training day I change one session (in the middle of the day) and I add excersises with movement and isometric stretches. So far it's been one week of training like that then one week break (lack of time) and now back to it. I'm planning to go like this for 3 more weeks and see if there will be any results. If not, then the last hope I can think of is stretch course that maybe has something I haven't tried yet. I saw many people posted their progress during one of the stretch serie and it's really impressive. My doubts are that I am one of those people that no matter what will try, still stay like a brick. I hope someone more experienced would help me on my problem and advise me if stretch series are the good choice in this case (middle split or maybe different one). Best regards.
  3. Jakub Lukášek

    Hamstring flexibility problems

    Hey guys, I’ve recently bought Fundamentals course, because I’ve read here in this forum, that it is good start for developing mobility and it can be done as daily limbering routine. I‘m also considering to buy all stretch series. I want to ask you if there is some possibility, for guy who spend 40-60 hours/week in car or in the office, sitting, to develop mobility and flexibility, especially in hips and hamstrings. I’ve spent lot of time stretching for few years and I think I’m still on the same spot- one fist from elbow to toe touch, cannot sit with straight back on the ground with stretched legs without losing arch in back. I have also problems with pain in hamstring – In positions, where I’m lenghtening hamstring, some sharp pain shows on few spots somewhere between underbutt to middle of hasmtring and it feels like my hamstring will tear apart. I think it’s trigger points from that damn sitting- tried some trigger point therapy, massages, ice stretches, PNF and RI stretching – no result, still pain. When I overcome this pain and do some stretch series, it’s ok for a while- maybe few hours, but then it’s back and worse and I have to take looooong break after to fully recover and then after few stretches, pain is back. I also spent some time under Ido Portal’s team coaching, but with the same result. I was doing some loaded stretches- different exercises- cca 10 series- 4 times /week- and that made my problems even worse. Is there someone who himself, or his client had similar problems and found solution? Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. Thank you for your answers.
  4. Charlie Reid

    Static stretching vs "Mobility" training

    I had a question to pose to the group regarding the utility of static stretching. There seems to be a trend in various fitness communities that vilify passive static stretching and instead favor more active mobility methods (isometric stretching/PNF, eccentrics, end range loading in various positions, etc). For the record, I'm not against static stretching and, based on history and lineage in the sport of gymnastics, the tradition of lots of static stretching is ubiquitous. Im just curious as to the rationale of so much passive static stretching in gymnastics circles. Why not just do all active flexibility work? Why the need for passive stretching?
  5. Andrew Wilson 226962

    Stretching vs Mobility

    There's quite a bit of criticism of "stretching" in certain fitness circles, particularly endurance. I have my own ideas to distinguish what they call "stretching" from active, strength-based mobility, I'd be curious to have the response of this community to these critiques: https://philmaffetone.com/dangers-of-stretching/ http://www.drgangemi.com/natural-fitness/stop-stretching/ Thanks!
  6. I'm a little unclear on how different courses integrate. After reading many forum posts, I often see advice like 'Start with Foundation and then add Stretching'. Looking at the software screen shots on product pages, I'm unsure of what each day / session looks like if I'm doing two courses - is the software aware? Does that mean two training sessions a day or would I be alternating days? What if I then end up working the same muscle group on consecutive days? And what happens if I add the handstand course? A lot of questions, I know.
  7. I can't seem to target my lower back with anything. Granted, my lower body is one big tight knot because of sitting/standing job daily, even on weekends mostly. So most stretches like downward dog hit my legs a lot, painfully lot. Especially calves. I do stretch them almost daily, but they just don't seem to open up. As i'm writing this, my calves again hurt/feel really unpleasant, feeling like they'd need some extreme violent stretch. I was deadlifting again today, and it felt bad on my lower back. I warmed up, but couldn't get my lower back to "open" in a way. It felt like i seriously needed some good stretch to open it before i started lifting, but didn't, and now it's even worse. I tried different things, but didn't find anything that targets the right spot. Do you guys have any tips for stubbornly tight calves/lower back?
  8. I notice after doing a specific stretch for an extended period of time (ie. middle splits, butterfly stretch), when I relax the muscles I stretched feel as though they get a bit tight after I've stretched them (almost like a rebound effect), and sometimes I'll feel the stretch in another area that I'm not even stretching (ie middle of my back when doing butterfly stretches). Has anyone experienced this "rebound" effect? If I want to see a professional about this, who do I go to (ie orthopedist, acupuncturist, physical therapist)?
  9. Blaze Kwaymullina 162734

    Mobility / Powerlifting Pairs

    Hi guys, simple question here. I do 531 at the moment at a Powerlifting / Strong man Gym down the road. I started recently using the stretch series three times a week from GB. That is all i currently use GB for - the stretch series. My strength training focuses on squat, deadlift, bench and Press (though i did buy the other basic courses as it is something i will no doubt try later). One thing i liked in the foundation course is the integration of mobility with the exercises. i.e you do an exercise than do a paired mobility exercise straight after like a super set. I was curious if anyone could recommend a mobility exercise to pair with the four core lifts in 531 that i could do in between sets. i.e: Squat - Mobility Pair X Deadlift - Mobility Pair X Bench Press - Mobility Pair X Overhead Press - Mobility Pair X If it makes any difference i squat and deadlift Sumo style with a very wide stance. In order to improve my mobility i currently warm up with Defrancos simple 6 and Limber 11 and then have just started doing three of the GB stretch sessions per week which kicked my ass.
  10. Leonardo Campodonico

    Good Morning Vs Jefferson Curl

    Hi all , i see two weighted exercises for harmstrings : jefferson curl and goodmorning. which one is better for reinforce harmstrings ? and what are the different muscles activated ? i want to do one of this two in the rest of superman or l-sit or l'sit pull ups . some advice ? thank you all (sorry for my english , i'm still learning it )
  11. Antony Stanley-Clarke

    Foundation 1 Stretching Elements

    I was wondering how much stretching is integrated into the foundation 1 course. Or is it just strength elements?
  12. Matthew Jefferys

    Sudden Sharp, Burning Pain After Stretching

    I was going about a particularly difficult hamstring stretch a few minutes ago when I suddenly felt the most intense burning sensation in my right leg. It's up on the lateral side almost near the knee. Right where the lateral gastrocnemius head and soleus tendons touch. When I try flexing my calf muscle, the outer portion of the lateral head shakes and feels a bit weak. The pain is fading fairly quickly. Have I torn muscle or connective tissue, or did I just irritate a nerve?
  13. Does the foundation series include stretching or will i have to purchase that as well? Same goes for the handstand progressions? Are these all separate or if I purchase the foundations series, are they built into the program? Thanks, J
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a 42-year-old male who's been cross-fitting for over 18 months and stayed somewhat fit before that by biking and running. During the last 4 months I trained for the CRASH-B sprints, which are a 2K indoor rowing (Concept2 erg) competition. I kept lifting 3 days a week but dropped WODs completely in favor of erg workouts. I was a bit disappointed with my final result (though I made huge progress) and will probably train again next year, starting on November. In the meantime, I plan on incorporating a couple of "steady state" rowing workouts a week, which are akin to a light, long-distance jogs (45' or more). Overall, I have the general goals (in order) of improving flexibility, mobility, gymnastics skills and strength. With all that in mind, I'm trying to design a program for myself over the next 8 months and I'm wondering how this course work could fit in. I would like to keep 2-3 visits per week to the crossfit gym because, frankly, I get a lot out of being a part of that community. Realistically I'll only have 60-90 minutes or so to devote per day to any routine (including warmup, cool-down, etc.) My initial thought was to start with a stretching course, and do that 1 or 2 days a week on top of the steady state pieces and a couple of lifting days at crossfit. Does that make sense? If so, which stretching course would be the one to start with and what are the time requirements?
  15. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Hamstring Strain

    Dear all, I'm pretty certain that I strained my hamstrings. What to do to get me back to where they're healthy? About a month ago, I was bed-ridden with that seasonal cold/flu and as a result I became awfully stiff. Anyways, upon recovering from my illness I'm fairly certain that I pushed myself too hard in some stretching/cooldown components post-workout and now experience excessive tightness in my hamstrings. Furthermore forward bending, as one would do in a standing pike, exhibits a lot of stress (and not the debacle between soreness and injury, it feels like injury). Does anyone know of any methodologies that speed the recovery. I'm thinking of specific yoga stretches/routines or various weighted stretches or holds that might help expedite the recovery time. I can still do all of the Foundation and Handstand exercises. I use lacrosse balls, rumble rollers and do yoga from 10-45 minutes a day, on top of the stretching series. Though, to be fair the front split routine may be sidelined due to the aforementioned problem with my hamstrings. Any insights or help from coaches or more knowledgeable types is appreciated. Thanks, Danny
  16. Zach Koch

    Short Achilles Tendon

    After hurting my back doing lower weight squats, my doctor told me that having a shorter achilles tendon made the barbell squat more dangerous. I'm now wonder if this is also why I've never been able to touch my toes despite daily attempts. Does anyone have, or is anyone familiar with a case where someone has a shorter achilles tendon and was able to reach fingers or wrist to toes. Is it feasible? My neice(5 years old) has it even worse than I do. She constantly toe walks and in her gymnastics class, is the only kid who seems to be having trouble. So, I'm asking for her as well.
  17. I was wondering if a stretching program should be incorporated into Foundation One to increase flexibility, or if the integrated mobility stuff is sufficient? If the former, does the book contain these stretches?
  18. Aris Tsangarides

    Quadratus Lumborum, Back Hyperextension

    I posted this in another thread but the issues on that thread were already resolved and it seemed like I was starting a new thread within a thread, so I just decided to post it as a new topic again instead. Whenever I used to do exercises that involved hyperextension of the back, my "Lower/side" back would cramp up. The thing is though, my erector spinae wasn't what was cramping. The way I figured it out was doing Iliopsoas stretches directly after, which soothed the low back pain but not the deep dull side pain, which remained for days on end. Did a bit of research and figured that it had to be my Quadratus Lumborum, a muscle for which I haven't yet found a stretch that could be performed without a partner and that actually targets this muscle. Even foam rolling or using a tennis ball fails at successfully reaching this region. As a way to deal with this issue, I try to always perform exercises with a "stacked" spine or at the bare minimum to be mindful of my coccyx being "tucked", which reduces pulling tension on my Iliopsoas and to some degree on my QL. 1)Are there holds/exercises where the back shouldn't be tucked? (in martial arts, tennis, swimming, and many other sports they teach you that being stacked is how you control your body as one single unit) 2)Is the QL involved in hyperextending the back? or in anterior pelvic tilt? 3)Are there any good solo QL stretching exercises out there? 4) Say you have tight hip flexors, hamstrings or any muscle you want. It's tight and you can also feel a pain that resulted from this tightness. Do you recommend stretching?(I assume yes) BUT do you recommend strengthening: -after the pain has gone away? -while there's pain, but to train the muscle within the confines of what one would consider tolerable pain/not debilitating pain? -what if you haven't been strengthening the muscle, but kept stretching it correctly for a number of months and there is an increased range of motion and flexibility but still some residual pain. Could this be because of a lack of training this muscle? Should you start strengthening it? I would really appreciate Kitlaughlin's input on this(as well as anyone else that wants to shed some light on this issue)
  19. hi guys ive run into a bit of confusion over when you should stretch i remember at school before sports we would do some as well as laps of the track etc but a lot of advice in general is not to stretch or the difference between dynamic and static stretches which confused me all the more as some advice is to not stretch just "warm up" which i find an ambiguous and generally unhelpful term. any advice would be greatly appreciated thx
  20. Afiya Zia

    pnf and Teenagers

    I'd like to supplement my lower body weighted work with some mobility pieces. I like Kelly Starret's Squat Series, as well as Kit Laughlin's soleus stretch, but they feature elements of pnf, which I read can damage growth plates in adolescents. Does this danger spread to: 1) the Contract-Relax kind of stretch, where one strives to increase the stretch as much as possible? 2) stretches where one moves in and out of the position, or oscilates through it? Are these safe? I'm fourteen years old, and am around 5 ft 6 in. I can't buy Kit's book as of now, as I am saving money for H1, and eventually, M1. As always, any and all help is appreciated Thanks, Aadil
  21. Charlie Reid

    Resistance Flexibility

    Do any of you have experience or thoughts about Resistance flexibility? The physiology and mechanisms seem logical, but wanted to get some feedback from the forum on this one if anyone has any salient thoughts. The two camps that seem to employ this technique are Bob Cooley (www.meridianflexibility.com) and www.ki-hara.com. Dara Torres claims to use this to help her recovery and range of motion. Essentially, the technique involves starting in a shortened position and maximally contracting while the muscle is eccentrically lengthened either by a partner or by yourself. Thanks!
  22. Deins Drengers

    When , How Often And How To Stretch ?

    Hi ! The title nearly says it all. Ive heard different opinions: that you should stretch every day or twice a day. another information source said to stretch every other day. i want to improove overall flexibility and be able to do pikes and leg splits and i have heard that having good flexibility will help to develop acrobatic skills aswell. And i have a question : Will stretching decrease my strength progressing from Static and bodyweight exercises ? I'm talking about a serious stretch that takes about 30 min or so. Any advice or answer will be appreciated ! Thank you !
  23. Hi. Because of my schedule, I have to sit down directly after working out for about half an hour everyday (I have track class last period, and my only form of transportation home is the bus - our coach usually finishes up our workouts at 3:40 and the buses leave at 3:45.) I was wondering if not stretching directly after working out would affect my flexibility in any way? I still stretch every night before bed for half an hour to one hour (after re-warming up my legs by walking the dogs), it's just delayed. Does anybody know how/if this will affect me? (more specifically my front and middle splits?). Thanks.
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