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Found 5 results

  1. Tom Pavant

    GB and CrossFit

    Hi ! I've started GB 2,5 months ago, and I decided to make it my priority until I reach at least an intermediate level. But until now, I've been a competitive crossfiter for 6 years, and when I started with GB, I lost a lot of strength and conditioning. So I decided to do something and I came up with this program. I was used to train 5x 2 hours a week before, so the volume is ok for me. I justed wanted to share this for other newbies of my kind and also to have your opinions ! Because coach Sommer says crossfit should be done before the GB program, I decided to combine conditioning, weightlifting and warmup as much as possible to gain time. Also, I chose the Hatch Squat Cycle because it's just 2 days a week. When I do the WODs, I apply the general GB rule "moderation and consistency" rather than the usual high intensity crossfit rule. Because I believe that GB keeps me fit for most exercises used in CF, I only included the movements I'd risk to regress on: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, heavy squats and double unders. The rest is just about metcon (row, run and assault bike). I included the stretch series once a week as recommended, but the foundation work twice a week. I hope this makes a good and reasonable compromise between crossfit and GB ! The goal is to progress as much as possible in gymnastics without dying when I'll go back to the box in a few months Cheers Monday: Warm up (15-20 min): Mobility DROMs for weightlifting, Ido Portal Squat routine 2.0, Weightlifting 101 OHS complex & snatch warm up GST part 1 (10 min): Lower Body WOD (15 min): 3 rounds 1 min to complete 5 Squat snatches UB / 1 min row / 1 min to complete 5 squat clean and jerks UB/ 1 min assault bike/ 1 min rest Start with 40% 1 RM and add weight from week to week if technique is perfect GST part 2 (45 min): Handstand / Core Tuesday: Warm up and WOD (10-15min): 6 rounds of 300 m row /10 burpees /50 DU Go slow on the first round, then speed up a little more on every round and do the last round on max effort. GST (20-30 min): Upper body Stretch Series (45 min): Middle Split Wednesday: Warm up and WOD (30 min): Same as Monday GST (10 min): Lower body Strength (15-20 min): Hatch Squat Cycle Day 1 Stretch series (45 min): Front split Thursday: Warm up and WOD (20-25 min): Run 5K GST (60 min): Core / Upper body Friday: Warm up and WOD (10-15 min): Same as Tuesday GST (15-20 min): Handstand Stretch series (45 min): Thoracic Bridge Saturday: Warm up and GST (30-40 min): Movement Strength (15-20 min): Hatch Squat Cycle day 2
  2. Chris Carnazzo

    Best Program to Compliment Crossfit?

    Hello. I've been pursuing the foundation series for a few months. Since I have started, I have refined my goals and wanted suggestions on which series to follow and how to work it into my current routine. Goal #1 - Injury Prevention. I have serious overuse injuries to my adductors from a decade of marathon training. I am doing the middle splits stretch course once a week. Should I increase or stay at once a week? Any other suggestion to guard against injury? Goal #2 - Achieve advanced crossfit movements. I still do not have muscle ups. I would like to master these movements. Goal #3 - Solidify handstands and pistols. I can do a handstand walk, but it's not pretty. Same with pistols. Looking to sharpen these skills. Finally, how should I pepper these courses into my routine. Right now, I do crossfit programming Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri. Thurs, I do skill work, usually snatches. Sat is a medium run, about 7 miles. Sun has become my middle split stretch day. How much GST can I pepper in without over-training? I am a masters athlete and not getting any younger. Thanks for any advice. I find these courses valuable, I just need to dial in the details. PS - Is there anyone in the Bay Area who knows the courses well enough to judge my mastery? I was thinking of seeing a coach once a month to make sure I am on track.
  3. Hi, Currently doing Crossfit / HIIT 4 or 5 days a week and keeping my weight (body fat around 25%) trying to eat clean at least 5 days a week. I will like to work on my mobility and flexibility and I know your progrmans will help me a lot; however, I am afraid that I will not have time to keep doing Crossfit / HIIT and GST at the same time. I am also afraid of gainnig fat if I stop my Crossfit / HIIT training. Any recomendations on how to aproach my new GST without gaining fat? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a 42-year-old male who's been cross-fitting for over 18 months and stayed somewhat fit before that by biking and running. During the last 4 months I trained for the CRASH-B sprints, which are a 2K indoor rowing (Concept2 erg) competition. I kept lifting 3 days a week but dropped WODs completely in favor of erg workouts. I was a bit disappointed with my final result (though I made huge progress) and will probably train again next year, starting on November. In the meantime, I plan on incorporating a couple of "steady state" rowing workouts a week, which are akin to a light, long-distance jogs (45' or more). Overall, I have the general goals (in order) of improving flexibility, mobility, gymnastics skills and strength. With all that in mind, I'm trying to design a program for myself over the next 8 months and I'm wondering how this course work could fit in. I would like to keep 2-3 visits per week to the crossfit gym because, frankly, I get a lot out of being a part of that community. Realistically I'll only have 60-90 minutes or so to devote per day to any routine (including warmup, cool-down, etc.) My initial thought was to start with a stretching course, and do that 1 or 2 days a week on top of the steady state pieces and a couple of lifting days at crossfit. Does that make sense? If so, which stretching course would be the one to start with and what are the time requirements?
  5. Hi Everyone, Newbie here, been lurking on the forum for about a week and finally decided to open an account to interact with you guys. Currently my background was doing crossfit for 2 years. I always never excelled in the gymnastics portion of crossfit so decided to start focusing on it. I was thinking of completely stopping my crossfit and considering Foundation 1 and maybe HS only. Seems like this is suggested from searching the forum. Given I have done some olympic lifting and some met cons, will the Foundation 1 be sufficient from just feeling a good workout. For people who have done crossfit, you guys know what I mean on feeling drained after the trainers yells time. From reading the post, i think the intensity is slightly different. Also from reading past posts, it seems like people suggest not to even bother altering the program. From reading from other forums people actually have tried incorporating some olympic lifting or Wendler training to keep up with their crossfit type strenghts. Thoughts are always appreciated. Kindred
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