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Found 1 result

  1. Jakub Lukášek

    Hamstring flexibility problems

    Hey guys, I’ve recently bought Fundamentals course, because I’ve read here in this forum, that it is good start for developing mobility and it can be done as daily limbering routine. I‘m also considering to buy all stretch series. I want to ask you if there is some possibility, for guy who spend 40-60 hours/week in car or in the office, sitting, to develop mobility and flexibility, especially in hips and hamstrings. I’ve spent lot of time stretching for few years and I think I’m still on the same spot- one fist from elbow to toe touch, cannot sit with straight back on the ground with stretched legs without losing arch in back. I have also problems with pain in hamstring – In positions, where I’m lenghtening hamstring, some sharp pain shows on few spots somewhere between underbutt to middle of hasmtring and it feels like my hamstring will tear apart. I think it’s trigger points from that damn sitting- tried some trigger point therapy, massages, ice stretches, PNF and RI stretching – no result, still pain. When I overcome this pain and do some stretch series, it’s ok for a while- maybe few hours, but then it’s back and worse and I have to take looooong break after to fully recover and then after few stretches, pain is back. I also spent some time under Ido Portal’s team coaching, but with the same result. I was doing some loaded stretches- different exercises- cca 10 series- 4 times /week- and that made my problems even worse. Is there someone who himself, or his client had similar problems and found solution? Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. Thank you for your answers.
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