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Found 15 results

  1. Davide Isernia

    Workout Log Reset

    Hello everyone, I recently got in to GB and I did try some workout plans in the "Workout Log" but they are now saved even if I never actually did those, I was just figuring out the plan for the week. How can I reset the "Workout Log" to make it clean and fresh as new? I can not delete anything because the system wont allow me to do that for the past days. Thanks
  2. Luka Kopusar

    "less is more"

    Hey there. Someone copied a link to a book "body by science", and ofc i wanted to read it because i wanted to know if this is really true. So the book tells you that 1 workout per week is enough, to see some visible results, and quite good results. I also attend a college where we have physiology and anatomy and such stuff, so i knew my way around in the book. it really does makes sense from a physiology view, so you break down muscles and you just rest until you are stronger than before, makes sense. And then i really questioned myself, do i benefit more with my 4 workouts a week (each muscle 2x) or would i gain more hyper,strength with less frequency. And than still a question or more of a habit, a drug... "but no, what will i do on rest days, i have to do some exercies" it really hit me, just like in the book that people really developed this kinda of thinking. I would try this type of training, but then i think what if i would waste my time. silly maybe, but im in kinda whirlpool right now. maybe for dynamic exercises more apart, what about statics like FL,BL,PL... i really hope for some of your thoughts and insights cheers
  3. Luka Kopusar

    Workout Plan

    Hey guys, been here for a while, but lately i've been thinking about my program that needs some changes. what do you think about working out on M, T, Th, F and continuing such program on sunday. So, there would always be a rest on 3rd day through out the month. till now, i've been doing M W F but i think an extra 2 workout in 4 weeks would benefit me more. oh, and what about straight 6 day workout, sunday off? Other than diet + sleep and other stuff, are there any objective scientific reasons which workout gives the best results? the program (applies to 4 and 6 day workout): 1st day - hspu, pull + 2 FSE 2nd day - pushup, row + 2 FSE 3rd day - dip, curl + 2 FSE FSE are also different each day. And please, dont type buy F1, f2, ... just give me some other opinion. For the record, i've completed pretty much f1, not interested in f2. cheers
  4. Hey guys, Can someone give me a good planche workout/progression program?
  5. Hey guys, so i recently just got into bodyweight workouts for gymnastics and bboy, and can you guys help me make a weekly workout plan. The only things i have access too are body weight workouts, pullups bars and dipping racks Thankyou My goal is to build strength and lose weight THANKYOU its my first time
  6. So I did some snooping for some articles about Gymnastics just cuz I love the sport and I found a 20-30 set workout that made a whole lot of sense to me about Gymnastics strength training, what do you guys think? found this on BB.com by the way Pushups (Close and Wide Hand Positions) Hanging Leg Raise Bench Dips Freehand Jump Squat Dumbbell Step Ups Chin-Up Hyperextensions (Back Extensions) Side Lateral Raise Standing Long Jump Plyo Kettlebell Pushups
  7. Hi guys! In your opinion, what would be the major differences between proposed "street workout" (calisthenics in public facilities) vs traditional gymnastics training? I myself considered gymnastics as an end goal in itself, whereas street workout really is just preparing the body for whatever it goes through in daily life (which gymnastics itself also does). I used to think that the quality of work in the street workout was far behind gymnastics, but in a short time frame they've quickly developed and maybe the average strength of street workout proponents exceeds even elite level gymnasts. I say this because I have seen some techniques recently that blew my mind, such as: Reverse Planche (skip to 0:37): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfug6Y7MKE0&feature=share One Armed Muscle-Up (first 10 seconds): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vFASzKBoJ7I Close to Impossible (CTI) (second closest attempt after Jasper Benincasa's original): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir4WMCp1vuA These are all techniques which I've never seen even elite level gymnasts perform. I understand that the CTI probably doesn't have a place in any of the current men's events, maybe even the OAMU, but Reverse Planche should've been achieved by them!!!
  8. Firmgood


    Hey Guys, Is there anybody that has workout for chest (push) with rings and dip bar? I would like example of workout, like number of exercises, sets, reps, rest between sets/reps... And how could I progress that workout, when it becomes to easy? Thank's a lot.
  9. Hello all, I'm building a new routine and I'd like to know what do you think about it : It's a Pull/Push routine with push Monday and Thursday and pull Tuesday and Friday. Every workout start with skill work (Handstand work, straight-arm press, bent-arm press, and Manna work). Push days : X*X Tuck Planche hold 3*X Wall HeSPU (or HSPU/Free HeSPU) 3*X Ring Dips 3*X Tuck PPU 2*Max "Superman" (for lower back, I don't know if I must do it) Leg work (with SLS, BW Hamstring curls, calf raises) Pull Days : X*X Tuck Front Lever (or Adv. Tuck FL) 3*X Ring L-Pullups (or Ring Wide Pullups) 3*X Tuck FL Pullups (or Adv. Tuck FL Pullups) Grip work Leg work (like the push day) (Sorry for my english ) Thanks for your advices and criticisms Have a nice day !
  10. Firmgood

    Strength/Conditioning Workout

    Some ideas (examples) for Strength/Conditioning Workout... So, workout that is something between Strength and Conditioning, so my heart rate is going up... Thank's!
  11. Firmgood

    Workout Logs

    Why I can't see a section Workout Logs? Thank's.
  12. Firmgood

    Push (Chest) Workout

    I was wondering, if somebody know some Push (Chest) Workout (Routine) on rings, and stuff like that... Thank's! Cheers!
  13. BodyTrain

    How To Workout?

    Hey, im 16 years old an come from germany. My goal is it to reach the Back/Front Lever, Human Flag, muscle up, one arm chin up and the full planche. I started my workout 7 month ago. I did one month some pull and push ups. After that I taked a break and 4 month ago I worked out again for a moth. I tried to reach my goal, but I haven´t any success... 2 month ago I go (and still go) to the gym. But I think that I will take a break. This was my little story. And now I will start again working out, with more intention. To my surprise, I did the muscle up, a 2 sec. Back Lever hold and an one leg Front Lever for about 8 sec. . I don´t now how I build the strengh for it, but Im happy. And now to my question. I would like to workout 4 days the week but I don´t now in which of the days I should train one exercise. Here is a example of how I would do my traning plan: Monday: Front/Back Lever training Tuesday: Muscle Up, explosive pull ups - explosive push ups Thursday: One arm chin up - push ups Friday: Front/Back Lever training Saturday: Chin/Pull Ups What do you think of it? Is it to much? Can I combine some days? I will start working for the planche and human flag, when I have an good front/back lever and a decent muscle up (can´t do more then one without that much kipping) I hope that you guys can give me some tips and sorry for my bad english.
  14. Michael Morello

    Help Me With My Workouts.

    Hi i am a beginner i started about 4 mouths ago and have been doing very well in my opinion i do these 4 static hold right now BL- full almost just tried today got maybe a full second of it. but relatively a good 20 sec straddle FL- not so good, still tucked for about 25 sec and trying to do volume on it L sit- 18 seconds ring support (arms straight and locked out)- not that well ether about 15 seconds. now my workouts-because i can not do the full workouts yet because i am working off of a pull up bar with my gymnastic rings hanging from them i can only do dips really and pull ups. so can do progress in back lever and front lever until i have the full FL and BL and just work on my pulling and pushing such as in dips and for pulling i can do pull ups. also i am working on handstands everyday and handstand press to PL (tucked) so basically i need help understanding the WOD because i don't understand the entirely. or can someone give me a youtube channel the does the workouts so i can see and follow of they are done. i know how to scale down the movements for my strength level because that is fairly simple. i am still very confused about the workouts and how to do them. can anyone comment on what i am doing and tell me if this is a good start for 4 months. ( i transferred from bodybuilding/ power lifting to this) and i like this more somewhat because it basically evened me out and i just like change so if anyone can help me in anyway i would defiantly appreciate it. (i am 17 years old and i weigh 180)( and about 12% BF)
  15. Joshua Naterman

    Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013

    Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013 Please note that GymnasticBodies does not provide any endorsement (official or unofficial) to the contents; and that this is the presentation of my collected knowledge for the purpose of education. It does not represent medical advice and is not a prescription for nutrition. This is specifically for the time period from 30 minutes pre-workout to 4-24 hours post-workout, and is intended for healthy individuals. If you have diabetes, or any other medical condition, please consult with a Registered Dietician. Preferably one that is used to working with athletes. If you have questions, please ask them here: https://www.gymnasticbodies.com/forum/topic/9581-perfect-workout-nutrition-2013-questions-and-answers/ What you must know before you begin: This plan includes drinking a good bit of water. 1 Liter or Quart of Water + 400-600mg sodium (not potassium salt) mixed in. Too much water without sufficient salt is dangerous. 600mg of sodium is a level 1/4 tsp or ~1.25 mL. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water during your workouts, please refer to the second post for instructions on making the transition. Note: As great as this strategy is, it cannot make up for an entire day of crappy eating. What you eat outside of the workout timezone is, in many ways, even more important than what you do peri-workout. While this plan will always give you the best results for your given situation, your absolute best results will only occur when your every-day nutrition is also solid. That is your foundation. This is the fancy house that sits on the foundation, and if you put this on top of the dietary equivalent of quicksand then you should not expect to see the results you want. The precise plan: ~20-30 minutes pre-workout: 30g of whey protein + 10-16 oz (300-500ml) of water or milk. 10-20g Carbs (ideally vegetables or fruit from list, not juice/baked goods/fruit) Oil or butter to cook vegetables in (important fat) Acceptable Fruit List: Whole citrus fruits, small apples (not sweet), pitted fruits (peaches, nectarines, cherries, etc), most berries. Note 1: If you find other carb sources that work well for you, then obviously those are fine too. I simply find that these are the carb sources that give me the most consistently excellent results. Note 2: Some people simply can't make this work, due to scheduling issues. If you can't, you're going to need to experiment with whole food meals to find what works best for you. Daniel Burnham finds that eating a meal with fattier whole food protein (a hamburger or some sausage) and the amount of carbs (with plenty of veggies) he needs for time between the meal and the workout, about 1.5-2 hours before his workout, is his preferred strategy for the pre-workout meal, and he does not follow this particular 20-30 minute pre-workout bit. This does not work well for me, and I perform better with exactly what I have typed in this section. The rest of this post is pretty much identical for everyone, but this initial pre-workout feeding may not be best for all schedules. I personally plan my food so that I can always do this, because it works best for me. Do not dehydrate yourself but do not drink too much water. 5-10 minutes pre-workout mix: Carbs: This is assuming 2-3 minute rest periods and overall sets taking 30-60 seconds. 1) 30% of this right before the workout, drink rest during workout 2) For every 60g of carbs, drink 0.75 to 1 liter (or quart) of water Please refer to the Carb Table for the correct amount of carbohydrate consumption. Please note that these values are specifically for strength training. Read the Carb Table Here. Good Carbs for this: Well baked white potatoes Mashed potatoes Glucose powder Maltodextrin Anything that has a GI of 70-80 or higher. Protein: 10-20g of protein in the workout drink. There is to be no added fat in this drink. Keep in mind that this table is for strength training! That’s fairly intense work with 2-3 minute rests. If your rests are longer than that, you may want to reduce the carbohydrates a bit. For every additional minute of rest between sets, reduce the carbs by 5% for every minute of rest beyond 2 minutes. If you’re doing skill work, only consume half of the carbs Note 1: Make sure you get the protein into this pre-workout drink, as well as 400-600mg of sodium per Liter. (from table or sea salt, not a half potassium salt!) Note 2: It is totally OK to experiment with this. Your diet, and needs, will all vary somewhat from the norm, but the above table is a good starting point! It is also vital that you consume these carbs as a 6%-8% solution: Drink 750 mL(8%) to 1 Liter (6%) of water for every 60g carbs. During the workout: 80-100% of the remainder of the carbs that you did not have immediately pre-workout. Guidelines/Reminder for what needs to be in this drink: 400-600mg of sodium per Liter of water, or per quart. ~10g protein per Liter (or quart) of water Carbs mixed in or solid carbs such as mashed potatoes or white bread Water, salt, and protein must bemixed together. After the workout: PWO shake! Have this as close to instantly as possible. PWO shake components: 60-80g of carbs, regardless of bodyweight up to 200 lbs.Use either glucose powder, fast-acting maltodextrin, or mashed potatoes, especially after intense workouts. 2) 30g of whey or soy protein. Whey IS better protein than soy, and it’s the same price or cheaper. 3) Fats: No fats in the PWO shake or at all until more than 30 minutes post-workout. Coconut oil for this if you must have the fat. After this PWO shake, get back to regular eating! Eat every 30 to 60 minutes for at least 2 hours after this Drink a lot of water with your meal carbs and protein. You are always aiming to make a ~6%-12% solution, so that your body stays well hydrated and the stomach empties fairly rapidly. Fats don’t mix with water, so we don’t calculate them into this. 20-30g protein every 2-3 hours is perfect. The more vegetables, the better. You will pee a lot, most likely, and that is good. If you are not fully hydrated, you will not see anywhere near as much protein synthesis, and that means your results won’t be as good as they should be if you aren’t fully hydrated and peeing nearly clear. Please pay attention to the sodium guidelines, unless you have hyperaldosteronism. Electrolyte balance is a part of proper hydration, and failure to pay attention to this can cause serious problems or death.
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