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  1. Aris Tsangarides

    First Handstand Post-Constructive Criticism

    Hey people, I have been training my handstand for quite some time now and I must say..It's been a struggle. I also developed alot of bad habits which took me an equal amount of time to correct. But hey, I like it, can't complain. About a month and a half ago, I looked for help from Miguel Santana on how to pull my ribs in and straighten my line. Today I tried to protract and elevate the scapula and this was the result: -alot more control and stability -backline not as straight as when I don't press down as much Embedded is a video of my handstand: I still don;t understand how some Handbalancers straighten their back so much. Any feedback would be really appreciated. BirzieX
  2. Rachid Tahri

    Shoulder extension puzzle

    When I try the "Butt only to wall" handstand I notice severe problems. There seems to be an impossibility when I try to arch my back, open my shoulders and lean my butt (and legs) agains the wall. My back muscles get really tight and the back doesn't want to arch. This has been a great puzzle for me since I don't know what the main issue is (I know "shoulder" flexibility plays an important role but there is more to this and I can feel it). I included a video. Help is very much appreciated!
  3. Aris Tsangarides

    Beginners Introduction with a Twist

    First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself to this wonderful forum Coach Sommer has assembled and made available to the public gymnastic enthusiast. The standard of this website and the people who use/used it is admirable. Secondly, even though It's never pleasant talking about injuries especially as a first poster here, it is a question i have been wanting to answer for about 3 years now and even though the "web" is crammed with so much info (ranging from very useful to extremely futile) i have not yet found any info concerning my "not so common" inquiry. So down to business.. I believe my wrist flexibility is fairly good yet there seems to be an issue when it comes to hand extension with the fingers totally extended. See, when my hand is parallel/or lets call it in line with my forearm, I can completely extend my fingers with very little effort. However, when i extend my hand(bringing my hand perpendicular to my forearm vector) my fingers start curling. It looks very similar to the so-called "Tiger claw" they use in certain martial arts disciplines. To be more specific, the PIP and DIP joints of the fingers are where the lack of ROM occurs, which leads to 2 conclusions: 1)Either my flexor musculature is way stronger that my extensors, which is basically a muscular imbalance issue; BUT the issue is that since the issue is at the PIP/DIP level it can't really be muscle(can it?) since that region is occupied (exclusively?!) by tendons and ligaments. (So since I dont know much about flexibility, let alone flexibility in tendons and ligaments..my conclusion remains..inconclusive 2)the other option may be that I have a lack of active flexibility in my "strong/stiff" hand flexor muscles (i.e.weak extensors + not flexible flexors). If I pull on the curled fingers while in a hand extended position, they can be passively stretched to be perpendicular to my forearm. But without an external force/assistance I cannot actively extend my hand. So my question is a twofold one: Does anyone have similar issues with this and if so do you know why this happens and how do you correct it? I attached a video demonstrating what I've tried to explain above. Thanks, BirzieX
  4. Has some good tips I've never seen mentioned before
  5. Danielle

    Handstand Endurance!

    So I would say my endurance is okay, my record is 1:35. But by next this upcoming february I would like to be able to hold a HS for at least 3:30. I am currently working on doing intervals, so like 45 secs on and 1 min off and as it gets easy take 10 sec off the resting time, and many more exercises (wall hold, holding hs, etc.) I was wondering if anyone has any other great endurance exercises for me? Any tips what so ever? Any diet changes specific to endurance training (my dad says diet is important with endurance)? And is this goal even possible for me? Thank you.
  6. Cud

    Handstand training

    Hi all. I'm currently learning how to do a handstand I use the wall as spotter. My max hold is 8 sec. But I'm unable to do a handstand push-up so how can I manage my trainings. How many sets and reps of negative HeSPU or box HeSPU should I do to begin. I'm able to hold a tuck planche for almost 20 sec and a headstand for 15 sec. Sorry for my poor english
  7. Robert Siegel

    H1 limiting headstand?

    Using H1, is there any way to progress safely to handstand without headstand, or at least with much more brief headstand holds? I am concerned about pressure from body weight on the cervical spine.
  8. demeet2k

    Handstand Near Death Experience

    I almost died doing my final trick in my balancing routine. Sometimes I balance better on my hands than my feet. http://youtu.be/HKzTRrPiKW0
  9. I saw video with Olympic gold medalist Arthur Zanetti performing "banana" shaped handstand on parallel bars. I wondered whether he ignored the mobility training or this is just a choice he made. Also the lift to handstand is more of planche to handstand then a true lift. I am not a gymnast but started gymnastic training 1.5 years ago. After reading much articles of coach Sommer I assumed that a pro gymnast would have a well aligned handstand, but when I subscribed to my local gym I saw lots of banana handstand even at highest levels. Does this have to do with the competing pressure (learn stuff as fast as possible so that you can compete), genetics,...? Discussion.
  10. I saw video of Damien Walters and Timothy Shieff, just gave a try. That pillar was very helpful fort touching and balancing handstand.
  11. i have read the book and now am making a work out split because i have not gained enough strength for the workouts. my split is Monday-warm up with elastic bands for shoulder ,inverted row 3x10, front lever hold normally around 25 seconds tucked, pull ups 5x5. no back lever because my protraction is far more developed than retracted. (also i need help with my front lever and more exercises to strengthen it) Tuesday -warm up , leg workout- front squat heavy ranges from 8 sets and to 2-5 reps, reversed curls with elastic bands( can not do with body weight yet) (switches off from also 10 sets of 8 to 10 reps for speed work) also some good mornings 5 sets of 10 (max front squat is 205) i haven't done percentages yet because my energy levels have been all over the place so i go as i feel. Wednesday- stretch and rehab for shoulder Thursday- deadlift- heavy same with front squats about 8 sets 2-5 reps.reverse curls 5 sets of 10. Friday- sprints 6 sets of 50 meters 4 sets of 40 meters (max) Saturday- same as Monday working on front lever because back lever is on straddle and front lever is not even parallel to the ground and tucked really. every day i do handstand work just just couple of kick up into handstand into wall and then balance. (also use handstands in my warm up)( i hurt my shoulders in a handstand i do not understand why but now i have a popping sound in my shoulders when ever i do pull up or raise me arm above my head, does not hurt though) can you guys tell me if this is over working out and yes once i am able to do a handstand on the rings and front lever and back lever and muscle up i will then work on the WOD but right now this is how i thought i should make my workouts because well i am still new and i have gotten injured twice by handstands so i am little confused about them still. also you can change what ever you want i just want to get stronger and have a better all around functional and stronger look physique.
  12. Charlie Reid

    Elbow Position in Handstands

    I've been taking a handbalancing course at my local circus arts school and as i work on my bodyline positioning and linking all the pieces together, i'm still feeling stuck at the elbows. I have a background in strength sports (olympic lifting, powerlifting, etc) and whenever i overhead press, i was always told to externally rotate the shoulder joints as much as possible. However, in my handbalancing class, the instructor mentions that the pits of the elbows should be facing each other when inverted. To me, this is more of an internal rotation of the shoulder. I've seen other gymnastic skills emphasize strong external rotation as well (i.e. planche progressions, planks, Ring support, and other straight arm drills, etc). Is the handstand different from these or are there different camps that opt for different techniques? Sorry if this topic was already covered and thanks for the discussion. Charlie
  13. Pawel Rurak

    Conquering straddle handstand

    Hi all, I have quite a tough time doing straddle handstands. While I feel solid in a normal two arm HS, when I start doing straddle my bodyline doesn't want to "stick". Is it a matter of straddle flexibility, motor control or maybe both? Here's a video of me from todays practice: 0:12 - 0:24 - spreding the legs twice to straddle HS, this is my maximal range of motion. I focus on keeping the pelvis still, hovever my feet travel in front of my body. 0:25 - 0:49 - here I'm doing two small weight shifts - first to the right, second to the left. It's not visible very well in the video, since shifts are quite small. Do you have some tips on how to correct this position? I want to start playing with one arm handstands, yet because of the weaknesses in straddle I don't feel stable enough. Started doing splits recently (and they help little by little), but maybe there are some other clever ideas? Thanks, Pawel
  14. Robert Simcox

    Lower Trap Pain With Hs

    I've upped my handstand training to 5 days a week for the last couple weeks, and have been making a lot of progression, but for the last two days, i've noticed some pain start to develop in what feels like near the insertion of the lower trap into the left scapula. The pain is made worse by bring my chin to my chest and stretching the back of my neck, I can also feel tightness when I protract. The pain isn't severe but there's certainly discomfort, for all I know it could be DOMS. It seems like kind of a weird place to get sore from HS work, so I'm going to take a few days off and see how everything feels then, I've spent some time with a lacrosse ball, but I can't seem to find any trigger points, or anything that feels like it's helping. Has anyone experienced this before? Again I've never been sore here from HS work before, so I just want to make sure everything's normal before I begin to train again.
  15. Brendan Coad

    Hand Balance Meetup In Santa Cruz, Ca

    I am going to have some time available from Dec 13 - Dec 20 to meetup and train with others who are interested in hand balancing. If you are near the Santa Cruz, California area feel free to post in this topic or send me a message.
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