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Found 6 results

  1. I'm moving to SF in the fall. Does anyone else here live in the Bay Area? There are a couple of gymnastics gyms in the area with a weekly open gym. I'm thinking it'd be fun to have a weekly meet-up where everyone goes to the gym (or a park, if the weather is real nice), works out together, and then messes around on the equipment for a bit before going out for food and/or drinks. Is there anyone else on here who'd be interested in a weekly meetup? What kind of things would you like to do at a meetup?
  2. Dina Amin

    Cairo, Egypt?

    Hello! Anyone else from Egypt doing the training program?
  3. Dominik Riva


    Hallo zusammen Leider musste ich feststellen, dass die Willenskraft der begrenzende Faktor ist. Zusammen mit einer Gruppe zu Trainieren sollte helfen das Defizit durch soziale Verbindlichkeit zu minimieren. Ich habe gerade wieder ganz unten angefangen und arbeite mich nun wieder hoch. Wer möchte mit mache? Gruss Dominik
  4. Looking for GB athletes in Alberta to come and train with me. -Luke
  5. Brendan Coad

    Hand Balance Meetup In Santa Cruz, Ca

    I am going to have some time available from Dec 13 - Dec 20 to meetup and train with others who are interested in hand balancing. If you are near the Santa Cruz, California area feel free to post in this topic or send me a message.
  6. Erich Lin

    San Francisco Meetup December 9 2Pm

    Hi everyone, My friend and I are going to host a meetup in San Francisco for like minded individuals that want to get together and jam! Here's the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bayareamovement/ Here's the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/171232626333847/ Erich

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