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Found 5 results

  1. Marco Levati

    Increase mass of biceps

    Hi, I am currently almost done with the Mastery levels of Foundations One. Will start Two very soon. I have been progressing steadily without skipping progressions (even if exercises were "too easy"), and I love it like this slowly painless progression. I feel great and my question is more about proportions of aesthetics. I noticed that my core is starting to look really good, well defined and muscles are getting bigger. However my arms are not really changing. What is a good series to do every week to increase the mass of biceps? and eventually also triceps? I know it could sound as a superficial question, but I am sure others have the same. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Hi all I'm reaching you guys asking for an advise for my shoulder and bicep injuries My training routine was bodyweight, Rings and some parallettes I also used Gymnasticbodies stretching series I injured my self I'm not sure how but probably was over training using the RINGS The MRI results is FINDINGS The right supraspinatus tendon demonstrates bright signal that is seen reaching the tendon articular surface but not its bursal surface. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy is noticed. Type II acromion. Intermediate signal seen involving the subscapularis and intra-articular long head of biceps tendons. Normal MRI appearance of the glenoid labrum, gleno-humeral ligaments and joint capsule. Subacromial subdeltoid bursal fluid distension is noted. Normal appearance of the articular cartilage of the shoulder joint. IMPRESSION Right supraspinatus tendon partial thickness tear. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy. Subacromial subdeltoid bursitis. Intra-articular long head of biceps and subscapularis tendinopathy. Doctor advised to take a rest and stop excersicing specially overhead exercises As I read that loading and exercising is better than resting for recovery Phisyo sessions here in Saudi Arabia are very expensive and most of it just Ice and laser therapy without any excersices What's your advice Should I rest or do any of GB programs or series And how long will it take to heal from your experience Thank you
  3. Swann BUTEL

    Maltese curiosity

    Hi every one, I ask myself about Maltese on rings... I work iron cross/ cross pull and straddle planche but i see many gymnast unable too perform a planche but very strong on maltese. So i decided too begin maltese work in addition to my planche training. Wich exercice is unavoidable for mastering maltese ? With wich exercice i can begin maltese ? I think one exercice for understand the body line like board press and one exercice for straight arm strenght like maltese press on low ring, maltese lean too maybe ? I can try just too support slowly lower to maltese many time ? should i work on isometric too with band ? My goal is perform maltese on iron cross trainer in 6 months, i can do 10 rep on maltese press on low rings with strap on wrist and hold maltese on board for some seconde. Thx a lot
  4. Dominic Marella

    When will I get huge arms?

    This is written half in jest... But I am also genuinely curious. At what point in the GB training will a dedicated individual experience an increase in arm size? Full disclosure, I am very excited to begin (again) the Fundamentals course and sincerely want to increase my mobility and body function. But I also want some super beach muscles. Any insight would be appreciated. - dom
  5. Just wondering about some of the harder bent arm conditioning exercises on the rings. I'm not yet at the level where I can do these, except curls, which I somehow did one day to show off in front of friends the topic is just me wondering which exercise is working what and in which way, and whether some are more effective than others. As far as I know, each of these exercises are conditioning the following muscles: Curls: Chest, Biceps, Anterior Deltoids, lats? FL Rows: Lats, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Middle and Lower Traps and Rhomboids BL Curls: Chest, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps, middle back musculature? Anyways, just something I was thinking about.
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