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Found 60 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am new to GymnasticBodies.com and would like some help in making my goals a reality. Firstly, let me say a few words about myself: I am 17, 171sm tall, 70kg. I have been training bodyweight exercises for two years (the first year and a half mostly without any progress because of lack of information). Currently, my goal is to build a REALLY big muscular body with bodyweight training while at the same time having huge relevant strength to accompany it. I am aiming for a body like this one - http://oi44.tinypic.com/2vd63w6.jpg My question is: Is it possible to build such a huge body solely from ring training (if in a calorie surplus) since ring training is so much fun and amazing. Or if it isn't would adding weighted pull ups/dips/push ups do the trick ? My nutrition is in place, I have read a lot, and the foods I eat are perfect for gaining weight (chicken breast, whole wheat pasta and bread, white rice, potatoes, dairy and nuts). The reason why I want to attain my body while doing ring training is because I will also get INCREDIBLE strength gains and functionality/mobility which bodybuilding only reduces. Some notes about my traning: Day 1 - Pull: - I do sets of advanced tuck front lever holds, sets of dynamic front lever movement like inverted hang - advanced tuck FL - inverted hang. - I do sets of back lever static holds (reached a plateau at 5 seconds). - Weighted pull ups with 15kg about 3-5 reps per set Day 2 - Push: - Handstand push ups - about 6 reps, can't do more - planche lean - 35 seconds max and frogstand - 60 seconds max - planche lean push ups - diamond push ups and wide push ups with 17kg weights Day 3 - Legs: - 4 sets of 8 reps one legged squat with 24,5kg - 4 sets of 8 reps one-legged calf raises with 30,5kg I repeat day 1 and day 2 twice per week. I will transition to ring training depending on your answer. My main goal is muscle mass and my second goal is relative strength and functionality. Thank you for your help and support ! Ivan
  2. Joshua Chan

    Maltese to Planche-Spotted

    Hello, Working the push to planche. Its really hard to keep a hollow chest when pushing.Advice and criticism welcome. -Chan
  3. xorge89

    Xr shoulder pain

    Hello everybody. I am relatively new to gymnastics fitness and I decided to invest in some XR due to the long health benefits that they provide. I started using them last year around April, however, my past ignorant self skipped a lot of steps and tried performing support hold on rings for 30 seconds as many reps as possible. This obviously led to a pain that developed in the area located near the anterior portion of the left shoulder and at the extremity of my pectoral. I believe the pain was on the muscles right above the shoulder joint. I stopped doing rings and started doing shoulder rehab for about 4 or 5 months before using the rings again. This time I started slowly, I did the whole PB portion and tried doing support hold on rings 6secs for 10 reps after that. That dull pain returned and since I kept on moving forward, it was a bit of a sharp pain every time I got off the rings. I once again stopped doing rings and started doing rehab and did not touch the rings until recently. This time however, I have not performed any support holds, I was only using them for push-ups and dips. I was doing alright but one day I did both dips and push-ups on the rings on the same day and that led to the return of that pain. It is only very very dull, however I fear that it can get worse. I would like to know what exercises I can perform ATM without agitating my shoulder. How long should I rest and recover before resuming my normal workout routine. And how should I build up my form so that I can perform support holds pain free on the XR? I thank you very much for your time and I greatly appreciate your help.
  4. Dietrich Behne

    Rings not available anymore?

    I wanted to buy the Xtreme Rings, but did not see them in the store anymore. Is it just my computer or aren't they in the store anymore?
  5. Firmgood


    Hey Guys, Is there anybody that has workout for chest (push) with rings and dip bar? I would like example of workout, like number of exercises, sets, reps, rest between sets/reps... And how could I progress that workout, when it becomes to easy? Thank's a lot.
  6. Jason Moore

    Joist Mounted Rogue Ring Hanger

    So I have the Rogue Ring Hanger to go with my Xtreme rings: WFS http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-ri...ew-list-anchor It is 36" long with holes every 2". The problem is the joists in my garage are of the convenient 19.2" between centers variety, so I can't mount it across multiple joists (1.5" joist thickness). I've seen a lot of joist mounted pullup bars that are on a single joist. If I go along a single joist and put in five 3/8" x 4" lag screws evenly spaced up through the ceiling, do you think it will be ok on a single joist? Additional info: I am totally ok with posting a sign on it saying "no kipping". There is a bedroom above the garage. TIA
  7. Just for the fun of it, I pulled the very first video I recorded of myself on rings May 26th, 2012. I've also attached one of the most recent vids from the end of December 2012 for a comparison. I consider these last 6 months the hardest i've worked towards a goal (ring training) ever. Dedicated myself to healthy eating and cutting back on drinking for a better quality of living. Gymnastic training goes hand in hand and feels great! I can still remember 6 months ago not having the slightest clue on how to get into a tuck FL Position, nor ever having the strength to hold myself in any of those progressions. 6 Months of following the Pull WOD's later and WaLa' its looking better. 5/26/12 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ-SGAP9ZuE 12/26/12 - Thanks for all the help everyone at GB Community! (I've done a lot of lurking on the boards for advice and have no injuries to speak of with the gymnastic training because of it). Thanks Coach Sommer, and I hope to visit one of your seminars in the near future.
  8. Michael Morello

    Help Me With My Workouts.

    Hi i am a beginner i started about 4 mouths ago and have been doing very well in my opinion i do these 4 static hold right now BL- full almost just tried today got maybe a full second of it. but relatively a good 20 sec straddle FL- not so good, still tucked for about 25 sec and trying to do volume on it L sit- 18 seconds ring support (arms straight and locked out)- not that well ether about 15 seconds. now my workouts-because i can not do the full workouts yet because i am working off of a pull up bar with my gymnastic rings hanging from them i can only do dips really and pull ups. so can do progress in back lever and front lever until i have the full FL and BL and just work on my pulling and pushing such as in dips and for pulling i can do pull ups. also i am working on handstands everyday and handstand press to PL (tucked) so basically i need help understanding the WOD because i don't understand the entirely. or can someone give me a youtube channel the does the workouts so i can see and follow of they are done. i know how to scale down the movements for my strength level because that is fairly simple. i am still very confused about the workouts and how to do them. can anyone comment on what i am doing and tell me if this is a good start for 4 months. ( i transferred from bodybuilding/ power lifting to this) and i like this more somewhat because it basically evened me out and i just like change so if anyone can help me in anyway i would defiantly appreciate it. (i am 17 years old and i weigh 180)( and about 12% BF)
  9. Hi guys! I'm new here, 22 years old, from Portugal. I do kickboxing 3x a week and I am part of a team of calisthenics (Kickboxing: monday, wednesday, friday). By being part of the team I have to train my endurance (high reps @ pullups, dips, pushups, muscle ups ...). For power I do Squat and Deadlift. Can you help me try to combine all this with the initiation in the rings? Best regards,
  10. Navi Guerra

    Wood Vs. Polycarbonate Rings

    I started gymnastics a little while ago and i really like the rings. I am going to set up my own rings at my house. I am wondering which is better, wood rings or metal, polycarbonate, and plastic rings? I will be doing mostly strength trainings and maybe some swings stuff as i progress. Can someone help me that has tried both.

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